Top 10 Best Turntable Mats
for February 2024

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Turntables are a classic piece of audio equipment, and have been around for decades. Still, turntables, especially record players, can get pretty dirty. Even a dust-free environment can accumulate dust on the turntable's surface, and over time, that dust can scratch the vinyl. Luckily, there are turntable mats that come to the rescue.

Turntable mats are designed specifically to protect your turntable from scratches and scuffs. Some turntable mats are thicker than others, and some have pads that lock onto the turntable's surface. Others, like the iOttie AlignHD, feature a clamp that securely holds the turntable in place, and a rubber pad that securely sits on your turntable's surface.

Our testing Lab uses turntable mats for performance factors such as sound quality, ease of use, and weight. We also evaluate how firmly the turntable mat fits on the turntable, as well as how tightly the clamp holds the turntable in place. The turntable mats that are best are, according to testing and consumer feedback, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB-BT, and the Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB-BT-PRO.

Acrylic Turntable Mat - RedLit Look Pink Under Different Light Conditions - LP Slipmat

Hudson Hi-Fi Turntable Acrylic Mat

by Hudson Hi-Fi

Record label recess in the center to ensure records stay flat on the mat

The Acrylic Turntable Mat is thin, flexible, and resistant to scratching. Its surface is treated with an anti-skid material, so it slides easily across the turntable's deck and won't slip or scratch if you grip it firmly. The mat looks great, too, and its glossy surface reflects light, giving it a red-and-pink look which sometimes appears purple under certain lighting conditions. The mat is quiet, and the bass response (especially at low frequencies) is tighter than on a typical LP slipmat. The midrange is also clearer and, at least in test tracks, the sound quality is less splashy and distorted. The mat also improves dynamics, meaning you hear more of the music's subtle details. The Acrylic Turntable Mat also has a few drawbacks. It's slightly more expensive than most slipmats, and the audio quality is not as good as on mats with stronger anti-skid coatings. However, the Acrylic Turntable Mat is a good-looking and well-made slipmat, and its sound is an improvement on most LP slipmats, and its improved dynamics make it a good choice for high-fidelity listeners.

Cork and Rubber Turntable Mat by PRO SPIN for Vinyl LP Record Players (3mm) | High-Fidelity Audiophile Mats with Acoustic Sound Support | Help Reduce Noise Due to Static and Dust with this Slipmat

Cork and Rubber Turntable Mat by PRO for SPIN Vinyl LP Record Players (3mm)


Unique Turntable Look Perfect for 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM records, these anti-static rubber mats slide onto your turntable to create a sleek look to match any setup.

The Pro Spin turntable mat offers a solid performance on vinyl records, with quiet, clear audio, and decent bass. These slipmats fit snuggly around record players, and the soft, natural rubber material helps absorb shock and vibration, helping to smooth out the sound. These slipmats also help keep static and noise to a minimum by reducing friction on the playing surface. Pro Spin slipmats come with an acrylic dust cover, so you can use them to store records, CDs, or DVDs without worrying that dust will damage your records. The slipmats also have grooves carved into them, so you can easily slip them on and remove them. The cork material makes these slipmats somewhat quieter than similarly priced slipmats made of rubber, but if you want enhanced bass, the Pro Spin mat is a particularly good option.

Turntable Slipmat Anti-Static Cork Mat - 1/8

Record-Happy Turntable Slipmat Cork Anti-Static Mat

by Record-Happy

FUNCTIONAL ADDITION, RETRO-MODERN LOOK, Fits perfectly as a replacement Mat for most Turntables. Enhances the sound of your Albums

The Record-Happy Antistatic Mat is a simple and cost effective way to improve your Record Player performance. The mat is 1/8 inch thick, with 3 layers of closed cell cork. The cork absorbs any vibrations and noise, so you hear only the music. The mat also helps reduce hum and rumble, which can be a problem with older records. The mat is 12 inches by 12 inches, and fits most turntables. The mat is easy to install, just lay the mat on your turntable, and press the cork into the groove. The mat has a slightly raised center, so you can place your record on the raised center, and your record player on the raised edge. The Record-Happy Antistatic Mat is an affordable upgrade for your turntable, and it's easy to install.

Facmogu Turntable Slipmat Anti-Static Wool Mat - 12 inches Phonograph LP Vinyl Record Player Black Mat - Improves Sound & Reduces Noise

Facmogu Turntable Slipmat Wool Anti-Static Mat

by Mo-gu

GREATLY REDUCES STATIC AND VIBRATION -- Reduce vibration, increase the adhesion of records, and reduce record bumps.

The Facmogu turntable slipmat helps to improve the quality of sound reproduction by neutralizing movement. It's not perfect, but it helps to minimize the sound wave distortion that occurs when record surfaces slide against one another. The Facmogu mat also helps to insulate the turntable from noise, which can improve the overall sound quality. It's made of 100 percent wool, which is soft and has an antistatic function. It's a little over 12 inches across and 1 inch thick, which is slightly thicker than the mats we tested. The Facmogu mat is pricey, but it's a quality product, and it's worth the expense if you want to improve the sound quality of your turntable.

Pro-Spin PU Leather Turntable Mat for Vinyl LP Record Players (1.8mm) High-Fidelity Audiophile Acoustic Sound Support | Help Reduce Noise Due to Static and Dust

ProSpin Pro-Spin PU Leather Turntable Mat for Vinyl LP Players Record (1.8mm) High-Fidelity Audiophile Acoustic Sound Support

by ProSpin

VINTAGE TURNTABLE LOOK Perfect for 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM records, these anti-static PU Leather mats slide onto your turntable to create a retro look to match any setup.

