Top 10 student Clarinets
for March 2023

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If you're looking to learn or get back into playing the clarinet, a clarinet is an affordable instrument that can be challenging, but rewarding. Clarinets typically come in three sizes: Bb, C, and D, although smaller clarinets, such as Alto and Bass clarinets, are also popular. Clarinets come in different keys, including a Bb clarinet, a C clarinet, and a D clarinet. Clarinets also come in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test clarinets for durability, playability, ease of repair, and sound quality. We evaluate each clarinet for playability, including playability, intonation, and volume. We also consider ease of repair, including ease of cleaning, ease of repair, and price. Our experts also test clarinets for durability, including durability, reliability, and sound quality.

Our top pick is the alto clarinet. The alto clarinet is a smaller version of the full-sized clarinet and is popular with beginning clarinetists. Our top overall pick is the Yamaha clarinet, which comes in different sizes, including Bb, C, and D, and a variety of keys.

EASTROCK Clarinet Bb Flat 17 Nickel Keys Beginner Student Clarinet with 2 Barrels Hard Clarinet Case and Clarinet Cleaning Kit

EASTROCK Clarinet Bb Flat 17 Nickel Keys Beginner Student Clarinet 2 with Barrels Hard Clarinet Case and Clarinet Cleaning Kit


DESIGNAppearance:Elegant body with 6-ring nickel-plated keys, beautiful ring-wrapped bell mouth, good-looking and durable.The cylindrical borealso produces strong projection and a wide range of tones. The double connections: 57MM and 62MMs mouthpieces connector are very useful for adjusting clarinets tuning no matter what kind of environment you are in.

This is a well-made clarinet for the price. The clarinet has a nice, warm, focused tone, and it's a consistent performer, staying in tune with relatively few adjustments. The nickel-plated keys feel nice and responsive, and the adjustment levers are easy to operate. The clarinet comes with two barrels, so beginners have a choice of sound. It also comes with a cleaning kit and a cap, which aren't usually included with a starter clarinet. The cap works well and protects the clarinet from damage. If you're new to clarinet, you'll likely need this tool to help you tighten and loosen the key screws; without it, you'll have to keep taking the instrument apart. The clarinet comes with a hard case, but it's a little too small for a full-size clarinet, so you'll need a larger case if you plan to travel with the clarinet. The clarinet itself uses six AA batteries, which are easy to install and last a long time. The case is included, so you'll pay a little extra for a hard case.

Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

by Jean Paul USA

Robust contoured carrying case for quick and easy transportation

The Jean Paul USA CL-300 is a good-looking clarinet that sounds quite nice, and it's one of the best student clarinets we've tested. It has a beautiful ebonite body, and the keys have nickel plating, which creates a wonderfully clear and focused tone. The CL-300 has a playing length of 30 inches; the A and C keys have shorter keys than on the CL-300C, and the E and B keys have longer keys. The intonation throughout the range is exceptional, and the CL-300C has 9.5mm of additional key travel, giving it greater expressivity. The Jean Paul USA CL-300 is relatively inexpensive for a quality student clarinet, and it's the best student clarinet we've tested.

Eastar B Flat Clarinet, Student Clarinet for Beginner, Ebonite Bb Clarinet with 2 Barrels, 3 Reeds, 2 Mouthpiece Connectors, Hard Case, Cloth, Stand and More, Nickel-plated Keys, ECL-300, Black

Eastar B Flat Clarinet

by Eastar

COMES WITH EVERYTHING NEEDED There are 4C mouthpieces, metal ligature, protective cap, 2 mouthpiece connectors, occlusion rim, thumb sheath, swabs and more for your easy playing.

The Eastar ECL-300 is a good beginner clarinet for students, or for anyone who wants to play clarinet but doesn't want to invest a lot of money in a high quality instrument. It's constructed with nickel-plated keys and bakelite body, and it's lightweight, making it easy to play. It produces a nice, clean sound, and it's fairly easy to play. The keys are smooth and the keys are well-threaded. The instrument is comfortable to hold, and it's durable, so it will last you for years.

ROFFEE clarinet beginner student level 26N B flat ABS nickel plated 17 keys Bb tone with 2 berrels,case,10 reeds,mouthpiece and more

ROFFEE clarinet beginner student level 26N B flat ABS plated nickel 17 keys Bb tone with 2 berrels

by Hengshui Roffee Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd.

High quality portable backpack,fast and easy to carry.

This ROFFEE clarinet is an affordable alternative to the more expensive professional models. It has a decent build, and its Bb tone is bright and clear. The build is solid, with nice-looking keys, and the balance is good. The intonation is decent, and the action is relatively light, so it's comfortable to play. The sound quality is decent to good, but it's a little on the tinny side. The tone is bright and clear, but not bright enough to compete with a professional model. The 2 berrel design is comfortable for younger students, and it's easy to use. The reeds are of good quality, much better than those in recent entry-level clarinets. The carrying case is sturdy, and it comes with a cleaning cloth and a swab. The reeds and mouthpiece cushions are replaceable, and there's a 10-year warranty. The clarinet is light enough to carry easily. Overall, this is a good beginner clarinet, and it's a good value for the money.

VANPHY B-Flat Clarinet Black Ebonite Clarinet For Student Beginner, With Nickel-plated Keys,Belt, Joint Grease, White Gloves, Soft Polishing Cloth, 8 Mouthpiece Cushion, Hard Case

VANPHY B-Flat Clarinet Black Clarinet Ebonite For Student Beginner


Professional Service: We have the most professional staff to protect your products. If you have any questions after purchasing the product, you can easily find our service staff. The best service is to satisfy you.

