Top 10 Best USB Inspection Cameras
for February 2024

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Having the right tools is an absolute necessity for any DIY enthusiast, tradesman, or anyone looking for a productive and efficient means to inspect small nooks and corners. The handy USB Inspection Cameras fall into this category perfectly. Be it for identifying a pipe leakage, inspecting household equipment, or automobile problems; these portable, easy to use gadgets with their unique snake-like design bring to you an effective and quick method for spotting such issues that otherwise could turn into a more significant problem.

Here at MOOZ, we understand that choosing the right USB Inspection Camera could be a daunting task. It's crucial to understand the diverse features these cameras offer like LED lights for better viewability, semi-rigid cords for adaptability, or waterproofing property for a worry-free usage. Some cameras would work with Android devices while others are compatible with a PC or MacBook. To figure out which of these features is more critical for your requirement, you need to have fair knowledge and understanding of these devices which is exactly what we aim to provide with this guide about these ingenious gadgets.

Taking into account the multitude of features and adaptability to diverse situations, MOOZ has carefully picked out three standout products for your consideration. The first is the highly versatile 5.5mm Borescope Inspection Snake Camera with compatibility for both OTG Android phones and computers. Secondly, we recommend the FANTRONICS Scope Camera that comes equipped with 8 LED lights and an impressive 16.4ft cord, perfect for those hard-to-reach areas. Finally, yet importantly, we introduce you to the innovative Anykit Endoscope Camera which with its IP67 waterproof rating ensures you can take it virtually anywhere. These standout cameras have caught MOOZ's attention due to their exemplary features, ease of use, versatile functionality, and excellent customer feedback.

We invite you to delve into our well-researched list 'Top 10 Best USB Inspection Cameras' to make an informed selection that suits your needs. We have broken down the intricacies of each of these products to help you understand and thereby choose the best. Happy Hunting!

USB Endoscope for OTG Android Phone, Computer, 5.5 mm Borescope Inspection Snake Camera Waterproof with USB, Type C, 16.4FT Semi-Rigid Cord with 6 LED Lights (16.40 TF)

USB Inspection Camera for Android Phone and Computer, 5.5mm Waterproof Endoscope with 16.4FT Cord

Customers Rating9.9
Easy to use9.8
Material quality8.5
Picture quality8.5
Popularity & Sales9.8

0.21-Inch Diameter Camera & Semi-rigid Cable Endoscope: The USB Endoscope camera probe is ultra-thin, only 0.21 inch/5.5mm, we can use this Endoscope in many hard-to-reach, narrow, and confined places at home or outdoors, such as HVAC, vent pipe, engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtub pipes, toilets, etc. Unlike similar USB borescopes with soft cables, this one comes with a semi-rigid cable that can be forwarded to the narrower place more easily.

Every inspection worker needs an effective tool, and that's why the USB Endoscope for OTG Android Phone, Computer comes out first on our list. This 5.5 mm Borescope Inspection Snake Camera with USB, Type C Connector is designed with the latest technology, making it compatible with Android phones equipped with OTG function, Windows systems and MacBooks. Its simultaneous lighting feature of 6 dimmable LEDs guarantees optimal use, even in darker environments.

Imagine the possibilities opened up by the 720P HD camera with selectable resolutions of 1080*720, 640*480. Whether it's an ultimate close-up or a broader view, your inspection work would be impeccably detailed. Plus, the camera's waterproof ability makes it an indispensable aid in recovering small treasures or objects submerged in the water. With this sturdy, semi-rigid endoscope, you'd be ready to tackle any job at hand.

USB Snake Inspection Camera, FANTRONICS USB C Borescope, Scope Camera with 8 LED Lights for (16.4ft) OTG Android Phone, Windows PC, MacBook

FANTRONICS USB Inspection Camera: Borescope for Android, PC, MacBook with 8 LEDs. 16.4ft Length

Customers Rating9.7
Easy to use9.9
Material quality9.7
Picture quality9.6
Popularity & Sales9.5

5M semi-rigid cable, 360 degrees rotation to choose view angel easily.

Ranked second on our list, the FANTRONICS USB C Borescope is a revelation. It brings you the cutting-edge technology to get the job done without much hassle. The device features an 8.0mm waterproof wired camera , allowing you to inspect areas under water, gaps, and holes with ease. Fitted with 8pcs adjustable LED lights , your visibility in darker areas is significantly enhanced, even better than the common 6 LED lights.

