Top 10 Best Tracker Watches for Kids
for December 2023

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The world is getting smarter, so why shouldn't our little ones? Tracker watches for kids are the new gadgets around the block, designed to provide tech-savvy and parenting solutions all in one. Kids enjoy them because of their fun and interactive features, while parents treasure them for the peace of mind they offer. From safety alerts, fitness tracking, to simple functionalities like time telling, these watches are becoming an essential tool helping you keep track of your kid’s whereabouts and wellbeing.

Picking a tracker watch isn't just about choosing the one with the coolest looks. You need to understand how these watches work and what features are most crucial to you. Do you want a watch with 2-way calling, text messages, or do you prefer robust GPS location tracking? Perhaps, you have a fitness buff in the making and needs a watch with features like a pedometer or heart rate monitor. With a wide array of choices available, choosing the right watch can be a daunting task.

Three stellar options topping the MOOZ's listicle are the JrTrack 2 SE by Cosmo, known for its 4G phone calling & text messaging capabilities, the BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Fitness Tracker, a perfect blend of fun and fitness and the feature-rich YOUSOKU Fitness Tracker Watch with 19 sport modes. These tracker watches have drawn attention for their unique blend of technology, functionality, and child-friendly design. Whether it's ensuring your child's safety, tracking their activities, or making staying fit fun, these watches are well-equipped to help.

Ready to know more? Embark on the journey of finding the perfect companion for your child's wrist. Explore the detailed review to make an informed decision. You will find much more in our 'Top 10 Best Tracker Watches for Kids' listicle.

JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch for Kids by Cosmo | 4G Phone Calling & Text Messaging | SIM Card & Flexible Data Plans | GPS Tracker Watch for Kids | Children’s Smartphone Alternative (Black)

Cosmo JrTrack 2 SE: 4G Tracker Watch for Kids, Phone & Messaging, GPS, Black

by COSMO Technologies
Easy to use9.7
Mobile App9.9
Sleep tracking9.7
Smart Features8.5

FUN & POWERFUL FEATURES COSMOs JrTrack comes with the perfect mix of practical & fun features for families. In addition to useful features like 4G calling & texting (via the Mission Control app), GPS tracking, alarms, reminders, and more, kids will love the front facing camera to take pictures & record videos. Plus JrTrack includes a voice recorder and fun custom wallpaper backgrounds for kids to choose from.

The first product on our list is the JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch for Kids by Cosmo. We've placed it at the very top because it provides the perfect safe phone alternative for your child. Loaded with features like 4G phone calling & text messaging and GPS tracking, it constantly keeps you connected to your kid, giving you peace of mind.

Setting it apart, this smartwatch has a pre-installed SIM card with affordable flexible plans. Its firewall protection against potential online threats is impressive. We recommend the JrTrack 2 SE as it not only keeps your child safe but also leaves them thrilled with perks like a camera and pedometer.

BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Fitness Tracker for Girls Boys Ages 5-15, Kids Watch with IP68 Waterproof, Pedometer, Kids Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Calorie Step Counter Watch

BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Fitness Tracker - Waterproof Watch for Kids Ages 5-15, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor

Battery life9.3
Mobile App8.6
Sleep mode8.6
Sleep quality8.4
Sleep tracking8.9
Water resistance8.9

[ PROFESSIONAL APP ] Our kids fitness tracker comes with a free BIGGERFIVE app, which is compatible on your smartphone, with which you can monitor your kid's real time activity datas, heart rate datas and sleep trends on a daily basis.

Our second favorite pick on the list is the BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Fitness Tracker. Ideal for children aged 5-15, this reliable product swooped us with its IP68 waterproof feature, letting your kids have carefree water play. What also caught our attention was the automatic heart rate and sleep tracker which monitors your child's health in real time, and the silent alarm clock that wakes them up without disturbing others.

In addition to these amazing features, the BIGGERFIVE Vigor outperforms with its all-day activity tracking, capable of recording steps, distance, and calories burned. It also supports more than 10 activity modes. Its longer battery life is another asset, allowing your child to spend less time charging and more time moving. In the world of kids' fitness trackers, this gem definitely stands out.

