Top 10 Best Telescopes for iPhones
for February 2024

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On a hunt for the best telescope to excite your stargazing endeavors? Look no further! We, at MOOZ, with a 'zest for best', have skillfully picked a constellation of stellar telescopes that sync smoothly with your beloved iPhone. 'Top 10 Best Telescopes for iPhones' is a meticulously manicured list of premier products designed to magnify your cosmos craving.

In the celestial web, our selections like the sleek APEXEL Telescope Phone Adapter, portable yet potent Apexel 6x20 HD Mini Monocular Telescope< /a>, and clever AccessoryBasics Binocular Spotting Scope Telescope shine the brightest. High-performing, easy-to-use, and smartphone compatible, these scopes are light-years ahead of their counterparts. Sprinkle a bit of cosmos into your daily routine and make these products the telescopic companions for your iPhone.

But wait! Don't rush to your cart just yet. We've saved the 'giant-killer' for the last. At the end of this list is the 50X60 HD Monocular Telescope, a snug fit for both adults and kids. With waterproofing, a smartphone holder, a tripod, and the ability to go 50X60 - all under the same celestial roof - it is indeed a treasure trove of features. So, dive into the list, your iPhone telescope await! Pick one, snap on your phone, and open up a universe of heavenly bodies, astronomical finds, and a world far far away. Remember, the starry sky is no longer a distant dream with MOOZ by your side. Happy stargazing!

APEXEL Telescope Phone Adapter, One-Piece Smartphone Binocular Photo Adapter for Android/iPhone, Cell Phone Mount for Telescope, Monocular, Binocular, Microscope, Spotting Scope, Outdoor, Gift.

APEXEL Telescope Phone Adapter for iPhones - Capture Stunning Photos through Your Telescope!

Customers Rating9.7
Easy to use9.9
Material quality8.8
Night vision9.5
Tech Support9.9

Portable Scope Mount Compared to traditional phone microscope adapters, we removed all annoying and messy screw parts, have designed this perfect telescope adapter (Exclusive patent has been obtained), weighs only 0.22lb, smaller than an iPhone, ideal for outdoor photography.

Astronomy enthusiasts and outdoor explorers, take note! The APEXEL Telescope Phone Adapter has secured the top spot on our list, and here's why. The adapter's quick and easy 3-step installation process sets it apart right from the outset. Its innovative one-piece slide rail and stretch clip design ensure that you can set it up in a mere 5 seconds. Furthermore, the soft silicone clip design affirms its compatibility with virtually all smartphones, safeguarding your device from any potential damage.

What further enhances the APEXEL adapter's value is its robustness and inimitable stability. Constructed with a durable metal frame and polymer body, it promises longevity. Also, the eyepiece clamp with its non-slip thread, capable of withstanding a spring force up to 6.6lb, guarantees secure connection with optical instruments. Regardless of whether you're using telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, or microscopes, this adapter caters to an eyepiece range of 23mm to 50mm. With these features, you're all set to capture the world's beauty without any hindrance or interruption.

Apexel 6x20 HD Mini Monocular Telescope, Handheld Metal Monocular with Clip, Portable Telescope for Phone iPhone with Bak4 Prism, for World Cup Adults Gift, Fit Almost All Smartphone

Compact 6x20 HD Monocular Telescope with Clip for iPhone - Perfect for World Cup Viewing

Auto focus9.5
Customers Rating8.8
Easy to install8.6
Easy to use8.5
Material quality8.5
Tech Support8.7

The monocular scope comes with a universal clip, which fits almost all smartphones, such as iPhone, SAMSUNG, Galaxy, Pixel, HUAWEI, Redmi, Oneplus, etc.

The Apexel 6x20 Mini Monocular Telescope takes the second spot on our list, winning us over with its 6X magnification and high-quality BaK4 Prism lenses. This handheld mini telescope, crafted from solid metal alloy, not only enhances detail and clarity but also ensures durability. If you're a fan of birdwatching, hiking or even camping, the short focus distance and ideal working distance make observing nature a phenomenal experience.