The FANTRONICS device is not just a regular scope camera, it boasts a Super Hi-Vision 2 Million Pixels CMOS camera , empowering you to capture snapshot images or videos in resolutions as high as 1280x720 . And guess what? The compatibility of this incredible device extends to most USB C Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Sony, and PC types like Windows and Macbook. It's a remarkable tool to have in your tech gear collection.

Anykit Endoscope Camera, 2 in 1 USB Inspection Camera with 8 LED Lights, Borescope with 10ft Semi-Rigid Cable, Type-C Snake Camera, IP67 Waterproof Scope Camera for iPhone, iPad, OTG Android Phone

Anykit Endoscope Camera: USB Inspection Camera with 8 LED Lights, 10ft Semi-Rigid Cable, Waterproof for iPhone, Android

by Anykit
Customers Rating9.4
Easy to use9.5
Material quality9.8
Picture quality9.1
Popularity & Sales9.9

[Bendable and Fixed Shape Cable] Sewer camera with 3M semi-rigid cable, which provides convenience and control during operation, allowing you to work without the hassle of managing excessive cable length. Snake camera offers a balance of rigidity and flexibility, allowing you to easily bend and shape it manually while maintaining its form.

Securing our third place is the Anykit Endoscope Camera, a reliable choice for intricate and detailed inspections. What sets it apart are its dependable features, from the bright 8 LED lights that help you see even in the darkest nooks, to the IP67 waterproof rating that ensures functionality in damp or wet areas. This camera is also undeniably versatile, compatible with both Android 7.0+ and iOS 9.0+ systems.

The HD Resolution Snake camera is a highlight, delivering high quality pictures and smooth videos, all saved directly to your phone for convenience. Yet another contributing factor to its ranking is the device's ease of use - no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi - just connect to your phone and inspect away.

USB Snake Inspection Camera, 2.0 MP IP67 Waterproof USB C Borescope, Type-C Scope Camera with 8 Adjustable LED Lights for Android, PC2

2.0 MP Waterproof USB Inspection Camera with Adjustable LED Lights for Android, PC

by MichPong
Customers Rating9.9
Material quality9.2
Picture quality8.8
Popularity & Sales8.7
Tech Support8.8

5M semi-rigid cable, 360 degrees rotation to choose view angel easily.

Upon scanning our latest collection of inspection cameras, MOOZ was struck by the USB Snake Inspection Camera. This 2.0 MP IP67 waterproof scope comes fully equipped with a USB C Borescope, emphasizing its connectivity features. Boasting 8 adjustable LED lights, this smart device is tailored to enhance your viewing clarity even in the darkest areas, a feature that surpasses the 'Anykit Endoscope Camera' with its 6 LED lights.

Imagine your Android smartphone transforming into a high-resolution inspection tool. This USB Snake camera, with its 2 Million Pixels CMOS camera, does just that, capturing crisp images at 1280x720 resolutions.

Comparatively, the USB Snake Camera even bests our previous list product, the 'Anykit Endoscope Camera', with its superior flexibility to inspect under water, gaps and holes. However, remember, the full use of its features is only applicable to USB C Smartphones equipped with OTG and USB UVC functions.

This device will be most beneficial for professionals who require precise and crystal-clear inspection images like engineers, mechanics, or even plumbers. Thereby, the professionals in fields that require regular intricate inspections would find this device incredibly useful, paving the way for a simplified and more efficient inspection process.

Endoscope Camera with Light for iPhone, Teslong USB-C Borescope Inspection Camera with 8 LED Lights, 10FT Flexible Waterproof Snake Camera Scope, Fiber Optic Cam for iOS Android Phone-No WiFi Required

USB Inspection Camera: Teslong Endoscope for iPhone & Android - 10FT Flexible Waterproof Snake Cam with Light, No WiFi Required

by Teslong
Customers Rating8.9
Easy to use8.9
Material quality7.3
Picture quality8.5
Popularity & Sales9.2

Flexible & Durable With a flexible and sturdy design, the IP67 waterproof camera cable can easily be bent but maintains its shape, enabling you to more easily access hard-to-reach areas.

The Teslong USB-C Borescope Inspection Camera caught our attention as a handy and efficient inspection tool. What's unique is its USB-C plug design which ensures wide compatibility with many devices including iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. The algorithms were intrigued, given the real-world utility of this feature and that is why it merited a spot on our list.

