10 Best Under Cabinet Light Fixtures
for December 2023

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Lighting up your home can make a world of difference. The right lighting can highlight your home's best features, while the wrong lighting can cast your home in a shadow. And, when it comes to lighting, you get what you pay for.

Under cabinet lights are the perfect solution for illuminating dark spaces, such as cabinets, kitchens and pantries. They can be mounted under cabinets or countertops, and come in a variety of styles, including puck lights, strips and spotlights.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test under cabinet lights for performance, such as brightness, light quality, and energy efficiency. We also test them for ease of use, including installation, hanging and installation. We evaluate light quality, such as color temperature, brightness and glare, and energy efficiency, such as energy efficiency, life span, and energy consumption. Here are the best under cabinet light fixtures you can buy in 2022:

GE Enbrighten Premium Slim LED Light Bar, 12 Inch Under Cabinet Fixture, Plug-In, Convertible to Direct Wire, Linkable, 415 Lumens, 3000K Soft Warm White, High/Off/Low, Easy to Install, 38845, 12

GE Lighting GE Enbrighten Slim Premium LED Light Bar

by Jasco Products Company, LLC

Add light where you need it with this 12-inch LED premium under cabinet light fixture. Ideal for kitchen, home office, studio and more

The GE Enbrighten 12-inch under cabinet LED light bar is an affordable, efficient, and easy to install lighting solution. The Enbrighten 12 inch has 415 lumens, 3000K soft warm white color temperature, and 91 CRI, making it bright enough to illuminate countertops and workspaces, but not so bright that it's annoying or distracting. The Enbrighten 12 inch is bright enough to light up a 12-inch deep cabinet nicely, and it provides enough light to illuminate your entire countertop without casting shadows. The Enbrighten 12 inch is also versatile; you can plug in your light bar, or mount it under a cabinet. The Enbrighten 12 inch features 30-watt LEDs, and it's dimmable. The Enbrighten 12 inch is also easy to install; it works with 12-volt and 24-volt systems, and it's a plug-in light, so you can easily retrofit your existing light fixtures. The Enbrighten 12 inch is UL listed, so it's safe to install in your home, and it's backed by a one-year warranty.

UltraPro 48in. Direct Wire LED Light Fixture, Selectable White, Selectable Brightness, LED Light Strip, Under Cabinet Lighting, 45370

UltraPro 48in. Direct LED Wire Light Fixture

by Jasco Products Company, LLC

Easy Installation Includes mounting hardware for hardwired installation while push-in connectors allow fast and easy install

The UltraPro 48-inch Under Cabinet LED Light Strip offers bright, energy-efficient LED lighting that eliminates the need for replacement bulbs. This strip features durable, corrosion-resistant, aluminum construction and uses LED technology, which lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting and 50 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. The strip features 54 high-quality LEDs, which produce bright and uniform light that casts no shadows. The strip features 3 brightness levels with selectable white (2700K soft, 4000K bright, 5000K daylight), and a bright 1800lm mode, which is perfect for task lighting. The strip is enclosed in a smooth, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate housing, and it features a low-profile design, which mounts easily under kitchen cabinets. The strip is easy to install, and it includes all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions.

LE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures, Puck Lights Kit, 1020 Lumens, 3000K Warm White, Night Light, Perfect for Kitchen, Closet, Stairs and More, All Accessories Included, Pack of 6…

Lighting EVER LE LED Cabinet Under Lighting Fixtures

by Lighting EVER

Bright and Energy Efficient. These 6 Watt (3 pcs) LED puck lights provide 510 lumens of warm white light, equivalent to 50 watt halogen bulbs with 88% less energy use.

The LE LED Puck lights feature a slim profile and wide viewing angle so they're well suited for mounting under most kitchen cabinets, shelves, countertops, and desks. They're easy to install, and touch-dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness of the lights as needed. The puck lights are best used in areas where you want subtle, natural accent lighting, such as under kitchen cabinets and shelves, and they give off a soft, warm white light that casts light in a wide, even pattern. The puck lights' brightness can be adjusted by touching the light, and the green light on the side of the puck makes it easy to tell which lights you're touching. The lights shine brightly and evenly from 10-30 feet away, and they give off very little heat, which makes them safe to use around food. They also come with a dimmer switch, so you can adjust the lights' brightness as needed. The puck lights' touch dimmer lets you set the light at 4 brightness levels, and the lights will automatically turn off after 5 minutes if they don't sense any movement. The puck lights come with a mounting bracket, a power adapter, and mounting hardware, and there's also a mounting template to help you install them. The puck lights are IP65-rated, which means they can withstand dust and water. The puck lights' LEDs are housed inside a clear, protective plastic cover, and the cover can be detached and hung on the wall.