YOUSOKU Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids, IP68 Waterproof Kids Smart Watch with 1.5

YOUSOKU Kids Tracker Watch: Waterproof, DIY Dials, 19 Sport Modes - Great for Boys, Girls, Teens 6-14

Customers Rating9.8
Easy to use8.7
Sleep mode8.8
Sleep quality9.6
Smart Features9.6

SPECIAL BUCKLE DESIGNED FOR CHILDRENConsidering the high demand of children's mobility for the durability of the strap, we use a more comfortable and durable silicone back strap. In addition, the specially designed adjustable buckle makes the strap very easy to install and wear, and more durable, so children can freely enjoy sports, hiking, games, etc.

The third spot on our list goes to the YOUSOKU Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids. This high-performing gadget makes the cut because it not just combines fitness tracking with style but also offers a seamless user experience tailored specifically for kids. One of its outstanding features is its 24-hour non-stop health tracking ability. With high-performance optical sensors, the watch delivers timely and accurate fitness tracking, recording your child's steps, distance and calories, and even monitoring heart rate and sleep quality.

The YOUSOKU watch comes with 19 sport modes and an impressive IP68 water resistance, meaning your child can wear it while swimming or exercising without worry. It's not just a functional tool; it's also a fashion statement with its 1.5-inch color touch screen and over 60 customizable dials. Plus, smart notifications keep your child connected without missing any important calls or messages. A truly all-in-one watch that meets your child's fitness and style needs.

tykjszgs Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker - Smartwatches for Children Kids with SOS Weather Stopwatch Call Camera Touch Screen Game Alarm for Boys and Girls

Kids Smart Watch with LBS Tracker - Smartwatches for Children with SOS, Camera and Games

by tykjszgs
Easy to use8.4
Mobile App9.2
Sleep mode8.2
Smart Features8.2
Water resistance8.3

Class Mode & Safe Area When kids are at school or class, parents do not need worry about whether the watch will bother them. Parents can set 3 time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode. This functions will be forbidden against all features like call, game, camera, but except SOS emergency.Parents can customize security range on APP, when the child beyond the safety zone, the APP will receive the reminder immediately. (The minimum radius of the safety area is 500 meters.)

Upon examination of the tykjszgs Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker, we were intrigued to add this smart device to our list due to its unique SOS emergency call feature. It's a handy function that allows children to immediately alert the parents or designated contacts under any distressing circumstances, which makes it excellent in safeguarding your child's safety.

Compared to our previously listed YOUSOKU Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids, the tykjszgs watch significantly stands out with its Life Waterproof design of IP67. Your child can freely participate in aquatic activities without the worry of damaging the watch. While the YOUSOKU watch has more sport modes, the tykjszgs watch brings an additional layer of security with its AGPS + LBS tracker and camera features, providing an edge over the previous product.

This smart gadget would be a perfect companion for parents who prioritize their child's safety both outside and inside the water, as well as those who want to keep a non-intrusive eye on their kid's location. Its camera feature enhances the interactive experience for kids who enjoy taking selfies.

tykjszgs Waterproof Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker - Boys Girls for 3-12 Year Old with SOS Camera Alarm Call Camera Alarm 1.44'' Touch Screen SOS Electronic Toy Birthday Gifts

Waterproof Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker - Boys Girls, 3-12 Years - SOS Camera Alarm - Birthday Gift

by tykjszgs
Easy to use8.4
Sleep mode9.1
Smart Features8.4
Tech Support8.3
Water resistance7.3

Class Mode & Safe Area When kids are at school or class, parents do not need worry about whether the watch will bother them. Parents can set 3 time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode. This functions will be forbidden against all features like call, game, camera, but except SOS emergency.Parents can customize security range on APP, when the child beyond the safety zone, the APP will receive the reminder immediately. (The minimum radius of the safety area is 500 meters.)

The tykjszgs Waterproof Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker is an outstanding device we highly recommend for its multiple kid-friendly features. A striking standout feature of this utility gadget is its advanced IP67 waterproof design, ensuring durability even during water activities. Hence, you don't have to worry about any potential water damage when your kids are washing, bathing or swimming.