The Teslong camera is a delight for professional technicians, DIY enthusiasts, or anyone needing to inspect hard-to-reach areas. You'll appreciate the super easy setup, just plug-and-play, with its 8 high-intensity LED lights providing ample illumination in even the darkest spots. With a user-friendly setup and widespread compatibility, it's not just a camera, it's your go-to inspection tool.

Phone USB Borescope Camera for Android Phone Computer 16.4Ft Long USB Cable 5.5MM Waterproof Endoscope Inspection Snake Camera Scope with USB Type C with 6 LED Lights Fit for XP W7 W8 W10

Waterproof USB Inspection Camera for Android/Computer with 16.4Ft Cable, 5.5MM Endoscope Scope, 6 LED Lights

by Leaphorse
Battery life8.8
Customers Rating9.8
Easy to use7.4
Picture quality9.3
Popularity & Sales9.8

[GVPART4U USB endoscope]: 5.5MM borescope lens, 1080P, inspection camera resolution of 640 * 480 and can provide a 70 degree viewing angle with an optimal focal length of 5CM [High quality waterproof]: Waterproof IP67 lens, USB endoscope allows for easy observation of underwater environment, with 6 adjustable LED lights for better observation of dark underwater conditions [Better compatibility]: USB borescope cameras have three types of connection ports: micro USB, type-c, and USB, which can be

MOOZ Algorithm loves innovation and convenience, and that is why the Phone USB Borescope Camera for Android Phone and Computer has made it to our list. Compared to our previous product from the list: 'Endoscope Camera with Light for iPhone by Teslong', this one stands out for its versatility. While Teslong's endoscope is compatible with iPhone, this one works with both Android phones and various computer systems, offering micro-USB, type-c, and USB connection ports.

High waterproof quality and 6 adjustable LED lights enable thorough scrutiny even in challenging environments, making it apt for professional use. The simple plug-and-play aspect gives it a clear advantage over models requiring Wi-Fi or screen. So, if you are a professional dealing with enclosed spaces such as HVAC systems, ventilation pipes, engines, then the Phone USB Borescope Camera for Android Phone and Computer could become your go-to tool for inspections. To sum up, it's a robust, versatile, and user-friendly gadget worth considering.

Phone USB Borescope Camera for Android Phone Computer 11.4Ft Long USB Cable 5.5MM Waterproof Endoscope Inspection Snake Camera Scope with USB Type C with 6 LED Lights Fit for XP W7 W8 W10

Waterproof USB Inspection Camera for Android/PC: 11.4ft Cable, 5.5mm Scope, 6 LED Lights. Compatible with XP, W7-W10

by Leaphorse
Battery life6.5
Customers Rating6.8
Easy to use9.7
Picture quality8.7
Popularity & Sales6.5

[High quality waterproof]: Waterproof IP67 lens, USB endoscope allows for easy observation of underwater environment, with 6 adjustable LED lights for better observation of dark underwater conditions

The 11.4Ft Long USB Borescope Camera is an impressive improvement to the previous model reviewed. One of its notable features, discovered by MOOZ, is the compatibility it offers. Unlike the 16.4Ft Long USB Borescope Camera, this models versatility extends to computers and Android phones with XP W7 W8 VISTA W10 system.

This upgraded model boasts a 5.5mm lens which offers clearer and wider views than the previous model. It is designed with a 640*480 resolution that can magnify up to 70 degrees viewing angle, proving its worth for detailed inspections. Its 1080P, coupled with 6 LED lights makes it a solid tool for dark corners. However, it's a tad shorter in length compared to the 16.4ft model, yet, it's sufficient for most tasks.

This product will be most useful for professionals in HVAC, plumbing, and mechanics, as well as DIY enthusiasts, who need to access intricate spaces. The 5.5MM USB endoscope is designed to navigate narrow, enclosed spaces like ventilation pipes, engines, toilets, and any hidden corner that needs investigation. It provides a convenient and hassle-free connection that beats Wi-Fi models on battery life.

