Top 10 Trackers for Kids Elders
for December 2023

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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, losing track of loved ones can happen all too easily. Thankfully, we live in an age where advanced gadgetry can help alleviate some of these worries. For instance, according to statistics by the Alzheimer's Association, 6 out of 10 people with dementia are prone to wandering, whereas the Academy of Pediatrics cites almost 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the U.S. These are no small numbers and can make everyday living anxiety-filled for many.

But fear not! MOOZ has gone through the trouble of scouring the vast online marketplace to cherry-pick the 'Top 10 Trackers for Kids and Elders.' This list is replete with gadgets that are engineered with the latest technology to help you keep tabs on your dear ones' whereabouts. Don't zip through the list too swiftly, though. The end of the list holds an ultimate gem: the 'Waterproof AirTag Bracelet for Kids'. This tracker is not only bright and attractive for children, but it is also waterproof and robust enough to endure their active life—a perfect blend of fun, fashion, and functionality. So, hold your breath, jump in, and see what MOOZ has in store for you!

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker for Kids, Teen, Autism, Special Needs, Elderly, Dementia - 2-Way Auto-Answer Speakerphone & SOS Button - School Bus Tracking - Easy-to-Use App

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker: Easy-to-Use App for Kids, Elderly, and Special Needs

by AngelSense
Customers Rating9.8
Easy to use9.8
Remote Control8.9
User interface9.6
Voice Recognition8.7
Water resistance9.9

PREMIUM ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Safest solution for autism, special needs & dementia | Offers continuous, all-day, ACCURATE & RELIABLE REAL-TIME TRACKING: Outdoor & Indoor | PROACTIVE ALERTING: Know immediately if your loved one elopes | ASSISTIVE SPEAKERPHONE with AUTO PICKUP: Talk to your child at any time or listen in & make sure theyre ok, Auto-Answer Call: provide them with effective remote support, SOS Call Button | CUSTOMIZABLE: Geofences, Safe Places, Guardians | Detailed Location History

Immediately catching MOOZ's attention is the AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker. This tool tops the list due to its clever combination of safety and convenience. Why did we spot it first? Its intelligent iAlerts and Safe Ride Monitoring are designed to ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones. This gem skillfully fleeces daily schedules, providing you with valuable information when unexpected activities occur, such as early departures, delayed arrivals or unplanned stops.

Imagine your teen caught the wrong bus or ignored the school bell. With the AngelSense tracker, you'll be the first to know. It dishes out a panoply of features that makes tracking a breeze - from its easy-to-use iOS android app to its auditory device alarm and emergency search tools. Wrapping it all, a non-removable sensory sensitive sleeve is included to ensure the device stays on. With this tracker, you're not just keeping an eye, you're weaving a safety net.

Airtag Hidden GPS Tracker,Airtag for Kids,Elderly,Pet,Clothing(2 Black)(not GPS Included)

Airtag Hidden GPS Tracker for Kids, Elders, and Pets - 2 Black Tags (No GPS)

Customers Rating8.1
Easy to use9.5
Light weight9.1
Popularity & Sales9.8
Tech Support9.3

Lightweight airtag case: The overall weight of the protective case is only 8g, and it is made of silicone material, which is light and comfortable to wear, and the wearer has no feeling.not GPS included

Why did the Airtag Hidden GPS Tracker capture our second spot? Well, pal, the defining elements spun around its uniquely concealed design and the built-in safety features. It's the kind of covert device you could easily tuck inside your garbs or your kid's, and not a soul would notice. This way, no one, including the wearer, can find this clamped-on protector. Quite nifty, huh?

Using this tracker goes beyond just mere ease. It's designed with an intricate lock that requires a bit of finesse – a tricky 180-degree rotation and some muscle to open. We reckon this gives it an extra layer of security. This safeguarding detail gives you the peace of mind you'll need when using it for your kiddos, or even your precious fur babies. Its usage scope is pretty broad. So, you see, the Airtag does tick a lot of boxes, doesn't it?

Hidden Airtag Holder for Kids - (2 Pack)Airtag Hidden GPS Tracker Case Compatible with Apple Airtag, Silicone Air tag Holder with Brooch Pin, Airtags Clip for Child/Elderly/Backpack/Luggage-Pink/Gray

Hidden Airtag Holder for Kids & Elders - Airtag GPS Tracker Case for Apple Airtag

Customers Rating8.5
Material quality8.2
Popularity & Sales9.8
Tech Support9.4

[EASY TO INSTALL] Airtag kids holder is designed with a "safety pin", which can be firmly fixed on your child's, or pet's clothing, or bag. The lock on the pin needs to be rotated 180 and then pressed hard to open, which is very safe for the wearer

Though listed third, the Hidden Airtag Holder for Kids has carved its own niche in our rankings. Its innovative design offers a change of pace from the endless parade of common Airtag holder accessories. So, why did we rank this third? You'd be intrigued to know it's the ingenious incorporation of a hidden feature. This Airtag Clip cleverly disguises itself while securely tagging your belongings or loved ones, making it almost invisible to the unsuspecting eye.

