10 Best Towels Baths
for June 2023

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Towels, bath mats, and washcloths are an essential part of your bathroom. At MOOZ Themes Reviews, we test towels, bath mats, and washcloths for performance, texture, and absorbency. We also look at durability, including how durable the towels are to bleach, mildew, and fade.

For performance, we test towels, bath mats, and washcloths for absorbency, which is measured by how much water the towel can hold before it's no longer able to hold any more. Towels, bath mats, and washcloths absorbency is measured using a wet-to-dry ratio.

We also test for texture, which is measured by how soft or rough the towel is. Towels, bath mats, and washcloths are soft, plush, or fluffy, while towels are soft, thick, and fluffy.

For durability, we test towels, bath mats, and washcloths for fade, which is measured by how much the towel or washcloth fades or bleaches over time. We also test towels, bath mats, and washcloths for mildew, which is measured by how much mildew or mold grows on the towel or washcloth over time.

Here are the best towels, bath mats, and washcloths of 2022:

Tommy Hilfiger Modern American Bath Towel, 30 x 54 inch, Chinese Red

Tommy Hilfiger Modern Bath American Towel

by Himatsingka America

Rejuvenate your bathroom with the cool shades of Tommy Hilfiger's Modern American bath towel, in super-soft and absorbent cotton with an embroidered logo

The Tommy Hilfiger Modern American Bath Towel is made from 575 GSM, super-soft cotton. It features a solid, unhemmed edge, and a 30 x 54 inch size, making it a good choice for large-size bath towels. The towel is absorbent, and it's quite plush, so it feels soft and plush when you hold it. The towel is thin enough that it does not feel bulky, but thick enough that it does not feel flimsy. It also has a nice thick pile, so it feels soft. The towel's design is simple, with contrasting stripes and a logo. The stripes are are horizontal, which we liked, because horizontal stripes are more traditional than vertical stripes. The towel is machine washable, but we found that it was easier to wash by hand, because the towel's pile was so thick that it was difficult to wash the towel in the washing machine. The towel also features a single-ply construction, so it's heavier than a two-ply towel. The towel's thick pile makes it a good choice for drying yourself after a shower, because the towel is thick enough to dry your body without absorbing too much water. The towel is also a good choice for drying your pets. The towel's solid, unhemmed edge makes it easy to fold the towel, and the single-ply construction makes it easy to fold the towel into a smaller, more manageable size. Overall, the Tommy Hilfiger Modern American Bath Towel is a good choice for large-size bath towels, and it's a good choice for drying yourself after a shower.

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Seabrook Stripe Bath Towel, Teal

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Seabrook Ltd. Stripe Bath Towel

by SKL Home

SKL Home brought to you by Saturday Knight Ltd., a leader for 40+ years in the home dcor industry

The SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Seabrook Stripe Bath Towel is an eye-catching towel in a textured stripe jacquard. The towel is 27" x 50", which is a decent size for a full bath towel, and it's made of 100 percent cotton. It has a nice amount of texture, and the colors were vibrant when we received it. The towel is soft and plush, and it's slightly textured, which makes it feel luxurious. The Sculpted finish gives the towel a polished look, and it feels well-made. It's machine washable, and it felt moist when we first washed it, but within a week it felt dry. The stripes are thin and aren't very noticeable, so you can use them with other patterned towels. The quality is good, but the towel feels a bit thinner than we expected.

TOALLA 100% Cotton Bath Towel Set Pack of 6|500 GSM|Soft Large Bath Towel|Super Absorbent|Quick Dry|Ideal for Pool Home Gym Spa Hotel|Perfect for Daily Use|Bath Towel Set 24 x 48 Inches|Brown

TOALLA 100% Cotton Bath Set Towel Pack of 6


EASY TO CARE AND DURABLE- 100% machine washable BATH TOWELS. We recommend washing them in cold water before your first use. This allows the cotton fibers to open up and give the towels better absorbency. Tumble dry on low heat or hang them to dry.

