Top 10 Best Subaru Lanyards
for September 2023

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Subaru lanyards can be a small yet vital accessory for any Subaru aficionado. Not only are they a testament to your unwavering loyalty to the brand, but they also offer a practical use - keeping your keys organized and accessible. Whether you drive a Forester or a classic Impreza model, these lanyards can easily solve the common problem of misplacing or struggling to locate your car keys amidst a sea of other items.

When it comes to using a Subaru lanyard, it couldn't be simpler. Just slide your keys onto the sturdy ring, and voila, you have them ready to access whenever you require them. You can hang your lanyard around your neck, put it in your pocket, or attach it to your bag. The versatility of Subaru lanyards makes them very convenient and user-friendly.

Three products that caught MOOZ's attention in particular include the KJUFG Car Genuine Leather Keychain, the msxnkkk Genuine Leather Keychain, and the Subaru Motorsports USA Logo Keychain Lanyard. Their genuine leather material, strong lanyard accessories, and the distinct Subaru branding make them stand out choices for any Subaru owner or enthusiast. Plus, the added benefit of enhancing one's style statement and their functional aspect of organizing keys make them worthy of your attention.

Do not pass up the chance to explore all the options. Feel free to browse through the complete collection and discover the perfect Subaru lanyard that resonates with your preferences and needs the most.

KJUFG Car Genuine Leather Keychain Key Ring Lanyard Accessories Business Gift Birthday Present Suitable for Subaru Forester Inland Impreza Legacy Cros(Black)

Subaru Genuine Leather Lanyard: Stylish Keychain for Subaru Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Cros - Perfect Gift!

Easy to use8.5
Material quality8.8
Popularity & Sales9.9

[Install] Easy installationThe keychain can hang your car key and family key at the same time.

We listed the KJUFG Leather Keychain first because of its high-quality materials and exceptional stylish design. Constructed from high-quality alloy metal and genuine leather, this keychain is impressively durable. Its aesthetic appeal is highlighted by its shiny appearance, demonstrating an exquisite wear-resistant feature that will certainly capture your attention.

When you purchase the KJUFG Leather Keychain, you not only get a stylish accessory, but also value for your money. This keychain, perfectly suited for Subaru car models, also includes a handy screwdriver in its package. Its not just a keychain, its a token of elegance personalized just for you.

msxnkkk Genuine Leather Keychain for Subaru Ascent BRZ Crosstrek Forester Impreza Legacy Outback WRX STI XV Crosstrek Key Ring Lanyard Accessories Business Gift Birthday Present…

Subaru Lanyard: Genuine Leather Keychain for Every Subaru Enthusiast

by msxnkkk
Easy to use8.5
Material quality9.8
Popularity & Sales9.9

The whole surface of the metal is polished, and there is a car logo in the middle of the metal, which is smooth, wear-resistant and not easy to fade

Displaying on our second spot is the msxnkkk Genuine Leather Keychain for Subaru. This accessory stands out because of its high-quality materials. Crafted painstakingly from high-strength alloys and leather, it ensures durability that will stylishly withstand daily use.

As you use this keychain, you'll appreciate the practicality of its 360-degree rotation and soft touch. No more irritating clinks and hard metal against skin, everything about this accessory speaks comfort and convenience. Gift it to someone or use one for your Subaru, motorcycle, or home keys - a solution that marries form and function.

Subaru Motorsports USA Logo Keychain Lanyard Rally Official Racing WRX STi Team

Subaru Lanyard - Official Rally Racing Keychain for Subaru Motorsports USA Team

by Subaru
Easy to use8.7
Material quality8.4
Popularity & Sales8.7

Not Aftermarket .New in sealed package.Assembled in USA Imprint Color: Black

Ranked third on our list is the distinctive Subaru Motorsports USA Logo Keychain Lanyard. The standout reason for its high ranking is its exceptional versatility. As a networking tool, it's guaranteed to leave a unique impression thanks to its official genuine Subaru Motorsports USA branding. Function meets fashion in this accessory, as it not only boasts a cool rally team design but is also crafted from durable woven polyester.

Another remarkable feature of this lanyard is its variety of attachment options. Whether you prefer a swivel clasp, ring and loop, swivel snap hook, oval hook, swivel lock hook, bulldog hook, or a rectangular or square badge holder, this product has got you covered. Both practical and stylish, it's the perfect addition to your WRX STi team gear collection.

Subaru Key Chain Neck Lanyard

Subaru Lanyard - Stylish Neck Keychain for Subaru Fans and Enthusiasts

Easy to use7.4
Material quality7.2
Popularity & Sales9.1

Quick Release Buckle

MOOZ discovered a feature that will interest any car enthusiast, the Subaru Key Chain Neck Lanyard. With a high quality material and print, it's a blend of practicality and style for your car keys. The thumb hook clasp, adds a touch of convenience, allowing you to easily attach and remove your keys.