Even more, this portable telescope is perfect for on-the-go explorations. Easily storable and coming complete with all necessary accessories, the smartphone compatibility sets the Apexel Telescope apart. Whether you're at a World Cup game or an exhibition, attach this monocular to your phone and enhance your viewing experience tenfold. With its substantial features and user-friendly operation, this is a worthwhile investment for your adventures.

AccessoryBasics Binocular Spotting Scope Telescope Microscope Periscope Adapter Mount for Smartphone iPhone 13 14 Pro Max Galaxy S23 S22 S21 Note Pixel OnePlus Video Image Recording [Includes Remote]

Smartphone Telescope Adapter Mount for iPhone and Android - Perfect for Stunning Photos and Videos

by Accessory Basics
Camera quality8.2
Customers Rating8.4
Image stabilization8.7
Mobile App9.4
Picture quality8.1
Tech Support9.1

This adapter does not fit rifle scope or scope with lens larger than 1.5-inch * Please make sure that the outer diameter of the eyepiece is between 28mm-47mm(1.102"-1.850")

The AccessoryBasics Smartphone Adapter for optical devices snagged the third spot on our coveted list for its impressive compatibility and ease-of-use. Transforming your Smartphone & Telescope Binocular or any other such optical equipment into a video camera and image capturing device has never been this simple. Its compatibility is immense, blanketing virtually any phone, case or no case, and up to 90mm wide. This includes heavy-duty phones like the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23.

Step into the realm of professional recording by pairing this nifty gadget with your phone. Perfect for outdoor events, periscope live streaming, and general hobby recording. The AccessoryBasics Smartphone Adapter truly adds an exceptional layer of versatility to your device, making sure you capture memories in high-resolution wizardry.

Celestron – StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope – Works with StarSense App to Help You Find Stars, Planets & More – 114mm Newtonian Reflector – iPhone/Android Compatible

Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ Smartphone Telescope for iPhone/Android - Find Stars, Planets & More

by Celestron
Charging power8.3
Easy to use9.7
For deep cleaning9.2
Low light8.2
Mobile App8.8
Tech Support8.2

HIGH-QUALITY 114MM NEWTONIAN REFLECTOR: The 4.5" primary mirror features highly reflective coatings and enough light gathering ability to view craters on the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula.

The Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ takes an innovative approach to stargazing, making use of your smartphone to guide your exploration of the night sky. The outstanding feature of this telescope is undoubtedly its smartphone app integration. The patented StarSense sky recognition technology is impressive, allowing your smartphone to analyze star patterns overhead and calculate its position in real time. This combination of modern smartphone technology and precise telescope mechanics makes it stand out from traditional models, and it's why we highly recommend it.

Compared to the AccessoryBasics Binocular Adapter Mount, the Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ introduces an easier interface for amateurs and enthusiasts to engage with astronomy. While the AccessoryBasics Adapter focuses more on device attachment for visual and photographic capture, the StarSense Explorer provides a more interactive and educational experience.

This telescope is incredibly user-friendly with its easy setup and intuitive use. When it's ready to view the selected celestial body, the app simply shows a green bullseye, making the experience seamless. The inclusion of a 2-year US Warranty also makes a difference, providing the security every buyer likes to have.

The Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ will be most beneficial for novice astronomers or those looking to have an educational and easy-to-use tool for exploring the heavens. This telescope delivers a fresh approach to astronomy, merging technology with the charm of celestial exploration.

12x50 HD Monocular Telescope with Quick Phone Stand & Tripod Hand Strap BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens Portable Waterproof & Anti-Fog- Ideal for Hiking Hunting Camping Bird Watching - Best Gift for Men, HL01

12x50 HD Monocular Telescope for iPhones - Ideal for Outdoor Activities

by CallVi
Easy to use9.2
Light weight8.3
Low light7.9
Tech Support7.9

PORTABLE, WATERPROOF, AND FOG PROOF: The durable rubber armor and hand strap, provide comfortable, non-slip handling for easy use. The waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof coating allows you to use the bird-watching monocular even in humid environments.

What stands out about the 12x50 HD Monocular Telescope is its impressive 12x50 HD magnification. With one glance, you can enjoy a clearer, more vivid view of your surroundings. This monocular is the ideal tool for birdwatchers, hikers, and adventurers who enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Its powerful lens provides excellent light transmission and brightness, even at great distances which easily makes it a standout item.

