Top 2 Stovall Products Bird Houses
for December 2023

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Bird houses aren't just for birds. Our bird houses actually serve a purpose: to help attract birds to your yard. Birds are valuable members of your ecosystem, and bird houses provide a place for them to raise their young. Plus, bird houses add character to your landscape, making them a beautiful addition to your yard.

The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab has been testing bird houses for years, evaluating them for quality, durability, and ease of use. We test bird houses for durability, including how well they stand up to bird chewing, nesting and weather. We also test bird houses for ease of use, including how easy they are to set up and take down, and how sturdy they are.

Our picks for the best bird houses of 2022 are based on our thorough testing, which includes evaluating dozens of bird houses for performance, durability, and ease of use. Here are the best bird houses of 2022:


The Prevue BPV1156 Natural Fiber Finch Covered Tiki Hut for Birds is an inexpensive, well-made, and functional bit of bird furniture. This covered hut is constructed from hardwood and covered in natural fiber, so it doesn't look or feel cheap. The hut is also large enough to accommodate most small birds, and it has a hole at the top, so a finch can climb out. The hut has a door, and the door closes securely when closed. The hut is easy to clean and comes apart, so you can disassemble the hut for cleaning or for easy transport. Overall, the Prevue BPV1156 Natural Fiber Finch Covered Tiki Hut for Birds is well-made, inexpensive, and well-constructed, and it's a good choice for most small birds.

Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic Bird Deterrent

Bird B Gone Bird Super Chase Sonic Bird Deterrent

by Bird B Gone

Additional satellite speakers are available for up to five acres of coverage.

The BirdBgone Bird Chase Super Sonic Bird Deterrent is a relatively powerful, durable bird deterrent that's effective on a wide variety of bird species. The unit comes with two internal speakers, which cover up to one acre, and it's expandable up to 5 acres. The speaker volume is very loud, and the unit can be placed up to 50 feet away. The BirdBgone is also weatherproof and is designed to withstand both rain and the sun. The unit has three settings: general, which includes seagulls, crows, pigeons, starlings, woodpeckers, and doves; pigeon, which covers only pigeons; and goose, which covers only geese. The BirdBgone is very easy to use: Plug it in, set the bird setting, and the birds will leave the area. The unit is 5 feet tall and 6 inches wide, so it's a bit bulky, but it's lightweight enough to be easily portable. The BirdBgone also doubles as a motion detector, so you can use it as a simple security device. The BirdBgone comes with a 110v power cord and a standard 3-prong plug.


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