When compared to our previous list product, the Subaru Motorsports USA Logo Keychain Lanyard, you'll notice a distinct advantage. While both carry the recognizable Subaru brand, this product offers a more streamlined design at 24 inches long and 1 inch wide. This makes it suitable for those who prefer a less bulky lanyard.

Whether you're a rally fan or a Subaru owner, this sleek and durable lanyard will serve you well. It’s particularly beneficial for car and racing enthusiasts who appreciate subtle branding accessories that retain a high utility factor.

Lianxiaw Genuine leather car keychain set for Subaru Forester Inland Impreza Legacy men and women family Present keychain key ring lanyard accessories (black)

Subaru Lanyard: Genuine Leather Keychain Set for Subaru Cars. Perfect Gift for Men and Women

by Lianxiaw
Easy to use7.9
Material quality9.2
Popularity & Sales7.5

Easy to use: Just easily install and remove your car key chain, you can use the horseshoe buckle or use the spring hitch, for the safety of your key please tighten it or check the screws of the horseshoe buckle frequently to prevent it from falling off.

One feature that stood out when MOOZ discovered the Lianxiaw Genuine Leather Car Keychain Set for Subaru was the exceptional combination of style and functionality. This keychain boasts a shiny, zinc-plated metal part that gives it an attractive look. Not only does the keychain stand out in appearance, but it also serves its purpose well. It's well crafted from a high zinc-alloy material, going through electroplating and polishing treatments that make it both durable and stylish.

Compared to our previous product, the Subaru Key Chain Neck Lanyard, the Lianxiaw Genuine Leather Car Keychain Set for Subaru offers an added advantage. It's designed with high-quality leather, that lends it a soft feel and makes it easy to carry around. This keychain also has a unique feature of being rotatable up to 364 degrees - an aspect you might not find in the Subaru Key Chain Neck Lanyard.

This product would be most useful for new car owners, particularly Subaru Forester, Inland Impreza, and Legacy car owners. As a bonus, it also makes a thoughtful present for your loved ones on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or Mother's/Father's Day. The black leather of this keychain easily matches any car key, making it a versatile accessory. You can trust and rely on its high-quality materials for long-term use.

So, if you're in search of a durable, practical and fashionable car keychain, the Lianxiaw Genuine Leather Car Keychain Set for Subaru is well worth considering. With its attractive look and functional design, it's sure to enhance your everyday car experience.

Subaru Wilderness Logo Lanyard Keyring Key Chain Outback Forester Wrx Crosstrek

Subaru Wilderness Logo Lanyard: Key Chain for Subaru lovers and outdoor enthusiasts

Easy to use8.4
Material quality8.3
Popularity & Sales6.9

Sublimated and Woven Label Multicolor

Our top pick for a wildly useful accessory - the Subaru Wilderness Lanyard Keyring is something truly special for Subaru and outdoor enthusiasts. The well-constructed, 100% polyester lanyard comes with rugged iron clip attachments and an iron D-ring, ensuring the safety of your keys in the wildest terrains.

This keyring is more than just an accessory - it's part of your adventurous lifestyle. Imagine, you're out exploring the outdoors, and your keys are securely attached, leaving you worry-free. The keyring is more than just practical, it's also stylish with the iconic Wilderness logo. It's perfect for those of you who own a Subaru Outback, Forester, WRX, or Crosstrek. This is ideal for the adventurous soul who loves a practical and stylish accessory.

Thcbme Leather Car Keychain Set for Subaru Men's and Women's Family Presents Keychain Keyring Lanyard Accessories (Black)

Subaru Lanyard Keychain Set: Stylish Leather Car Keyring Accessory for Men and Women

by Thcbme
Easy to use8.7
Material quality8.6
Popularity & Sales6.3

Easy to use: Just easily install and remove your car key chain, you can use the horseshoe buckle or use the spring hitch, for the safety of your key please tighten it or check the screws of the horseshoe buckle frequently to prevent it from falling off.

Mooz has discovered the sleek and stylish Thcbme Leather Car Keychain Set for Subaru and it immediately caught our attention due to its high-quality materials. The combination of a high-zinc alloy material metal part with an electroplating and polishing treatment, alongside superior quality leather, gives it a refined and premium feel. This keychain would be very appealing to people who value both utility and aesthetics in their accessories.

Compared to the Subaru Wilderness Logo Lanyard Keyring, the Thcbme keychain stands out due to its high-quality leather and polished alloy, enhancing not just its functionality but also its sense of style. The keychain's 366-degree rotation capacity is another feature that distinguishes it. Its unique design and superior materials make it an excellent gift option and useful accessory for those who have just bought new cars or Subaru enthusiasts.


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