GE 16466 Basic 18 Inch Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light Fixture, Plug in, Warm White, Plastic Housing, 5 Foot Cord, Perfect for Kitchen, Office, Garage, Flourescent

GE Lighting GE 16466 Basic 18 Fluorescent Inch Under Cabinet Light Fixture

by GE

Standard issue design. UL listed with a 1-year limited fixture.

The GE 16466 is a basic fluorescent under cabinet light, but it's a good one, and it's on sale for $10 right now. It's reasonably priced, it has a cool-white color temperature, and it has a lower lumen output than many of the other fixtures we tested, but it's plenty bright enough for most kitchen tasks. The bulb is included, and it has a 5-foot cord, so it's easy to install. The only drawback is that the fixture's plastic housing is flimsy and feels somewhat cheap, but it's easy to install and the lamp itself is well built. The fixture has on/off rocker switches, so you can control the light from far away. And it has adjustable feet, so you can level the fixture if necessary.

GE Advantage 18 Inch Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light Fixture, Direct Wire Light Bar, Warm White, Metal Housing, Bulb Included, Perfect for Kitchen, Garage, Basement, Workbench, 16547

GE Lighting GE Advantage 18 Fluorescent Inch Under Cabinet Light Fixture

by GE

Fully assembled and ready to install, installation hardware and instructions included. Comes with warm white bulb and built-in on/off rocker switch

The GE Advantage 18 Inch Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light Fixture is a dimmable, fluorescent under cabinet light with the instant-on, flicker-free, no-humming ballast technology. It produces 1,000 lumens of light, which is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. The bulbs are energy-efficient, and the light output is brighter than our former pick, the GE 18 Inch Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light. The lights run on 120VAC, and for installation, they come with 25 feet of 4-inch fluorescent wire, a 4-inch metal strip, and 16 feet of 2-inch wire. The installation is simple, as the light bar has built-in mounting hardware, and the light bar connects to the wire with 3 screws. The installation kit also includes a 15-watt fluorescent bulb. The lights have a metal housing, and the light output has a smooth, even distribution. The lights are direct wire, so for installation, you don't need to run an additional wire from a wall switch. The lights come with a one-year warranty.

Sunlite 53080-SU LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light Fixture 12-Inch, 4 Watts, 120 Volts, 320 Lumen, for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Offices, Workbenches, ETL Listed, 4000K-Cool White

Sunlite 53080-SU LED Linkable Cabinet Under Light Fixture 12-Inch

by Sunlite

ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS - Each 12-inch fixture has 26 LEDs built-in that never need replacing. They are instant on at full brightness with no buzzing or flickering. Output is a bright 300 lumens with a Cool White color temperature at 4000K

The Linkable LED Under Cabinet Lights from Sunlite are the best of the inexpensive under cabinet lights we tested. They are easy to install, and they light a large area effectively. They required no assembly, and all the mounting hardware was included. The lights are bright enough to produce enough light for a functional work area, and they are very dim enough to use in a closet or bathroom. The lights work as advertised: when connected, the under cabinet lights can be daisy-chained together, or they can be spaced farther apart using the connector cord. The lights are bright enough, but they aren't bright enough to be used as task lighting. The Linkable LED Under Cabinet Lights are not dimmable, and they are not bright enough to be used as a night light. They are controlled by a toggle switch on the cord, and the switch is on the back of the light, so the light must be turned off before it can be turned on. The lights are moderately warm on the color spectrum, but the warm color tone doesn't bother us. The Linkable LED Under Cabinet Lights offer good value for your money.

Litever Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit Plug-in or Wired, Super Bright, 6 PCS 12 Inches Light Bars, Daylight White, 31W 2000 Lumen, Perfect for Kitchen Cabinet Counter Shelf-(6 Bars Kit-5000K)

Litever Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Kit Lighting Plug-in or Wired

by Litelife

Easy to Install---Easy installation design. Plug & Play. Sufficient self-adhesive pads, mounting clips, wire clips, extension cords will help you to install this under cabinet led lighting kit quickly and easily.

Litever kitchen under cabinet LED lighting kit comes with 6 pcs 12 inches light bars, 5000K daylight white. The lights emit 2000 lumens of super bright, soft and even light. It works well for cabinet, bookshelf, counter, even garage or workshop. The kit includes 6 pcs light bars, 6 pcs 4ft 3 wires power supply, 6 pcs 2 wires power supply. The 6 pcs light bars are installed inside the kitchen cabinet, and the 6 pcs 2 wires power supply are installed underneath the kitchen cabinet. The light bars are dimmable by a rotary switch dimmer included, and the 2 wires power supply is dimmable by a led dimmer included. The light bars have 3 modes: On, Dimming 0%~100%. The power supply has 3 modes: On, Dimming 0%~100%, OFF. The dimmer has 4 modes: Off, Dimmer 0%~100%, 1%~100%, 2%~100%. The dimmer can dim the light bars, and the power supply can dim the light bars. The dimmer has 2 modes: Off, Dimmer 0%~100%, 1%~100%, 2%~100%. The dimmer can control both the light and power supply. The dimmer has 6 levels: 0%~100%. The power supply has 5 levels: 0%~100%, OFF.