For its size, this towel set is amazingly comfortable. It's soft, thick, and fluffy, yet it dries quickly. The towels are large, but they're still thin enough that they don't feel bulky against your skin, and they don't take up much space in a drawer. They hold lots of water, so they're great for drying off after a shower or bath. The towels are a nice medium shade of brown, and they have a pleasing texture to them. The set comes with 6 towels, and they're made in China, but they feel well-made and durable. The set also comes advertised as 500gsm, but the actual gsm weight is about 480, which is still fairly high. The towels are machine washable, and the instructions recommend either tumble drying or washing in cold water. The set comes with 6 matching washcloths, which are thin, soft, and absorbent. They're also made in China, but the quality seems on par with the towels. The washcloths wash well, and they dry quickly. They measure 7 x 7 inches, which is the same size as the towels, but they feel smaller, less plush, and thinner. They're also not as absorbent as the towels. The washcloths arrive in small, white boxes, and they don't come with any packaging.

Bath Towels 6 Piece Microfibre Soft Large Bathroom Towels Highly Absorbent Quick Drying Daily Usage Bath Towel-Ideal for Pool Home Gym Spa Hotel-Bath Towel Set 27x54 - Beige

Grivety Home Bath Towels 6 Piece Microfibre Soft Large Bathroom Towels Highly Absorbent Quick Daily Drying Usage Bath Towel-Ideal for Pool Home Gym Spa Hotel-Bath Towel Set 27x54

by Grivety Home

High Quality Micro Fibre Towel: Soft Comfortable Microfibre Towel, Lightweight and Soft than Ordinary towel. Ideal for Bath, Outdoor Camping, Swimming, Sports, Yoga and Travel holiday. Set Of 6 ,Each Towels Measures 27x54 inch- GSM 270

The 6-piece microfiber towel set from Grivety Home is an impressive buy for its low price. We washed the towels for several days with fabric softener before using them, and they still felt soft to the touch, even after several uses. The towel set is made of 100-percent microfiber, a durable, quick-drying material. The set comes with 6 large towels, 2 hand towels and 2 face towels, which are 27 by 54 inches each. The towels can dry 7 times their weight in water, which makes them quick-drying. The towels also have deep pile, so they're very absorbent. The set has a lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly design, and it's made of high-quality materials. The towels are Machine washable, and they make quick work of any bathroom cleaning job, including cleaning the shower. The towels are also useful for cleaning the kitchen and for drying dishes. The only negative aspect of the towels is that they're a bit rough, so they won't feel soft on your skin.

BEST TOWEL 6-Pack Bath Towels - Extra-Absorbent - 100% Cotton - 27

BEST TOWEL 6-Pack Bath Towels


OPTIMAL COMFORT. To provide long-lasting strength and use throughout the years. The material is breathable and naturally soft to the touch, extremely pleasing against your skin so you can wrap yourself in soft comfort after bathing.

These Bath towels are extra absorbent, so getting dry is much faster. The towels also have just the right amount of weight to them, so they feel light and fluffy. The cotton fiber is also very soft and smooth to the touch. The 6-pack has six towels in each pack, so you'll have plenty on hand to keep everyone in your family clean and dry. The towels are also light enough to carry, so you can take an extra set with you to the park or the beach. The towels are machine washable, and they can be tumble dried. The towels are 27" x 54", so they're large enough to fit your entire body. These towels also come in other sizes, so it's easy to find a size that will work for you.

GLAMBURG Premium Cotton 4 Pack Bath Towel Set - 100% Pure Cotton - 4 Bath Towels 27x54 - Ideal for Everyday use - Ultra Soft & Highly Absorbent - Black

GLAMBURG Premium Cotton 4 Bath Pack Towel Set


Machine washable & dryable, wash in cold water, tumble dry low - wash separately before first use

When you walk into a hotel or spa, one of the first things you notice is the luxurious softness of the towels they use. The towels in the GLAMBURG Premium Cotton 4 Pack Bath Towel Set are nearly equal to those used by hotel guests. They're made of 100% pure cotton, so they're absorbent, soft, and durable. They dry quickly, and they're thick enough that you can use them for more than just drying yourself off after a shower. They're also big enough to cover yourself when taking a steam bath, and they fit comfortably in the hand. The towels come in a gift box, so you can keep them for yourself or give them as a gift. The downsides of this set are that (1) they're expensive, and (2) they take up a lot of space.


