10 Tips for Freelance Graphic Designer

The personality of peoples varies from place to place. Not all people have a same number of siblings, home facilities, education, etc. Some people prefer to make a career in the large corporations. These companies are offering handsome packages and all the facilities which a common man wants to have in the life. Mostly, these people are sociable and feel no problem in working with number of colleagues.

However, some people are deliberately choosing to freelance. They don’t like the masters and fixed schedules. They firmly believe in their capabilities and enjoy the work rather than doing it because of the order of boss. Usually, these people have a personality disorder and don’t like professional working atmosphere. They are irritated in maintaining the dress, follow the times and face the transport pollution. These home-stuck people are working from the home or any place which is informal and are called the freelancers. The concept of self-employed was further popularized after the invention of the internet. According to a survey, after the writing, the jobs of a graphic designer in the freelance industry top the list. In this article, I am describing ten tips to become a successful freelancer in the world of graphic design.

1. Find The Best Platform

At the initial level, all the freelancers feel that their future is insecure. There are three reasons of this state. One, they have not correctly evaluated themselves. Second, they have not experience in the industry in which they want to work as a freelancer. Third, they are attached to any cheap agency for getting assigned work. The first two issues are genuine and are solved after you will spend some time as a freelancer. The third one is challenging, and it is not related to time or experience. Many experience people are working through agencies as freelancers. They are paid about one-third of their real value.

The field of a graphic designer is much diversified. The graphic designers are creating logos, websites, business cards, brochures, etc. There are so many online and corporate freelancing jobs for the designer. But, the real problem is choosing best among them.

2. Show Your Work

If you couldn’t find the best agency, open your own online freelancing shop. In this regard, first of all, you must have a website or blog where you can show your work. Collect all the work which you have done in the past and publish it. It helps the people to evaluate your abilities. Additionally, show your certificates and degrees related to services which you are offering. Many people prefer to assign the projects to highly qualified peoples.

3. Give Your Clients Something Free

When any clients contact you for getting information about the services which you are offering, try to offer him something in free. For example, a client asks you the packages of web design, give him free the domain registration, logo design, etc. In this way, people are attracted because they are getting something in free.

4. Social Media

Today no one can deny the power of social media. In the last year (2012), Facebook users crossed 1 billion. In the same way, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn and many social networking websites have millions of registered members. These websites will help you to be popular in all over the world within a very short period. You can show your work to the targeted people via these social networking.

5. Complete Your Team

Most of the times it happens that one single graphic design project requires more than one skill. Or, one single project is asked to complete in insufficient time which is difficult for one person to do it. So, you must have enough contact with other peoples as you can quickly face the rainy days. These types of projects are usually paying you much amount and enrich your portfolio.

6. Maintain Close Contact With Clients

As we know freelancers are not maintaining any formal office. After the completion of work, they don’t bother about the clients simply they forget them and move ahead for hunting another job. This is a big mistake in the freelancing. You must maintain a close contact with the customer during and after the project especially when You are a graphic designer. It is possible in the first assignment he order you to design the Logo. If your work is according to his expectation, then definitely for designing the website he would contact you.

7. Complete The Project On Time

Freelancing never means that you are free and whenever you want you will work. It gives you freedom of hours, not the days. Today, all the assignments are tagged with some specific time. The late in the delivery of service creates so many doubts in the mind of the client. In case there is a delay, you must politely get permission from the customer. If he allows you that is good, otherwise complete it by burning the midnight oil.

8. Psychology Of Color

I have spent around about 15 years in the graphic designing. But, my major time is spent in doing office jobs. One thing I experienced, most professional designers were Greek to the meanings of color. Bear in mind, in the professional designing these things are counted. The colors must be in consonant with the mission and the type of business.

9. Remain Update With The Technology

Yes, you must stay updated with the latest software and trends of the graphic designing. Every day, we are listening to the press releases of different companies. They are introducing the new and updated versions of their products with some modifications. In the free time try to learn some new things, they will help you to groom the skills.

10. Use Your Best Tool Creatively-Mind

In the art of photography, the mind is the only and best tool. As we know, the software, pencil, pages, etc. are an integral part of visual communication. Everyone uses them, but why results in the design are different? It is because; everyone’s way of using mind is different. The success of graphic designer is not related to the number of years he/she had spent in the field, but the way how is creatively using the mind.


The field of graphic designing is growing day by day because of its increasing importance. Today, no business or service providing entity can run without the help of the website. Every company is trying to have the best look of their website, logo, photos, etc. For this, they are spending millions of dollars. To find the best person, they cross the continents via the internet. If you are good designer, people from the world will be reached you.

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