The tykjszgs Waterproof Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker outdoes the traditional tykjszgs Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker in its advanced real-time tracking capabilities. Now, tracking your child's location comes with an improved accuracy of 0.3~4 miles, thanks to the inbuilt GPS chip. It might not be perfect, but it's better and safer than the previous versions relying solely on LBS. It also provides a critical SOS feature for emergencies. However, its reliance on a 2G network might limit its usefulness in some areas.

This device will be most useful to parents who want to keep an eye on their kids while ensuring their safety, making it a perfect gift for busy parents. The tykjszgs Waterproof Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker really does bring peace of mind to parenting.

4G Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker - Smartwatch with Two Way Call Video Calling 7 Puzzle Games Voice Chat SOS School Mode Pedometer Geo-Fence Wi-Fi Touch Screen Alarm Clock Smartwatches for Boys Girls

Kids Tracker Watch - 4G Smartwatch with Two-Way Call, Video Calling, Games, and More!

by tykjszgs
Customers Rating7.5
Easy to use7.6
Sleep mode7.7
Smart Features8.4
Touch Screen7.2

Class Mode & Stranger Rejection : Parents can set class mode and stranger rejection for 4G smart watch for kids. Children can concentrate on study at school without unexpected disturbance and danger. With alarm clock functions, kids can better arrange their time.You need to buy a SIM Card separately for the watch.This smartwatch for kids is suitable for standard Nano-SIM card only.The kids smartwatch is North only be used in North American and South American countries.

Our smart algorithms and product testers fell in love with the kids smartwatch GPS tracker. Its unique 4G and video call feature shines above the rest, offering a secure way for you to stay connected to your children. We were particularly amazed at the SOS Emergency Call function, providing an extra layer of safety - a detail worth noting, especially for those emergency situations.

The families who want to ensure their children's safety will find this watch incredibly beneficial. With its precise GPS, WIFI, LBS tracking, you will be informed of your kid's location at all times. The multiple puzzle games and school mode are the cherries on top, keeping your children entertained while also promoting their learning. With all these features, it's not a surprise why this product made it to our list.

OKYUK Smart Watches Waterproof 1.3 Touchscreen Watch with SOS, GPS Tracker, Two Way Call, Voice Chat Christmas Birthday Gift for Kids Ages 3-15 Year Old Boys Girls

OKYUK Tracker Watch: Waterproof 1.3" Touchscreen with GPS Tracker, SOS, Two Way Call - Perfect for Kids 3-15 Years!

Easy to use9.8
Screen quality8.7
Smart Features9.1
Tech Support7.9
Water resistance8.1

Smart watch for kids has an ultra-thin design.2022 latest camera. It will be the coolest kids watch. And it uses a smooth 4G network that allows kids to make and receive calls, texts etc. Please check the mesh cover near you first.

The OKYUK Smart Watch has some interesting features that caught our attention. There are offline functionalities like magic camera, games and Bluetooth connectivity, whereas, setting it up with a SIM card and app provides a range of services like calls, messages, and an SOS function. But what gives it an edge over the previous 4G Kids Smartwatch in our list is the provision of full touchscreen control and adjustable brightness for child-eye safety.

This watch, with a GPS tracker and designated app store, might seem perplexing, but it's most useful for parents looking to keep a protective eye on their kids, especially within the 3-15 age bracket. It's not just a safety device, with its voice and video chat features, it also keeps the little ones entertained. Its IP67 waterproof design and multilingual function add up to its impressive performance.

Smart Watch for Kids with SIM Card,GPS Watch for Kids,Call Video & Voice Chat SOS Pedometer, Bluetooth,Audio Recording,Kids Cell Phone Watch Christmas Birthday Gifts for 3-15 Boys Girls(80-Pink)

Kids' GPS Smart Watch with SIM Card for Calls, Video Chat, SOS, Pedometer - Perfect Christmas Gift

by Banind
Mobile App8.5
Smart Features9.1
Sound quality7.9
Touch Screen8.7

Smart Watch for Kids with SIM CardLaredas smart watch for kids is the best smartphone replacement choice for kids aged 3-15. This is a kids smart watch boys with gps tracker specially designed for boys and girls, allowing kids to make and receive calls, text messages and more. Parents can check the child's status at any time through the app tracking. Just insert the SIM card to use. We give away a Speedtalk SIM card and 2 cartoon replacement shoulder straps.