The ProSpin turntable mat is among the most luxurious-sounding and best-designed mats we tested. It sits flush against the bottom of the turntable and features perfectly cut holes for the stylus. The mat has a velvety texture that glides smoothly under your fingers and is extremely quiet, so even in a quiet room you cant hear any vibration or hum. Its thick 1.8 mm of extra-thick padding also helps to isolate the turntables motor from vibration and noise, and it offers greater durability than cheaper mats. This mat is nonslip and won't slip out from under the LPs. The holes for the stylus are cut precisely, so you dont have to worry about your records slipping. The mat is also easy to take on and off, and both ends are rounded so you wont scratch your turntable. The ProSpin turntable mat costs $50, which is a bit more than our previous top pick, the Pure Vinyl Platter Mat. However, the ProSpin is much nicer to use, and well worth the extra price.


This slip mat is an upgrade over our previous pick because it offers more cushioning, better sound isolation, and a more-than-adequate thickness for most vinyl records. The felt is 3mm thick, so it's thicker and thicker than our previous pick, and it also helps minimize vibration and motor noises from being amplified and interfering with your sound quality. The felt is also cut to fit most turntables and no trimming is required. And Unlike other slip mats, this one is made of felt, not foam, so it's less likely to leave marks on your records. The felt also cushions your valuable vinyl to help achieve maximum record life. It's perfect for preventing scratches on records, too. The slip mat is 295mm (11.6 inches) wide, so it's wide enough for most turntables. And, unlike some slip mats, this one comes with an adhesive backing that sticks to your turntable without causing any damage.

Electrohome Turntable Platter Mat (Black Rubber) - Durable Silicone Design for Vinyl Record Players (PENTRP)

Electrohome Turntable Platter (Black Mat Rubber)

by Electrohome

The secret weapon for audio enthusiasts looking to maximize their turntable experience. Durable silicone rubber provides a 12" flat, non-scratch surface

If you have a vinyl record player, then you probably know how great it feels to play records with a dedicated platter mat. It improves sound quality, prevents scratches, absorbs noise and minimizes vibration. The problem, however, is that most platter mats are either made of felt or foam, both of which are prone to wear, tear, and compression. The Electrohome Turntable Platter Mat (Black Rubber) addresses this problem with a durable, silicone material. It's thicker and more durable than felt or foam platters, and it's smooth, so it won't scratch your records. The recessed center keeps record labels flat against the turntable platter, so you'll hear your records exactly as the artist intended. The platter mat is designed to fit all standard 12'' turntables.

Turntable Platter Mat Black Rubber Silicone Design for Universal to All LP Vinyl Record Players

Feir Turntable Platter Mat Black Rubber Silicone Design Universal for to All LP Vinyl Record Players

by Feir

Feir turntable pad combines the design of non-slip grooves and label grooves to provide tighter bass response and less splash sound to ensure that the record is placed flat on the pad for best playback.

Feir Record Player Mat is an upgrade or replacement for any felt, rubber, or OEM turntable pads. The anti-static material will reduce popping noise, It can effectively control the vibration generated by the turntable lock during operation and reduce the noise of playback. Feir turntable pad is made of a proprietary silicone rubber composite material, providing a 12-inch flat, scratch-resistant and non-slip surface. The anti-static material will reduce popping noise,It can effectively control the vibration generated by the turntable lock during operation and reduce the noise of playback. Feir record player mat conforms to the spindle of the turntable. Feir record player mat is designed to improve sound and reduce noise.

CoRkErY Cork N Rubber Turntable Platter Mat-1-16

Hudson Hi-Fi CoRkErY Cork N Rubber Platter Turntable Mat-1-16"- Audiophile Slipmat-Made in USA

by Hudson Hi-Fi

Substitutes felt mats. Provides dampening of resonances from metal turntable platters. Generating less noise while avoiding Static Load

This platter mat features a proprietary blend of cork and rubber, which gives it a unique sound signature. The cork material has a stiff, snappy sound, while the rubber is supple and responsive. We liked the mat's unique sound even when compared to more expensive mats, and we found that it was more effective at reducing platter resonances than other mats we've tested. The cork and rubber mix is also durable, and we found it was easy to roll up and store. The mat's low mass and rigidity also help it track better, which is important on a record player with belt drive. The mat is easy to clean, and when rolled up, it stores easily. The mat is also Made in the USA, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

TechPlay Anti Static Turntable mat (Compact)

TechPlay Anti Static mat Turntable (Compact)

by TechPlay

made from Felt, easy to cut for smaller size turntables.

The TechPlay Anti Static Turntable Mat is a small turntable mat with an antistatic finish, which costs just a few dollars. It's small enough to fit in a pocket, and it folds up for easy storage. It's an anti-static mat, which means it prevents static buildup on your turntable platter. This mat is thicker and heavier than some mats we tested, and it feels more solid. The TechPlay Anti Static Turntable Mat has a deeper recess, so it's suitable for larger LPs. The mat is black, which makes it easy to hide under a table, and the recessed design helps minimize dust buildup. The grooves on the TechPlay Anti Static Turntable Mat are straight, so it'll play all 45 RPM and 33 RPM discs. The mat is versatile, so you can use it with any turntable, regardless of brand.


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