If compared to the Celestron StarSense Explorer, this monocular offers greater portability because of its lighter design. While the Celestron might offer the ability to map out the stars, the monocular allows for a wider range of use due to its waterproof and anti-fog features. So, if you are someone who enjoys outdoor adventures, whether it be hunting, hiking, bird watching, or climbing, this monocular can be your trusty companion.

Monocular Telescope for Smartphone, 80x100 High-Power HD Compact Monocular Night Vision, Half Binocular Weight Small Monocular For Adults Hunting Birding Star Sky Watching With Phone Adapter & Tripod

Compact 80x100 Monocular Telescope for iPhones, Ideal for Birding, Hunting, and Star Gazing

by Pocooe
Charging power9.1
Easy to use7.5
For small spaces9.6
Mobile App9.5
Tech Support8.3

Compact & Lightweight While maintaining optimal observation results, this compact HD monocular is only 6.1inch and 0.61lb which is half the weight of a binocular. It is definitely the best choice for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and climbing, since it's portable to put in pockets and small bags without extra bulk, enjoning relax traveling. Not only suitable for adults, but also very friendly to children and seniors, it's so easy to operate and focuses with one hand.

The Monocular Telescope for Smartphone impresses us the most with its advanced German optics and 80 times magnification capability when connected to a smartphone. The elevated viewing experience provided by this monocular outperforms the '12x50 HD Monocular Telescope', a prior product whose magnification pales in comparison to the 80x100 High-Power Monocular Telescope. Offering sharper images, advanced clarity with a close to 100% light transmittance, and a great viewing experience, this item surpasses its predecessor by a significant margin.

This product package contains a phone adapter and an extendable tripod, making it compatible with all iPhones and most other phone brands. Given these benefits, the Monocular Telescope for Smartphone will prove most useful for individuals who derive immense pleasure from bird-watching, hunting, or simply exploring new outdoor terrains while capturing the world's beauty through their smartphone. Its compact size and lightweight also add to its appeal, while its magnification capabilities and enhanced imaging further set it a step above the '12x50 HD Monocular Telescope.

APEXEL High Power 28x HD Phone Telephoto Lens with Remote Shutter Works with iPhone X/XR Samsung Pixel Android Any Smartphones

Apexel iPhone Telescope: High Power 28x HD Lens for Capturing Distant Moments

Camera quality8.4
Easy to use9.6
For traveling6.9
Sound quality8.5
Tech Support8.5

Portable and easy to use :Made of high quality advanced glass and shell, durable and portable, universal detachable clip into your phone steady. It can be easily placed in your bag or handbag. It is the perfect companion for traveling anytime and anywhere; the necessary equipment for traveling and outdoor exploration.

On our quest to find the best gadgets for photography enthusiasts, MOOZ has come across the APEXEL 28x HD Phone Telephoto Lens. This little gem, packed with features, caught our attention and we think it’s something you need to know about. It boasts an enhanced telephoto capability that can overcome the shortcomings of standard phone cameras that can only capture close-up shots. This means it's great for capturing distant scenes in high resolution.

This APEXEL lens brings improvements over our previous find, the Monocular Telescope for Smartphone, in terms of portability and user-friendliness. Unlike the latter which operates similarly to a traditional telescope, this APEXEL lens can be easily attached to your phone, turning it into a high-power camera. However, it doesn't come with night vision capabilities, a standout feature of the Monocular Telescope. This lens is most beneficial to the avid travelers, concert-goers, and wildlife observers who wish to capture moments up close in crystal clear detail on their phones. Its unmatched compatibility with an array of smartphones, gives it a significant edge in the market.

Celestron – NexYZ – 3–Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter for Telescope – Digiscoping Smartphone Adapter – Capture Images and Video Through Your Telescope or Spotting Scope

Capture Incredible Images and Videos with the Celestron NexYZ Telescope Adapter for iPhones

by Celestron Acquisition LLC
Camera quality8.4
Customers Rating6.1
Easy to hold9.9
Easy to use9.9
Picture quality7.9
Tech Support9.9

STURDY CONSTRUCTION: NexYZ stands up to rigorous use in the field thanks to its durable metal frame and polymer body. The powerful spring-loaded clamp lets you switch out phones easilyideal for public stargazing or birdwatching events.

