Top 10 Squirrel Foods
for December 2023

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Squirrels, like all rodents, need to eat. And they need to eat a lot. Squirrels can eat up to 15 pounds of food each day, which means that they need a diet high in protein. Squirrel food, or squirrel food for squirrels, includes nuts, seeds, and nuts, as well as fruit, vegetables, and grains. Squirrels are omnivores, which means that they eat both plant and animal matter.

Squirrel food is typically sold in the form of seed mixes, which contain a mix of nuts, seeds, and grains. Squirrel food can also be bought on its own, or squirrel food mixes can be mixed with other foods, such as nuts, seeds, or grains, to create a custom squirrel food mix. Squirrel food mixes are typically sold in bulk, but you can buy squirrel food in bags or tins, too.

Squirrel food mixes are a convenient, affordable, and nutritious way to feed squirrels. Squirrel food mixes are convenient because squirrels need to eat a lot, so squirrel food mixes are a convenient way to feed squirrels. Squirrel food mixes are also affordable, because squirrel food mixes are less expensive than squirrel food bought in bags or tins. Squirrel food mixes are also nutritious, because squirrel food mixes contain a mix of nuts, seeds, and grains, which Squirrels need to eat.


Squirrels are one of nature's most versatile and abundant animals. They are common pests in gardens and bird feeders, but they play an important role in our ecosystem. They are especially drawn to nuts, acorns, and seeds. However, these foods are often lacking in nutritional value. The Volkman Small Animal Squirrel Gourmet Mix contains both nuts and seeds, providing a full spectrum of nutrients. The Squirrel Gourmet Mix contains whole grain wheat flour, peanuts, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds. These ingredients are completely edible, and squirrels will eat on the spot due to its soft shell, rather than burying food. The squirrel mix is packaged in resealable plastic bags, making it a convenient, easy-to-pack treat.


This mix of seeds is chock full of nutritious ingredients that your pet will love. Squirrel Delight contains wheat, oats, flaxseed, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. Squirrel Delight is packed full of nutrients, and is free from ingredients like chocolate, corn, and fillers. Each bag contains 4 pounds of seeds, and is perfect for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and mice. Squirrel Delight is conveniently packaged in re-sealable bags, so you can easily ration seeds to your pet as needed.

Henry's Healthy Blocks, 11 Ounces - The Only Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice Baked Fresh to Order

Henry's Healthy Pets Henry's Blocks, Healthy 11 Ounces

by Henry's Healthy Pet Foods, Inc.


Henry's Healthy Blocks for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice are formulated with the same high-quality ingredients as the Original Healthy Blocks for Birds, but with an added ingredient: pecans. The squirrels, rats, and mice love them, and the squirrels get to eat their blocks fresh out of the oven. The nuts make the blocks softer and easier to eat, and since they're baked fresh to order, they're always fresh. The blocks are also nutritionally complete, so they're easy for squirrels to digest. The blocks aren't as soft as the other blocks we tested, but they're not hard and crumbly, either. The squirrels and rats aren't as picky as the birds, so many of them ate the blocks without complaint. The squirrels, flyers, and rats all seemed content with the blocks, and we enjoyed watching them put up a good fight when we tried to steal their blocks. The blocks are slightly more expensive, but we think they're worth it. They're easy to prepare, and they make entertaining squirrel-watching a lot easier.

Wild Delight Crunch N' Nut Squirrel Food, 8 Lb

Wild Delight Crunch N' Nut Squirrel Food, 8 Lb

by D & D Commodities Ltd.

Scientifically Developed To Provide Maximum Nutrition For All Types Of Back Yard Wildlife

This squirrel food is chock full of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, and it's formulated to be appealing to squirrels and other small rodents. The bag is resealable, and it's made from all-natural ingredients. The seeds are coated with a nutritional shell, and the bag is small enough that squirrels won't easily be able to rip it open with their teeth. The packaging also states that the food is made with non-GMO ingredients and is "certified organic" by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The smell of the nuts alone is appealing to squirrels, and there's a good mix of seeds and nuts inside, so squirrels and chipmunks should be able to find the food tasty. The bag is also small enough that squirrels will have a hard time opening it, and we found squirrels that usually ignored our feeders were eating this food within minutes of opening the bag. This food isn't as popular as some of the other brands we tested, but it's a good choice if you're looking for squirrel food.

Chuckanut Premium Squirrel Food - 10 lb.

Natures Nuts Chuckanut Squirrel Premium Food

by Natures Nuts

100% Premium Pumpkin Seed

Henry's Picky Blocks - The Only Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice Baked Fresh to Order, 11 Ounces

Henry's Healthy Pets Picky Henry's Blocks

by Henry's Healthy Pet Foods, Inc.


The Henry's Picky Blocks are a treat for squirrels, flyers, rats and mice. The blocks are baked fresh to order, and contain no preservatives, colors, flavors, fillers or Soy. Henry's Picky Blocks contain 100% nutritionally complete - with a touch of sweetness. Made in the USA. Baked fresh to order with EXTRA pecans for your Squirrel to love.

Henry's Wild Bites - The Only Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice Baked Fresh to Order, 18 Ounces

Henry's Healthy Pets Wild Henry's Bites

by Henry's Healthy Pet Foods, Inc.


Henry's Wild Bites Squirrel Diet is a healthy, all natural squirrel food made with chicken, peanuts, and raisins. Each bite is packed with protein, and it's made from all natural ingredients, so squirrels can safely eat it. This squirrel food also comes in a pouch, so squirrels can tear off a piece of it, and it makes it very easy for squirrels to eat. It's also easy to take out a pouch and break it into tiny pieces, which squirrels can chew on. The feeding directions are easy to follow: feed Henry's Wild Bites Squirrel Diet to squirrels twice a day. The squirrels seemed to really like it, and we think it's a good squirrel food. The squirrels ate the squirrel food quickly, and there were no poop pellets, which is something we often see with squirrel food. The squirrels ate their squirrel food even on the coldest winter days, and the squirrels ate the pieces we broke off of the pouches. The squirrels ate Henry's Wild Bites Squirrel Diet For Squirrels twice a day.

Chuckanut Premium Squirrel Food - 3 lb.

Chuckanut Premium Squirrel Food

by Chuck-A-Nut Products

Premium Pumpkin Seed

Exotic Nutrition Premium Nut Mix - Unroasted, Unsalted Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds - Food & Treat for Grey Squirrels, Ground Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Parrots & Other Small Pets (14 oz.)

Exotic Nutrition Premium Nut Mix

by Exotic Nutrition

NUTRITION - Provide great variety and nutrition for for Grey Squirrels, Ground Squirrels, and Flying Squirrels. Also great for Parrots!

This nut mix is a healthy, protein-rich treat that squirrels and other small pets love. It's perfect for ground squirrels, flying squirrels, and prairie dogs, and it's also good for gray squirrels, marmosets, parakeets, and other small birds. The nuts unsalted and raw, so they're packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. And they're unroasted, so they contain as many of the healthy oils from the nuts as possible. The nuts are very small, so they're easy for small pets to chew and digest, and they don't create a mess. The downside of this treat is the price. The nuts are packaged in 14-oz. bags, so they're a little expensive: $17 for 14 oz. of nuts. However, they're also very fresh, and even if you only feed your pet a handful of nuts at a time, they'll last for months. So with proper care, these nuts should last longer than treats from other brands.


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