Top 10 Best Touch Screen Car Stereos
for December 2023

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Our consumer testers put touch screen car stereos to the test, rating them on sound quality, ease of use, and features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, voice control, and hands-free calling. The sound quality of our top picks was the biggest differentiator, with models that delivered crisp, clear sound. We also looked at ease of use, such as how easy it was to pair the stereo with Bluetooth devices, as well as features, such as voice control, so drivers could control their music and podcasts by speaking.

Our consumer testers also evaluated the sound quality of touch screen car stereos by rating their sound quality. We looked at mid and high-frequency sound, as well as low frequencies, which make up bass, and rated each stereo on sound quality. We also looked at the overall sound quality, including clarity, volume, and bass response.

Our top pick is the Pioneer AVH-X5800NEX, which delivers crisp, clear sound, as well as plenty of features and connectivity. The Pioneer AVH-X5800NEX has Bluetooth connectivity, so drivers can stream music from their smartphone, as well as built-in support for SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Plus, the Pioneer AVH-X5800NEX has voice control, so drivers can answer phone calls and control and navigate their music by speaking.

Double Din Stereo Car Audio Receiver - Corehan 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth Compatiable with Android Auto Car Play

COREHAN Double Din Car Stereo Audio Receiver

by Corehan

TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT to BUY with MORE CONFIDENCE. We have detailed installation instructions and video tutorials to help you install the double din Android car stereo into your car more easily and efficiently. At the same time, we also provide 7*24 hours of after-sales technical support to help you solve installation and operation problems.

The Corehan 7-inch car stereo is a premium-looking unit with excellent sound and a range of features, including Siri voice control, USB/SD, Bluetooth, and Android Auto. Unlike most car stereos, the Corehan has a bigger touchscreen (7 inches vs. 6 inches), which is easier to see and control. The included steering wheel controls are responsive and easy to engage, and we didn't experience any lag when streaming music via Bluetooth. The audio is punchy and clear, and the unit has more than enough power for even the loudest music. The Corehan is well-suited for anyone who wants a premium car stereo with good sound and a suite of features, but it's expensive. It has an HDMI input, but it's the only one we've seen with a 7-inch display, so it's of interest to only those with TVs in their car. Its remote control is also clunky, and it's heavier than some competitors, which may make it less portable.

Apple Carplay Single Din Car Stereo, 9 Inch Touch Screen Car Radio with Bluetooth FM Radio iOS/Android Mirror Link TF/USB/AUX Input Car Multimedia Player+ Backup Camera

Rimoody Apple Carplay Din Single Car Stereo

by Rimoody

Rear View Camera InputCar radio with backup camera, 12 LED camera has a 170 wide-angle lens and IP68 waterproof, supports automatic display of image. when the vehicle shifts into reversethe car radio screen will automatically display the reverse image and record the traffic, make your daily reversing safer and more convenient.

The RM-9315 is an affordable, easy to install single-din car stereo that performs well. The 9-inch screen is bright and responsive, and it supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, it lacks many of the extras found in more expensive units, such as wireless Bluetooth headphones, a CD player, and a built-in backup camera. The RM-9315 also has two USB ports and SD card reader, but only one supports USB audio playback, and the other does not support USB audio playback at all. Also, the RM-9315 has very basic voice control, and you can't control music playback using the steering wheel controls. The RM-9315's FM tuner is mediocre, and it lacks a display to show station, channel, and frequency information. The built-in microphone is also weak, so it's best used with a Bluetooth headset.

7 Inch Double Din Car Stereo Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Multimedia Touchscreen Radio Receiver with Bluetooth and Backup Camera, Phone Mirror-Link, AM/FM USB AUX RCA Audio Output

MINYE 7 Inch Double Din Car Stereo with Compatible Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


Bluetooth 4.2 & Enhanced Listening Experience: Answer your important phone calls without distracting your attention from the road with our MINYE stereo which features a hands-free bluetooth system, allowing for easy smartphone pairing ( built-in clear mic)! Wireless audio stream via bluetooth provides a stable connectivity to your smartphone or bluetooth device, MINYE allows you to enjoy a superior music listening experience!