At Mooz, we believe the Kids Smart Watch with SIM Card and GPS is a game-changer for parents. Featuring a built-in Wifi GPS and a safety zone setting, our algorithms were impressed with the extra security it provides. This watch is more than a timepiece; it's a guardian on your child's wrist, alerting you if they step out of set safe zones.

This product is perfect for parents of children aged 3-15 who value safety and want to keep connected with their kids. The two-way video call function serves as an amazing link between you and your child, providing peace of mind about their whereabouts. This gadget is undoubtedly a top-pick for parental control and child safety.

Kids Watch Boys with Camera,Children Digital Smart Watch Touchscreen with Video Mp3 Alarm Pedometer Games for Age 3-9 Years Old Christmas Birthday Gifts - Dark Blue with 32GB SD Card

Smart Kids Tracker Watch - Dark Blue, Video, Mp3, Alarm, Pedometer, Games - Ages 3-9. Perfect Christmas/Birthday Gift!

by Vansing
Age appropriate7.2
Easy to use7.3
Material quality7.4
Smart Features9.2
Tech Support9.1
Touch Screen9.1

Kids Watch with Multi-functions: built-in 6 popular games, rotatable camera, calculator, perception time, alarm clock, calendar, pedometer, calories, Mp3 music player.In order to give children a better experience,our specially designed kids smart watches support earphone and audio music player.convenient in anywhere,such as library,outdoor etc,also use it to study or sport, listen to music/FM or play bed time story/record their own songs for kids.

The Kids Watch Boys with Camera offers a fascinating blend of fun and functionality which we simply adore. With its versatile range of features, it certainly stands out from the crowd in the realm of kid's digital watches. The top feature of this watch is its high-resolution, 1.5" IPS touchscreen with a rotatable 90-degree camera, perfect for sparking your child's creativity.

Compared to the Smart Watch for Kids with SIM Card, this watch has the unique advantage of its environmental-friendly materials. Crafted from kid-friendly, non-toxic silicone and shockproof ABS plastic, it's the safer alternative for your child's delicate skin and the environment.

The watch will be most beneficial to children aged 3 to 12 years old, helping them to not only have a fun and engaging method for learning about time but also providing a safe tool for them to use. Consider making your child's dreams come true with a gift as wonderful as the Kids Watch Boys with Camera.

AngelSense Assistive Technology Watch with Personal GPS Tracker for Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Autism, Special Needs, Dementia | Speakerphone, SOS Button, Live Tracking, User-Friendly App

AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch for Kids and Adults with Autism, Special Needs, and Dementia

by AngelSense
Customers Rating7.4
Easy to use6.7
Material quality7.2
Popularity & Sales7.4
Screen quality6.6

PREMIUM ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Safest solution for autism, special needs & dementia | Offers continuous, all-day, ACCURATE & RELIABLE REAL-TIME TRACKING: Outdoor & Indoor | PROACTIVE ALERTING: Know immediately if your loved one elopes | ASSISTIVE SPEAKERPHONE with AUTO PICKUP: Talk to your child at any time or listen in & make sure theyre ok, Auto-Answer Call: provide them with effective remote support, SOS Call Button | CUSTOMIZABLE: Geofences, Safe Places, Guardians | Detailed Location History

The AngelSense Assistive Technology Watch is a standout product for its all-encompassing features, specifically designed to grant peace of mind to caregivers. With its advanced personal GPS tracking, this wristwatch gives you the ability to share real-time location updates so you can always be aware of your loved one's whereabouts. One particularly unique aspect we love is the audible device alarm. Regardless of whether your loved one is lost in a crowd or hiding, this feature equips you robustly for those heart-stopping moments.

Strongly recommended for adults, seniors, and individuals suffering from autism, special needs, or dementia, the AngelSense Watch is a step ahead of the Kid's Digital Smart Watch. Unlike the latter which comes with a camera, games, and multimedia features catered to young children, the AngelSense Watch focuses on safety and real-time tracking - making it incredibly suitable for those who require closer attention and supervision. Intelligent iAlerts which prompt for any unexpected or potentially dangerous situations are the signature of AngelSense, something conspicuously missing in the previous product. Furthermore, the AngelSense Watch offers a 16-hour battery life and is water-resistant, which could potentially be life-saving features in certain situations.


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