3-in-1 Type-C USB Inspection Camera for Industrial HD Cameras Endoscope, Waterproof Tube Sink Drain Pipe Camera with 6 Led Light, Adjustable Brightness Industrial Borescope Black HD Camera(Size:2m)

HD USB Inspection Camera - Industrial Endoscope for Waterproof Tube and Drain Pipe

by Tookie
Customers Rating7.5
Easy to use6.5
Material quality9.3
Picture quality6.8
Popularity & Sales6.9

Application:Suitable for surveying pipes, underwater viewing, parts assembly, construction sites, car maintenance, repairing and etc.Accessories: the usb Borescopecomes with accessories of side mirror, small hook and magnet, useful and reliable.

The 3-in-1 Type-C USB Inspection Camera stands out in the crowd of endoscope cameras due to its universal compatibility. The brilliance of this product is its unique 3-in-1 design that encompasses Android, type-C, and USB interfaces and is compatible with computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablet PC.

Compared to the Phone USB Borescope Camera, the versatile 3-in-1 Type-C USB Inspection Camera offers adjustable brightness—a feature beneficial for operating in a variety of lighting conditions. This feature alongside 6 LED lights, makes this product ideal for a wider range of circumstances compared to its predecessor.

MOOZ believes that this distinct gadget with its small size and lightweight is perfect for users who need to inspect tight spaces or underwater. Thus, this product will be most useful for those in the construction, assembly, and repair industries. These individuals are often in need of a tool that can help them view tiny, hard to reach areas. Therefore, this device is made particularly for construction workers, assembly line workers, and repairmen.

1920P Endoscope Snake Inspection Camera, Lightswim Type C Borescope, Scope Camera with 8 LED Lights for Android and iOS Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung (16.5 FT/5M)

Lightswim 1920P Endoscope Inspection Snake Camera

by Lightswim
Customers Rating8.1
Easy to use8.9
Material quality8.2
Picture quality7.5
Popularity & Sales6.8

[ Ideal home Tool] for intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue, criminal and custom detector, archaeological detect, the PCB detection, home care, aviation and space industries, care and tractors industries, petroleum drilling industries, constructions and so on.

Our smart algorithms have carefully noted that Lightswim Endoscope Snake Inspection Camera is a cool piece of tech. What we love about it is its 1920P HD resolution. This feature can provide you with a precise and detailed-view by capturing HD videos and images with a clear, close-range 1920x1440 resolution.

The 16.5ft semi-rigid cable can conveniently rotate 360 degrees, letting you easily choose your viewing angle. Another striking feature is its IP67 waterproof design and the inclusion of 8 adjustable LED lights to suit different environments, even damp or dark areas.

This device will be the most useful for those involved in detailed inspection work. Whether you are an engineer, plumber, or DIY enthusiast needing to illuminate and observe hidden, hard-to-reach areas, this tool offers a dynamic viewing experience. With broad compatibility, it works with both Android 4.4+ and iPhones with iOS 9+ systems, expanding its usability across multiple devices. A note to remember, it is only applicable to Android smartphones or tablets having OTG and USB UVC function.

USB Endoscope,Inspection Camera Borescope 1200P 3 in 1 HD 2 MP CMOS Waterproof Snake Camera Pipe Drain with 8 Adjustable Led Light for Android,Computer,Smartphone,Samsung,Windows,Tablet,Pc-16.4 ft/5M

Hydream USB Endoscope

by Hydream
Customers Rating9.6
Easy to use9.4
Picture quality6.1
Popularity & Sales9.7
Tech Support7.6

Hydream USB Endoscope Perfect for surveying pipes, underwater viewing, car maintenance and repairing, furnishing installation, using in dirty drain, pipe, hole, sewer, water leakage and hard-to-reach areas.

One feature that captured MOOZ's attention about the USB Endoscope, Inspection Camera Borescope, was its super hi-vision 2MP CMOS sensor camera. This hi-tech device not only captures clear snapshot images but also records quality videos with a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200. With the 1200P resolution, it delivers four times the image sharpness of the earlier mentioned, Lightswim Type C Borescope which comes with a 1920P resolution.

The USB Endoscope comes with an impressive 8 adjustable LED lights, making it more efficient than the Lightswim Type C Borescope, which carries only 8 LED lights. With an IP68 waterproof rating, it is a perfect match for dark, narrow and damp areas that are generally considered hard-to-reach.

This device would be most useful to people involved in intricate tasks such as inspecting underwater pipes, car engines or vent pipes. The combination of an adjustable handle knob, a flexible 5M USB cable, and a micro USB adapter bring unparalleled convenience to your tasks. Here, you have control of your device like never before.


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