The MINYE 7-inch double din car stereo is a delightful surprise. It's an inexpensive car stereo, but it packs a lot of useful features into its small frame. It's compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can easily connect your phone and mirror its screen, which comes in handy for navigation or music. The radio tuner's digital AM/FM radio is crisp and clear, and both the AM and FM tuner have night mode settings for clearer reception at night. The stereo has dual USB ports and four audio outputs (3.5 mm, RCA, and USB), so it's compatible with a wide variety of devices. The dual USB ports can be used to charge your phone or play music from a USB thumb drive, and RCA and USB outputs can be used to connect your iPod, a CD player, or just about any other audio source. The stereo can play music stored on your phone, memory cards, or USB thumb drives, and it has a 3.5 mm audio input jack so you can play music from other devices. The stereo also has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can easily pair with your phone, and wired headphones or speakers can be connected to the stereo's rear-panel 3.5 mm headphone jack. The stereo's dual cameras (one front, one rear) have night vision and an automatic reversing image function, so reversing at night is much safer. The stereo is easy to set up, and the installation kit comes with everything you need to install the stereo in your car. The stereo is reasonably priced for a car stereo, and it provides a lot of features for its price.

9 Inch Single Din Car Stereo, ABSOSO in-Dash Apple CarPlay Car Audio with Bluetooth - IPS Touchscreen | Mirror Link | USB Fast Charging | HD Backup Camera | Dual USB/SD/AUX-in | AM/FM Radio

9 Inch Single Din Car Stereo, ABSOSO in-Dash Apple Car CarPlay Audio with Bluetooth - IPS Touchscreen


Standard Size for Installation: ABSOSO Bluetooth car stereo front panel size is 230(W)*145(H)mm and installation size 178(W)*50(H)mm, perfect for single din and double din dash openings mounting. With the adjustable mounting bracket and 1din chassis, you can hovers the extra large screen in front of a variety of vehicles without the need of custom installation, and easily adjust the display to avoid light reflections. ( -30to 30tilt adjustment, -20to 20 side adjustment)

We looked at 10 different single din in-dash car stereos, and the ABSOSO 9 inch car stereo was our favorite. It has all the key features that we look for in a car stereo, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, Bluetooth connectivity, an HD backup camera input, and dual USB/SD/AUX inputs, but a 9 inch touch screen was key, as it not only makes the unit smaller but also makes it possible to display more content, like maps. The ABSOSO 9 inch car stereo is also the least expensive model we tested, and it's the only car stereo we tested with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, making it a good choice for anyone on a budget. The ABSOSO 9 inch car stereo has a comfortable, easy-to use interface, and the 9 inch touch screen makes it simple to navigate and view content, including maps. The dual USB/SD/AUX inputs allow you to connect multiple devices, and the AM/FM radio and HD backup camera inputs are great for listening to or viewing media on the go. The ABSOSO 9 inch car stereo's FM tuner has 30 station memory, and the 9 inch touch screen has a 16-band EQ, so you can personalize the sound to your liking. The ABSOSO 9 inch car stereo also includes an HD backup camera input, which automatically turns on when you shift into reverse, making it easy to see behind you. The ABSOSO 9 inch car stereo also supports the MirrorLink and CarPlay features, and the ABSOSOSO 9 inch car stereo's dual USB ports let you connect two devices, such as your smartphone and MP3 player.

Hieha Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, 7 Inch Double Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth, Touch Screen Car Radios MP5 Player with A/V Input, Backup Camera, Mirror Link, SWC

Hieha Car Stereo Compatible with Carplay Apple and Android Auto

by Hieha

Rear View Camera: Our double din carplay stereo equipped with HD, night vision and 170 viewing angle waterproof backup camera, Rear image will be displayed on large touch screen automatically when the vehicle in reverse. Easy operation and help driver a safe and easier parking. We provide detailed backup camera wiring steps, very easy to install.

The Hieha 7-inch double din car stereo with Bluetooth is a convenient, high-quality option for people used to using smartphones or tablets. It's reasonably priced, and it supports most smartphones running Android 10.1 and below, iOS 13.4 and below, and iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 8 series and below. The Hudl 7 is user friendly, and it comes with an intuitive interface. It also has Bluetooth, so you can pair your phone with the stereo and use the stereo as a speakerphone and for audio playback. The Hudl 7's touch screen is responsive, and it displays good color. We're a bit disappointed that the Hudl 7 can't display images, but most people will have larger images on their smartphone anyway. The Hudl 7 also has WiFi for streaming music and video from your smartphone. The Hudl 7 has built-in GPS, so it's a great tool for navigating. The Hudl 7 has a backup camera, so you can easily see what's happening behind your car. It also has AM/FM radio, so you can listen to your favorite radio stations. The Hudl 7 has an AUX IN port, so you can connect your MP3 player or CD to the Hudl 7. The Hudl 7 also has USB and SD ports, so you can play back music directly from your USB devices. The Hudl 7 has a USB charger, so you can charge your phone and other devices using the Hudl 7's USB port. The Hudl 7's built-in battery lasts about 7 hours, and it has a USB port for charging the battery.

