15 Most Useful and Simple Wordpress Plugins For Free

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World Wide Web as we know it would not exist without WordPress. This open source website management system powers more than 25% of all pages on the Internet. But it still doesn’t mean that the tool is perfect.

On the contrary, WordPress cannot ever be so comprehensive to provide users with all of the necessary features. But this is why it offers more than 50 thousand plugins and complements the basic features. The best thing about plugins is that almost 40% of these come for free. You just need to find out which ones are the best – and we are here to help you with that.

Most Helpful WordPress Plugins

Experts from the coursework writing service often say that “WordPress plugins help you solve issues that would otherwise take you anything between five minutes and five years to complete." Needless to say, plugins are real life savers, so let’s see what the 15 most useful solutions are here.


Jetpack is one of the essential WordPress plugins that offers a variety of useful features. It helps you to solve security issues, boost web page performance, optimize content, and grow traffic. It automates the process of content sharing sending it directly to search engine registries, which expands the website traffic potential.


Many web pages consider security their top responsibility and the Sucuri plugin helps them in that regard. This free tool monitors login attempts and reports in case of suspicious activities. You get notified whenever there’s a potential threat to your WordPress-based page. Additionally, Sucuri performs periodical scans looking for malware or anomalies.


There is not a single user out there who really enjoys an occasional backup routine but this is a must when it comes to website security. Duplicator allows you to complete this task using nothing but the smallest amount of efforts. You can backup in case of emergency and also move the page content around.


Nothing can ruin website credibility like the notorious 404 error: page not found. This plugin can solve the problem by creating the redirect link to the real content. It also keeps you informed in case someone actually lands on the 404 error page. Redirection is the plugin with very narrow but exceptionally important functions.


Akismet is by far the most popular free WordPress plugin with more than 18 million downloads. The spam protection plugin goes through all comments on your website looking for spam contents. When Akismet finds such comments, it filters and isolates them. This solution is convenient for blogs and personal web pages but it requires certain investments for other websites and premium features.

Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization can give you enormous web page boost or completely slow you down. If you want to avoid the latter outcome, you need the tool such as Yoast SEO. This plugin helps you create highly-optimized content using relevant keywords and other SEO friendly solutions.

WP Smush.it

Images can burden your website and slow down traffic in case you are not using photo management tools. WP Smush.it makes this problem less annoying by handling large size visuals on your page. It eliminates irrelevant information from your images and makes them smaller and easier to upload.


Digital marketers, startups, and small business owners can hardly imagine their activities without this tool. MailChimp is the most popular email plugin that administers your messages, subscribers, and news feeds. It’s a great solution for companies or individuals who want to attract more followers and subscribers. MailChimp is simply the most comprehensive email marketing service.


The name of this plugin suggests that its mission is to separate relevant and unimportant content. The search box created by WordPress can confuse users and Relevanssi steps in to assist you. Type in your keyword and you will find results sorted not only by date but also by importance. It’s great to see how such simple tool can make your life easier on many occasions.

Contact Form 7

Interaction plays a key role if you want to gain more visitors and establish a solid fan base. Therefore, it is necessary to let users contact you easily through your website. Contact Form 7 is the user-friendly plugin with various customization possibilities. It will make your communication with the followers simpler and faster.

Social Networks Auto-Poster

Once you grow and expand your business, social networking will require a lot of time and full dedication. Social Networks Auto-Poster automates this procedure and shares your tweets and other posts on its own according to your schedule. You can adapt it to fit your target audience and let it share contents when it can make the biggest influence. Social Networks Auto-Poster currently supports almost 30 social network types.

Social Share Button

Internet followers are very lazy and you will not make them engaged unless the content is extremely valuable or until it becomes extremely easy to take personal initiative. Social Share Button creates conditions for the second option. Using this plugin, you enable users to share web page content with only one click. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Subscribe to Comments

Some users really enjoy participation in comment threads. They love to express opinions and hear what others have to say about certain subjects. Subscribe to Comments assists such users and send them notifications whenever a new reply is published.

Disable Comments

Although website owners are desperate to get more shares, likes, and comments, sometimes it doesn’t work like that. There are situations when you don’t want to see any comments related to your content and the plugin called Disable Comments allows you to prevent users from giving you any kind of feedback.

Cookie Law Info

Many countries developed severe privacy policies and oblige websites to inform their visitors about the cookies. Obviously, Cookie Law Info can display such warning in header or footer according to your preferences.


WordPress enables you to run the business and earn money but it would also slow you down big time if there weren’t so many plugins available to assist you. Free plugins are crucial in that regards but it is often difficult to choose the right ones. In this article, we presented 15 solutions that can serve the vast majority of businesses. Try them out and let us know in comments did you find it useful.

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