The Vanphy B-Flat clarinet is filling, clear, and has a nice, bright tone. The tuning slide is easy to operate, the mute is easy to operate, and it plays well in both reed and fingering positions. The nickel-plated keys have a smooth feel, and they feel durable. The Vanphy B-Flat clarinet has a slim body, which makes it easier to hold, and the soft polishing cloth makes it easy to keep clean, and the clarinet case has a soft exterior, making it comfortable to store. The 82mm bore diameter makes it relatively easy to play. The Vanphy B-Flat clarinet is a great starter instrument, and it's durable enough for a beginner to continue playing for years to come.

SKY White ABS Student Bb Clarinet with Case, Mouthpiece, 11 Reeds, Care kit and more

SKY White ABS Student Clarinet Bb with Case

Lightweight Durable ABS Case Provide Best Protections

The SKY White ABS Bb Clarinet is a great beginner's instrument that's well-priced. The ABS body makes the clarinet lightweight, which helps young players play for longer. The clarinet is tuned to standard concert pitch, so it's ready to play right out of the box. The lightweight case makes the clarinet easy to move from school to home. The clarinet comes with a mouthpiece, a box of 10 reeds (Size 2.5"), cork grease, a screwdriver, cork grease and cleaning cloth. The clarinet also comes with a 1-year warranty. The clarinet comes with 11 of the most common reeds, but you'll also need to add an 11 Reeds, Replacement Pack. The SKY White ABS Bb Clarinet is durable, lightweight, and easy to play. It also works well for students of all ages.

Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet

Buffet Crampon Premium Bb Student Clarinet

by Buffet Crampon

The Premiums acoustics originate from its special processed bore, fashioned after the celebrated E13 and E12F models, allowing an ease of play and air flow without precedent in the student clarinet market

Buffet Crampon dominates the classical music market, and it's no surprise that their student clarinets are some of the most highly regarded in the market. The Premium clarinets are no exception. The Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet is an excellent instrument for beginners, and it's an excellent instrument for intermediate and advanced clarinetists, too. The Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet has a C-shaped body with a round belly, flat bottom, and a fully rimless bell, which gives it a more classic look than many other student clarinets. It has 17 nickel-plated keys, six silver-plated rings, and an adjustable thumb rest. The Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet is lightweight, and it's comfortable to play. The Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet has a clear, mellow tone, and it produces good projection. The Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet has a keywork that is slightly lighter than other student clarinets, and the keys respond more accurately to finger pressure. Overall, the Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet is an excellent student clarinet, and it's one of the best student clarinets we've tested.

BTER Bb Clarinet, Professional 17 Keys Beginner Student Clarinet with Reed, Screwdriver, Carry Case & Clarinet Repair Tools Portable Removable Bb Tone Clarinet Set for Beginner, Student(Black)

BTER Bb Clarinet


PORTABLE DESIGNThis student clarinet adopts removable design and with compact size after disassembly, which is easy to store, not occupying space. Suitable for beginners,perfect instrument for the student / beginner musicians.

The BTER Bb Clarinet is a great clarinet for beginners or students, and it's especially good for beginners because it has a low key action. The clarinet is made of plastic, so it's light, but it's built well and feels sturdy. The clarinet has a bright, clear sound and is loud enough to sound good in a small hall or classroom. It has a nice, even tone, and it's slightly more muted than some beginner clarinets. The clarinet doesn't produce a lot of low notes, though, so you'll need to rely on other clarinets for those. The clarinet's key action is good, and the keys have distinct click sounds when pressed. The clarinet comes with a cloth, a reed, a screwdriver, and a case. The clarinet is easy to set up, and it's relatively easy to tune. The clarinet can also easily be packed up, and it's portable enough to carry in a tote bag. The BTER Bb Clarinet isn't perfect. The clarinet's sound would sound better if it had more low notes. The clarinet also doesn't have a key for marking which note you're on, so you'll either have to read notes by ear or rely on other clarinets to find the right note. The clarinet's tone will sound better with a better reed. The clarinet also doesn't come with a cap, so you'll need to buy one separately. Overall, though, the BTER Bb Clarinet is a great beginner clarinet.


This clarinet is a good choice for a beginner clarinet player. The clarinet plays well and sounds good. The tone is bright. It has a short bore and wide bell, which makes it easy for beginners to hold and play. The clarinet comes with an optional capo, a capo stand, a music stand, a cleaning tool, a reeds cleaning tool, and a cleaning cloth. The clarinet comes with a 1 year warranty. The clarinets come with a clarinet bag, and a clarinet case.

Vangoa B Flat Clarinet 17 Nickel Keys for Beginners, Student Standard Clarinet Set with 4C Mouthpiece and 10 Reeds, Hard Case, Cleaning Kit, Stable Stand, Black

Vangoa B Flat Clarinet Nickel 17 Keys for Beginners

by Vangoa

Exquisite Appearance - Elegant and shiny clarinet body and bell mouth with durable nickel-plated keys, effectively reduce oxidation, improve the corrosion resistance. Superb craftsmanship makes the clarinet durable and eye-catching

The Vangoa B Flat Clarinet is an orchestra-grade instrument for beginner clarinetists. The instrument is high quality, easy to assemble, and fits well in the hands. The clarinet is fitted with adjustable double mouthpiece connector, making it easy to adjust the mouthpiece to the player's mouth. In addition, the clarinet is fitted with 17-key button system, which makes it easy to play. The clarinet comes with a hard case, a mouthpiece, a cleaning kit, a stand, 10 reeds, a cleaning brush, a mouthpiece cap, and a mouthpiece protector. The mouthpiece is made of ABS resin, and the instrument is durable. The instrument is silver-plated, which evokes an elegant and noble image. The instrument is well balanced, and it is easy to hold. The sound is rich, pure, and very mellow. The clarinet is suitable for performance, solo, and grade examination.


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