Double Din Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay, 7 Inch Full HD Capacitive Touchscreen - Bluetooth, Mirror Link, Backup Camera, Steering Wheel, Subwoofer, USB/SD Port, A/V Input, FM/AM Car Radio

SJOYBRING Double Din Car Stereo Compatible with Carplay, Apple 7 Inch Full HD Capacitive Touchscreen


Rear/Front View CameraThe JOY-D008 was designed having your safety and comfort in mind, supporting rear and front view camera with an automatic display of image when in reverse. JOY-D008 system has options for pause music or not according to your preference when reversing. The package includes an HD rear camera with night vision, a 170 ultra-wide viewing angle and a full waterproof design! (Front camera not included)

The JOY-D008 car stereo is a solidly engineered, feature-rich option for Apple Carplay owners who want a high quality, full-featured car stereo. It's compatible with most vehicles, has Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and a full lineup of other connectivity features, including USB and AUX ports. It's also fully Android Auto compatible, so it supports Google's new in-car operating system, as well as Android's existing CarPlay app. The 7-inch screen is bright and sharp, and it's very responsive, making it easy to navigate and view your phone's content. The sound quality is decent, although it's a bit tinny. The integrated amplifier is powerful enough for most applications, but it's lacking some of the richer tones that you'd get from a dedicated amplifier. The Bluetooth is fast and reliable, and the car stereo's built-in microphone and speaker are high quality. It's also nice that there's no separate power cord, as it lets you use the stereo when you're driving unplugged.

10.1 Inch Android Car Radio Double Din Stereo with GPS Navigation Touch Screen Car Radios with Backup Camera, Support WiFi Bluetooth FM, Mirror Link+Dual USB

Mantian 10.1 Inch Android Car Radio Double Din Stereo GPS with Navigation Touch Screen Car Radios with Backup Camera

by Mantian

Rear View Camera Input: 10.1 Inch touch screen car radio equipped with a backup camera for great night vision. Waterproof reversing camera comes with 6M video cable and 1.5M power cable. Easily to install, we provide detailed wiring diagram.

The 10.1 inch Android Radio with GPS Navigation from YMGC is one of the best double din Android car stereo systems we've tested. It's loaded with features, including a built-in GPS receiver, built-in WiFi, and dual USB ports, all of which make it an appealing option for drivers who want the convenience of having their music and maps right in their car. The 10.1 inch touchscreen is bright and responsive, making it easy to use when driving. The YMGC's Android software supports many apps, including Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and TuneIn. The 10.1 inch touchscreen allows you to access all of these apps and more. The sound quality of the YMGC's speakers is above average. The system also has built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, so there's never any need to plug in your phone. The YMGC's GPS navigation system is very accurate, and the voice prompts were easy to understand. The YMGC's dual USB ports allow you to charge two devices at once, and there's also an SD card reader. Unfortunately, the YMGC does not have a backup camera, which is a big drawback in today's car market. The YMGC is also not compatible with Canbus, so you can't use it with cars that don't support Canbus.


Leadfan 7" Car Stereo Double Din Touch Screen Car Radio Audio Receiver FM Radio Bluetooth Remote Video Control MP5/4/3 Player Android iPhone Mirror Link USB/SD/AUX Hands Free Calling with Camera

by Leadfan

Installation size: 178(W)*100(H)*65(D)mm/7.01*3.94*2.56inch. It comes with a harness with naked wires, without connector. Some cars need to buy a dash kit and harness if you want perfitly fitted. Any other questions, please let me know. If you need more info, you can sent it to me via E-mail. Language: English/ Chinese/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Italian/ German/ French/ Turkish/ Czech/ Thai/ Polish.