LED Closet Light, Newest 20LEDs Dimmer USB Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light Under Cabinet Lighting with Remote Control, Wireless Stick-Anywhere Night Safe Light Bar for Wardrobe,Kitchen-5 Pcs

Lightbiz LED Closet Light

by Lightbiz

EASY TO INSTALL-- It has 2 installation ways. With built-in strong magnet, you can easily attach the under cabinet lights on any iron product; Peel off the 3M adhesive tape to stick on any flat surface. No need to use screws, bid farewell to complicated installation.

This LED closet light from Senwin is easy to install and looks good. Its lights are bright enough to light up a small closet and enough light to read a book. The motion sensor works well and the light turns off automatically after 15 seconds when there is no motion detected. The cord is long enough to reach many places, and the remote is simple to use. The Senwin 20LEDs Dimmer USB Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light Under Cabinet Lighting with Remote Control, Wireless Stick-Anywhere Night Safe Light Bar for Wardrobe,Kitchen-5 Pcs runs for 10 to 20 days on a full charge, and it should be recharged about once a month. The lights come with a USB charging cable and a User Manual.

Baseus 42LED Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting, Magnetic Closet Light, Dimmable, Touch Control, Adjustable Color Temperature/Brightness, Rechargeable USB-C Powered Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Baseus 42LED Wireless Cabinet Under Lighting

by Baseus

EASY TO INSTALL Click!No Hardwired! Magnet aligns for Simpler Fixing. It's magnetic and directly adsorbs on the iron product surface, easy to remove for changing place or charging.OR stick on anywhere as you need with the included 3M magnetic strip base.

Baseus 42LED Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting is outstanding because of its bright, energy-efficient LEDs, its 80-degree adjustable neck, and its long-life battery. The fact that it's rechargeable via USB-C makes it highly flexible, and it's unnoticeable when it turns on, thanks to Baseus's 80-degree adjustable neck. The 42 LEDs deliver a bright, uniform light, and the 3000K is just the right color temperature for kitchens and offices. The dimmable touch control is very responsive, but the color- and temperature-setting buttons are a bit small and easy to hit accidentally. The 42 LEDs shine about 20 feet, which is not quite as bright as some of our top picks, but it's enough for most kitchen, bathroom, or closet lighting needs.

LED Closet Light Motion Activated, Under Cabinet Lights, Homelife Motion Sensor LED Lights, Stick-on Anywhere Battery Operated 10 LED Motion Sensor Night Light for Closet Hallway Stairway (3 Pack)

VYANLIGHT LED Closet Motion Light Activated


EASY TO INSTALL: These homelife led bars motion sensor lights include a magnetic strip with an adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation. The LED cabinet lights attach to the magnetic strip for easily detaching and battery replacement. No tools, screws or nuts are required. Mount it on any dry, clean, and flat surface.

The LED Closet Light Motion Activated is one of the best motion sensor lights we've seen. It has a powerful light output, with a long 9-foot sensor range, and enough light that I could see what I was doing without stumbling around in the dark. The light turns on automatically in the dark, and stays on for 20 seconds after motion stops, so it's less likely to get left on by accident. The sensor works particularly well in the pantry and under cabinets, which tend to have more light than other areas. The lights also turn on automatically when you open a door, which is good if you're opening the pantry door to put food away, or you're stumbling around in a dark closet trying to find your clothing. The lights also have a daylight sensor, which automatically turns them on when it's sunny outside, and shuts them off when it's dark outside. It's nice to have this kind of automatic feature, since it means the lights won't turn on when you're not home, and they save energy in the process. There are also some nice additional features, such as a built-in timer, which turns the lights off after 30 minutes, and a memory function, which remembers your last settings. The lights also have a magnetic strip on the side, so you can easily mount them anywhere. The lights have a plastic construction, so they're a little fragile, but they manage to resist scratches and dents fairly well. The lights don't produce much heat, so they won't get too hot when you run them for a long time, and they turn off automatically after 20 seconds if no motion is detected. These lights work well and last a long time, and they're well priced, so they're a good choice for anyone looking for a motion sensor closet light.


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