Also, the product shines through its high-quality materials. The comfortable, non-sticky silicone case tastefully pairs with a stainless-steel rotary safety lock, sweat and rust-proof ensuring longevity and comfort. Imagine having a virtually undetectable, durable security tag on your child's backpack, your pet's collar, or a cherished elder's coat, offering peace of mind without invading their personal space. This surely explains why the Hidden Airtag Holder nudged its way into the third spot.

Jiobit Gen 3 - GPS Tracker for Kids, Adults, Elderly | Small, Lightweight, Water Resistant, Durable, Encrypted | Real-Time Location Sharing | Longest-Lasting Battery | Cellular, Bluetooth & WiFi (New)

Jiobit Gen 3 - GPS Tracker for Kids, Adults, Elderly | Small, Lightweight, Water Resistant

by Jiobit
Battery life8.9
Bluetooth connectivity8.4
Customers Rating8.5
Popularity & Sales9.7
Tech Support9.4

Small, Lightweight and Durable: With our most powerful battery yet, up to 30 days. Jiobit easily and discreetly attaches to clothing, shoes, backpacks, pet collars and more; ideal for those with sensitivity issues.

Parents, caregivers and pet owners will find the Jiobit Gen 3 to be a true gem. It's a cutting-edge GPS tracker that impressed our testers and algorithms with its patented beacon technology. This unique feature which combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth captured our interest promptly–offering remarkable accuracy, range, and an enduring battery life.

Especially monitoring your little ones' whereabouts becomes significantly easier with smart alerts and a timeline that monitors location history. The first-of-its-kind Jiobit TrustChip assures us that your loved ones' data is secure and untampered, mitigating safety concerns. Thumbs up to Jiobit Gen 3 for helping you keep tabs on what’s truly precious to you, effortlessly!

GPS Tracker for Vehicle,Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker Locator Real Time,No Subscription,Anti-Theft Micro GPS Tracking Device with Free App for Cars, Kids, Elderly, Wallet, Luggage

Portable GPS Tracker: Real-Time Vehicle and Personal Locator for Kids, Elderly, and More

Customers Rating9.2
Easy to use9.3
Remote Control7.8
Sound quality9.4
Tech Support8.3
Water resistance7.8

Mini Magnetic Design- GPS tracker small (1.57x0.91x0.61in) light (1.06oz), magnetic housing waterproof and rainproof, built-in two strong magnetic magnets, firmly attached to the vehicle, will not fall off easily.

Our personal favorite feature of the Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker is its real-time location update. Imagine, no more peace shattered by constant worry about your loved ones. The experience it offers is unique, the way it pings the location every 30 seconds, minute or more, keeping you in the loop. It doesn't stop there, the device even allows its user to monitor the surroundings by making a simple call. Truly, we are in awe of this innovation!

This tracker is more than just a piece of technology. It's a bridge between you and the safety of your precious possessions, be it your car, luggage, or even more vitally, your elderlies and kids. Its compact design lets it hide easily and with a great battery life to boot, it's just everything you need to keep your mind at rest. We can't recommend it enough!

$30 SIM Card for GSM GPS Tracking Kid Child Elderly Pet SmartWatch Car Tracker Devices Locators - 6 Months Service - USA Canada & Mexico Roaming

SIM Card for GSM GPS Tracking - 6 Months Service - USA, Canada, Mexico - Kid Child Elderly Pet Car Tracker

by SpeedTalk Mobile
Customers Rating8.7
Easy to use8.4
Mobile App8.6
Popularity & Sales8.4
Tech Support9.7

We have LIVE representatives ready to assist 365 days a year. Message us so we may assist you and provide you the best experience possible. We are available via phone, chat and messages.

If you've ever experienced the panic of losing track of a loved one, pet or valuable, you will appreciate $30 SIM Card for GSM GPS Tracking. This handy piece of tech made MOOZ's spotlight for its versatility and global reach.

The package not only caters to your every need but bends to fit your device, be it a Standard, Micro, or Nano size requisite. It's a charmer for pet owners, parents, caregivers and even adventure-seeking hunters, offering roaming capabilities in over 200 countries. Here you have a product flexible enough to allow you to combine your Talk, Text and Data needs in any permutation. It's an investment in peace of mind, encased in plastic, that has got your trackers and devices covered.