The MOOZ algorithm picked the Celestron – NexYZ 3–Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter out of the crowd because of its unique feature set and strong warranty. Unlike the APEXEL High Power 28x HD Phone Telephoto Lens, it can connect your smartphone to not just your telescope, but also your spotting scope, binocular, monocular, and microscope. This makes it versatile and adaptable.

The NexYZ offers a smooth, quick, and precise positioning of your phone's camera with its patent-pending 3 directional knobs (X, Y, Z-axis). So, taking beautiful photos through your scope becomes a breeze. One of the standout features is the adapter's compatibility, fitting almost any eyepiece from 35mm to 60mm in diameter. This one-size-fits-most adapter can work with most smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Apple iPhone.

This product would be most useful to amateur or professional photographers and stargazers who love to capture astronomical images with their smartphones through different types of scopes. Celestron’s 2-year US warranty also means you can purchase with confidence, something not many similar products can boast of.

GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount Regular Size - Compatible with Binoculars, Monoculars, Spotting Scopes, Telescope, Microscopes - Fits almost all Smartphones on the Market - Record Nature and The World

Capture Nature and The World with GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount for Telescopes and More!

by Gosky
Customers Rating7.6
Easy to use8.4
Material quality8.3
Night vision6.6
Picture quality8.8
Tech Support9.8

EASY SETUP - You can easily attach your phone to your optical instrument with this adapter.

In the quest for quality and convenience, the GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount caught our attention. This handy gadget allows you to capture the world through your smartphone screen, pairing seamlessly with optical instruments like microscopes, telescopes, and binoculars. The 'durable materials' and compatibility with practically all smartphones are what makes this product stand out.

The adventurous nature explorer and hobbyist astronomer will find the GOSKY Smartphone Adapter particularly useful, as it is designed to fit eyepiece diameters of 28-47mm. Moreover, its universal smartphone compatibility is a feature not to be underestimated.

When compared to our previous favorite, the Celestron – NexYZ – 3–Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter, the GOSKY mount shows an advantage in its construction - its main body is made of zinc alloy, providing more durability than the aluminum used in the Celestron model. Despite their similar functionality, you might find the GOSKY adapter more resilient to wear and tear in your expeditions.

Monocular Telescope, 50X60 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Holder & Tripod, High Power Monoculars for Adults Kids IPX7 Waterproof Monocular Scope for Star Watching Bird Watching Travel Camping

High Power Monocular Telescope for iPhones, 50X60 HD, Waterproof, with Smartphone Holder & Tripod. Ideal for star watching, bird watching, and travel

Camera quality8.2
Customers Rating7.9
Easy to use9.2
Material quality7.2
Sound quality7.9
Tech Support6.3

Smartphone Holder & Sturdy Tripod This monocular telescope for smartphone comes with a newest quick alignment smartphone holder, which is suitable for almost all phones on the market, a sturdy metal tripod, easy to use which can allow you to adjust every angles you want. It helps you easily shoot HD images or videos without shaking.

As an outdoor enthusiast, you'll appreciate our latest addition - the 50X60 HD Monocular Telescope. Standing out from its peers with its impressive 50mm large objective lens, it guarantees detailed, clearer, and brighter imaging owing to its FMC Broadband coating and premium BAK4 prism. The MOOZ team found the device's single hand focus quite fascinating, allowing you to secure a crisp and clear image effortlessly. It's a little step up from the GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount Regular Size' primarily because of its included smartphone holder, allowing instant photography, a feature GOSKY lack.

The 50X60 HD Monocular Telescope is also tailormade for outdoor adventures. It's waterproof, fog and dust resistant, adding to its durability and reliability. These features probably make it attractive for the hardcore outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hunting, hiking, camping or water sports. Though it could score a little less on versatility when compared with the 'GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount Regular Size' which is adaptable to multiple devices, its stronger focus on the adventure aspect makes it a worthy contender.


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