The 7-inch Car Stereo is a pretty good stereo for a mainstream car, and it just got a lot better. This stereo is a double din unit, so it fits in most cars, but it only has two single din inputs, so you can't connect many aftermarket radios to it. But that's a small complaint (most cars have only two single din inputs anyway), and sound quality is quite good. Like other double din units, the 7-inch Car Stereo has good bass, good soundstaging, and decent clarity. But it also has our favorite feature, a touchscreen, which lets you control it from your phone or mirrorlink device. The 7-inch Car Stereo has Bluetooth, USB, and TF card inputs, and it supports USB playback, so it can play files from most USB storage devices. And it has Bluetooth, so you can use your phone to play music or answer calls. The 7-inch Car Stereo has a microphone, too, so you can use it to listen to music while making calls. You can also use the stereo as an audio receiver, but sound quality isn't as good, and it doesn't have high fidelity audio playback. The 7-inch Car Stereo also has speakers on both sides, so it's loud enough for a car, and it has big 35mm woofers and 28mm tweeters. The 7-inch Car Stereo has a 2.1A USB port, so it can charge your phone while it's playing your music. The 7-inch Car Stereo has 3.5mm aux-in and 1/8-inch AUX output, so it can connect to most aftermarket in-dash radios. The 7-inch Car Stereo also has RCA outputs, so you can use it with a home stereo system, and the AUX output supports RCA analog audio, so you can also use it with a second car or a home audio system. The 7-inch Car Stereo is affordable, and sound quality is decent, and it has a touchscreen, so it's the best mainstream car stereo we tested.

10.1Inch 2.5D HD Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receiver, Android Touch Screen MP5 Multimedia, Support GPS Navigation Bluetooth FM Radio+4 Led Lights Rear View Camera&Dual Mirror Link

Liehuzhekeji 10.1Inch 2.5D HD Double Car Din Stereo Radio Receiver

by Liehuzhekeji

10.1 inch 2 Din Car stereo: The main Screen Size is 250(W)*145(H)mm/9.84*5.71inch. With metal sheet fixed on, installation size: 180(W)*75(H)*70(D)mm/7.09*2.95*2.76inch. 10.1 inch HD capacitive touch screen and 2.5D IPS glass with full touch button, the edges and corners are smooth and round without cutting hands. Supports efficient heat dissipation and allow smooth operation even if your car temperature reaches up to 70

The 10.1-inch double din car stereo receiver from Spigen is worth considering if you don't need the touchscreen controls of the more expensive Clarion and Pioneer units, or if you simply prefer the simplicity of the Spigen design. The 10.1-inch display is large enough to watch videos, and it handles navigation well. The display is bright and crisp, and the menu system is easy to use. The sound quality is strong, and the volume on the unit itself is quite loud. The FM tuner is decent, and the unit supports Bluetooth and Android Auto. The 10.1-inch display is big enough to accommodate two smartphones, and it also has aux-in and USB ports for connecting other devices. The 10.1-inch display also makes it easy to see the rearview camera video when you're reversing, and the camera has a good field of view. The rear camera also has a parking mode, but the rear camera isn't great in low light.

Android Car Radio 10 Inch Touch Screen GPS Sat Navi Stereo Player AMprime 2 Din Bluetooth WiFi FM Receiver Mobile Phone Mirror Link Dual USB + Backup Camera

Android Car Radio 10 Inch Touch Screen GPS Sat Navi Stereo Player AMprime 2 Bluetooth Din WiFi FM Receiver Mobile Phone Mirror Link Dual USB + Backup Camera

by AMprime

Rear View Camera Input: Included a mini waterproof rear camera, with 12 IR light for great night vision, and 6M AV cable. The player will automatically switch to parking mode when you pull the reverse gear

If you're looking for a head unit that's easy to set up and use, the AMprime 2 Din Bluetooth FM Receiver Android Car Stereo is a good option. It has a decent size 10-inch touch screen and easy menu system, plus it's compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices, which is a big plus. It has GPS navigation, Bluetooth, and WiFi, plus it has dual USB ports and video output/input. This head unit was cheaper when we reviewed it than other comparable units, but it's a little outdated now, and other units have caught up. It doesn't have a built-in backup camera or Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and it can't connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. It also lacks a CD player, and the voice instructions in the car player aren't as comprehensive as we'd like. But if you aren't looking for the most advanced features, this head unit is a good choice.


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