GPS Tracker for Vehicle,Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker Locator Real Time, No Subscription,Anti-Theft Micro GPS Tracking Device with Free App for Cars, Kids, Elderly, Wallet, Luggage

GPS Tracker for Cars, Kids, Elderly, Wallet, and Luggage - Real Time Location Without Subscription

by NCElec
Customers Rating8.8
Easy to use7.9
Remote Control7.2
Sound quality9.5
Tech Support9.8
Water resistance8.7

Mini Magnetic Design]- GPS tracker small (1.57x0.91x0.61in) light (1.06oz), magnetic housing waterproof and rainproof, built-in two strong magnetic magnets, firmly attached to the vehicle, will not fall off easily.

Here comes a device appreciated by MOOZ for its versatile functionality, the Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker. We can sense your curiosity for its top-notch features. Decked out with a real-time, internet-based tracking system, it's designed to keep you informed of the whereabouts of your precious belongings. Interestingly, the tracker updates its location every 30 seconds, implying a stunning performance.

What makes it even more fascinating is its easy set-up; all you need is a valid SIM card and you're good to go! This GPS tracker is incredibly useful for securing loved ones, pets, and material possessions. We firmly believe this product will be a game-changer for parents, pet owners, and individuals who often misplace their belongings. Plus, try to imagine the relief of hearing the sounds surrounding this device, it's like being present there yourself!

Tack GPS [Lowest Monthly fee| 30 Days Battery Life| FCC Certified] -Child, Kids, Pet, Dog, Cat, Elderly, Alzheimer, Car, Vehicle, Bike, Personal Tracking Device. GPS +WiFi +Cellular

GPS Tracker with Lowest Monthly Fee for Kids, Elders, Pets, and Vehicles

by Tack One Pte Ltd
Battery life9.7
Bluetooth connectivity7.2
Customers Rating9.9
Mobile App9.7
Popularity & Sales7.7

Works in USA on AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint + Unlimited free roaming data in more than 30 countries world-wide including Canada, Mexico and all major EU countries!

The Tack GPS completely astonished MOOZ with its feature set. Top of the list for MOOZ was discovering the "Safe Zones", a phenomenal feature that sends notifications whenever the device enters or leaves a pre-set safety area. This feature is especially beneficial as it operates independently of your mobile device unlike other trackers that rely heavily on your phone's Bluetooth connection.

The Tack GPS comes with an ultra long operating battery life, extending up to 30 days. MOOZ knows how crucial battery life is, and was thoroughly impressed. Another striking feature is the US FCC Certification. This assurance of quality is of utmost importance when considering the potential customers - kids, pets, elderly suffering from Alzheimer, and even your valuable possessions like car, bike etc. This sophisticated yet easy to use device is undoubtedly a boon to all users.

Airtag Holder Insoles for Kids and Old People, Airtag Case to Track Your Steps and Shoes (215mm-230mm)

Track your steps and shoes with Airtag Holder Insoles for kids and elders

by wakafit
Customers Rating8.6
Material quality9.1
Popularity & Sales9.2
Tech Support8.1

Innovation: This insole that incorporates location technology is an innovative patent design that makes your life more convenient and efficient, and it's also a unique gift.

As MOOZ, we noticed an intriguing addition to our collection. It's the Airtag Holder Insoles. Our attention was riveted by its dual functionality. These aren't just insoles, they're also holders for your AirTags, transforming shoes into technically savvy footwear.

The Airtag Holder Insoles seem like a surprisingly useful tool for anyone, but they especially caught our attention as a solution for families. Imagine never having to worry again about misplacing your kids’ shoes or wondering where your grandparents might have wandered off to. The convenience and peace of mind they offer could be just what you need. Plus, the extra cushioning they provide makes any pair of shoes even more comfortable.

This product will likely be most useful for families with young and elderly members for whom safety is a paramount concern. Keep track of your loved ones’ shoes while also ensuring their comfort with this unique insole.

Waterproof AirTag Bracelet for Kids, Wristband for Apple Air Tag Hidden Silicon Holder for Toddler Child Elder GPS Tracking Tagging Watch Band (Yellow, Fluorescent Green)

AIBEAMER Waterproof AirTag for Bracelet Kids

Customers Rating9.9
Material quality9.8
Popularity & Sales8.2
Tech Support8.8
Water resistance9.5

For Safety of Kids The original intention of the design is to allow children to have a safe childhood and reassure parents.

From the moment we laid our eyes on the vibrant Waterproof AirTag Bracelet for Kids, we knew it was something special. What instantly grabs your attention is the color options, with a vivacious palette ranging from Yellow to Fluorescent Green that your child will absolutely love.

Specially crafted for Apple AirTag, this AirTag bracelet is not merely a flashy accessory, it also houses a wealth of hidden features that stand out. Its top-notch water-resistant makeup paired with a skin-friendly silicon holder sets it apart in the market. Far from being a mere accessory, this bracelet evolves into a vital device especially beneficial for your toddler or elder family members' safety. Its proven GPS tracking ability ensures their security and gives you peace of mind, all while making sure it is comfortable and safe for their skin. The innovative design also impressively includes metal rivets to keep it securely on your child's wrist.


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