The Elvana Home Ultra Soft Bath Towel Set is a high quality, great value towel set. Each towel is a generous 28x55 inches, and they're all thick, soft and fluffy. The towels are stylish, too, with a woven jacquard stripe design. The towels are absorbent, and they feel luxurious. The quality is so high that there's almost no lint or shedding, and the towels are lint-free and shrink-free. The set is compact, and it's lightweight, too, making it ideal for travel. The towels are also dry fast, and they don't show any noticeable lint after washing. The towels are durable, too, and they should last for years. The set is machine washable and tumble dryable, and it's safe for the environment and your family. The set is 100% cotton, and it's free from harmful chemicals. The set is great value, too, and it's a great deal for the money.

Cotton Bath Towel Set, 24x48 Inch Pack of 6 Towels, White Bath Towels Ideal for Pool Home Gym Spa Hotel Use, Towels for Bathroom, Highly Absorbent & Quick Dry 100% Cotton Shower Towels

Textila Cotton Bath Towel Set

by Textila

Terry Towel material allows for maximum absorbency. The towel set is designed to provide users with all their basic bathroom drying needs to wrap around your hair or to dry your body. Highly absorbent, yet lightweight. Gives the body a soft and delicate touch while absorbing the moisture.

These towels are well-made with nice thick cotton. They're also extremely absorbent and dry out quickly. They've been washed multiple times and are still super soft. The towels are white, and the stitching is tight, so they're very durable. The towels also feel luxurious and are a good investment. The 6-piece bath towel set comes with 4 bath towels and 2 wash cloths. The wash cloths are nice thick cloths and have been used multiple times. The bath towels are large, 24 x 48 inches, so they take up a lot of space in the wash. They also cost $52, so they're on the higher end of the price spectrum for towels. If you can afford these towels, they are well worth it.

Luxury White Hand Towels - Soft Circlet Egyptian Cotton | Highly Absorbent Hotel spa Bathroom Towel Collection | 16x30 Inch | Set of 6

White Classic Luxury White Hand Towels Soft - Circlet Egyptian Cotton

by White Classic

Experience a true luxury super soft feel every time you use them. The surface is smooth and not easy to shed, adding to their durability. Edges are reinforced with double needle embroidered stitching to prevent fraying from long-term use and laundering. Perfect for spa, poolside, bathroom, Beach, salon, college dorm room essentials.

The White Classic bath towels are thick, soft, and absorbent. Many of the Turkish cotton towels we tested were too thin and flimsy, but these were soft, absorbent, and both lint-free and lint-free. The 16-by-30-inch size is ideal for a standard size bathroom, but you might wish they were slightly smaller for a spa-size bathroom. The towels also have a slight fragrance, which is pleasant but not overwhelming. The towels are machine washable and tumble dryer safe. The woven pattern on the towels makes them both elegant and practical, and the absorbent white color makes them very versatile. These towels are high-quality, luxurious, and will definitely add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Gloria Essence Bath Towels 27x54 inches, Pack of 4 - Ultra Soft 100% Combed Cotton Grey Towels, Shower Towels Highly Absorbent Daily Usage Bath Towel Set Ideal for Pool, Home, Gym, Spa, Hotel (Grey)

Generic Gloria Essence Bath Towels inches, 27x54 Pack of 4

by Sowood Industries LLC

HOTEL & SPA TOWELS - Indulge in luxury that lasts, luxury towel set add a touch of elegance to any dcor, ideal for Home, spa, salon, resort, hotels/Motels, and gym or sauna even perfect for the beach or pool.

I'm a fan of Gloria Essence products, and this set of towels is no exception. They're warm and cozy, well made, and absorbent. The towels come in a nice box, too, which makes it easy to display them for guests. The towels are soft and fluffy, and they don't shed lint like some towels do. The towels feel nice on my skin, and they are plenty big. They're also soft and absorbant enough for two people to share. The set comes with four towels, which should be enough for most people. The towels don't get as soft with repeated washings, but they still work well. They're also reasonably priced. But in my opinion, the towels are a bit too bulky and thick for handwashing, and I prefer thinner towels for handwashing. I also prefer towels that are softer all over, not just in the center.


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