5 Techniques to Use Pinterest for Business Promotion

It is being processed by many social media experts that Pinterest is the next big thing in the world of Social networking right after Facebook. The concept of Pinterest revolved around sharing of images and pictures through pinning on board. The hype of this new and fast-growing site has created new chances for businesses to promote their products and services through this platform as well.

But since Pinterest is a relatively new platform, most business people and entrepreneurs don’t know how to utilize it for company endorsement correctly. Following are 5 techniques through which you can successfully use Pinterest for your business promotion:

1. Manage Boards Wisely

Begin a pinboard that shows your company’s offerings and get innovative with the placement. For instance, if you have a really awesome and revolutionary item, rather than being quite particular, so there will be that pin on the panel, you could title your board with creative headings like ‘Breathtaking Products.’ Also, don’t just restrict to your own company but also browse through Pinterest to find out other innovative things and re-pin them. If you offer clothes, never make a simple and boring pin with the name ‘dresses’. Rather you could make a specific board titled ‘summer collection’ or ‘unique dresses’. Keep in mind that Pinterest is all about visibility and titling boards. Motivate individuals so that they adhere to your board.

2. Keep Mutual Attitude

Continuing the previous point; always be sure to keep a mutual and open attitude on Pinterest. Don’t make the mistake of pinning your stuff and nothing else. You cannot make an impact on your followers by boring them with the same content. Be reciprocal in pinning other’s things on your boards too. You will notice that when you keep diversity on your boards, you will receive more followers, likes, and re-pins. For instance, if you deal in footwear, try to share cool stuff related to shoes like ‘funky accessories’ and other style concerns to attract viewers. You could also create a board for motivating quotations and pin these to expand your charm.

3. Always Pin High-Quality Images

Since Pinterest is all about pictures and images, you cannot afford to pin low-quality photos. For instance, if you find an image that is extremely small in size, DON’T pin in as it will distort. This creates a wrong impression on your customers who are following you on Pinterest. It’s so simple to take a sharp picture of something with a cell phone in poor light. But don’t make the mistake of pinning in on Pinterest. You need to be sure that you pin the excellent quality pictures of your brand/products/services. It’s a common fact that the more alluring your image on Pinterest is, the more the chances of customers liking it. Consider it like a conventional advertising promotion where you need to use attention-grabbing methods.

4. Be Personal and Human

Just like any other public networking on the internet, Pinterest’s focus is also being social. This means that this isn’t a place where you can act like a business entity. Instead, you should get individuals to hook up with your organization by creating personal, human-like feel to your boards. You can do this by engaging with your follower and replying to their comments on your pins. Alternately, you can also pin photos of your workplaces, your personnel, your cooking area or anything to carry your customers nearer to your organization. Attempt to give the customers an experience that they already know you.

5. Integrate Pinterest into Your Site

Most businesses forget to place the follow button for Pinterest on their website/blog. Asides that another good way is to set ‘pin it’ option right beside your product images as well. This will enable your customers to share your offerings to their followers of Pinterest thereby increasing your promotional activity.

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