10 Best Video Doorbell Intercoms
for December 2023

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Navigating through the labyrinth of video doorbell intercoms can be quite a challenge, even for the seasoned tech geek. Fear not, though. MOOZ, our super-smart algorithm that has always got your back, has done the grunt work for you, tirelessly reviewing and ranking products in '10 Best Video Doorbell Intercoms', all to make your shopping spree just a tad easier. In this list, we have handpicked a plethora of doorbell intercoms that match a variety of needs, styles, and budgets. It's time you embrace the gift of convenience!

Gaze your eyes on a few captivating options we found on this journey. The Ring Intercom Kit for Ring Video Doorbells takes compatibility to the next level, seamlessly connecting with different versions of Ring Doorbells. Abandon the worry of entangled wires with the TMEZON Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell Intercom, offering smooth online features and a crisp 1080P night vision. The WOLILIWO Wired Video Intercom System, illuminates the beauty of simplicity with an easy installation and usage. The reason to get these? Well, apart from the obvious quality features, each comes with its unique touch, empowering your household beyond just security measures.

But wait, don't rush to buy just yet. We kept the cream of the crop for the ending - AMOCAM Video Intercom System. A symphony of superior components, this device delivers unparalleled performance, especially in monitoring and intercom abilities. Now, isn't that interesting? Your doorsteps can be under the watchful eyes of a powerful guard. So why wait? Delve deeper into the list and discover the best video doorbell intercoms just for you.

Ring Intercom Kit for Ring Video Doorbell Wired, Video Doorbell (2nd Generation), Video Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, 4, Battery Doorbell Plus, Video Doorbell Pro and Video Doorbell Pro 2

Ring Intercom Kit for Video Doorbell Wired and multiple Ring doorbell models. Perfect for home security

by Ring
Battery life8.7
Easy to use9.5
Material quality8.8
Picture quality8.9
Tech Support9.9

Intercom Kit will allow you to replace your existing intercom with a Ring Video Doorbell so you can hear, see and speak to visitors from everywhere.

The reason we've listed the Ring Intercom Kit in the first place is due to its versatility and ease of use. This kit is not just a simple upgrade, but genuinely transforms your standard intercom into a modern, smart device. Compatible with a wide range of Ring devices, it offers convenience and security at your fingertips.

The standout feature that caught our eye was the convenient installation process. Even if you're not a DIY expert, you'll find the setup is straightforward, enhancing accessibility and usability. Imagine seamlessly integrating the Ring Video Doorbell into your home system, offering you enhanced comfort and peace of mind. The combination of essential components like the Intercom Doorbell Mount, excellent operating conditions, and compatibility with numerous Ring devices adds to the high ranking of this game-changing product.

TMEZON Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell Intercom System 2 Unit and Monitor Door Phone IP 4 Wire 7 Inch Entry 1080P Camera Night Vision,Support Remote Unlock Door Release,Snapshot,Tuya

Wireless Video Doorbell Intercom System - 2 Units, 7 Inch Monitor, Night Vision - For Enhanced Home Security

Easy to use8.7
Material quality8.2
Motion detection9.7
Night vision9.8
Picture quality9.2
Tech Support9.7

Sleek and Durable - Our 7" TFT display monitor has a slim design and touch-key operation for a modern look. The outdoor doorbell is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-vandal, with a 1080P camera, 115 wide view angle, and night vision.

Just a hair's breadth away from being our top choice is the TMEZON Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell Intercom System. This gadget's second spot ranking owes to its impressive real-time responsiveness and high resolution 1080P camera, essentials for those wanting to boost their home security. The system leaves no detail unseen with its night vision capabilities and snapshot function, activating when visitors come a-calling or whenever motion is detected. Its main allure is the combination of your home intercom and doordash devices into one, making it a truly 21st-century contraption.

The catch however is in the installation. The 'wireless' in its name might throw you off as the TMEZON requires a wired connection between the doorbell and monitor for unswerving performance. But fear not, this apparent inconvenience is counterbalanced by the potential to connect to your WIFI network, giving you remote control via the TUYA app. So while you're lounging in your living room or busy in the office, take solace in the fact that this trusty device lets you view, chat, and unlock your door from a distance.

WOLILIWO Wired Video Intercom System, 7 Inch Ring Video Doorbell with IR Night Vision Support Remote Unlock, Dual-Way Intercom for Villa House Office Apartment with 1-Camera and 2-Monitor

WOLILIWO Wired Video Doorbell Intercoms: HD Night Vision, Remote Unlock, 1-Camera, 2-Monitor for Homes & Offices

Easy to use9.8
Material quality8.6
Night vision9.7
Picture quality8.6
Tech Support9.2

Easy To Install: Flush mount and flat mount options are available. The color box includes an outdoor unit, two displays, mounting accessories, and user's manual for easy installation.

Pondering why WOLILIWO Wired Video Intercom System reached third place? It's the intelligent blend of tech-savvy features and user-friendly design that catapults this creation into our top tier. Merits include an expansive 120ultra wide angle for a comprehensive view. Digitally distanced communication is made easier with a dual-way intercom system, promoting safe interaction with your visitors.

Imagine you, in your plush recliner, viewing clear images of your guests with the support of IR Night Vision even in the depths of a dark night. And don't forget the homely touch of 52 selectable ring-tones, bestowing upon you the freedom to customize your visitor alerts. WOLILIWO does not just serve its function impressively, but also adds a sense of personality to your doorstep.

AMOCAM Wired Video Intercom Doorbell System 7 Inches LCD Monitor Video Door Phone Kits Support Monitoring, Unlock, Dual-Way Door Intercom Indoor Outdoor for Villa Home, 1-IR Camera 2-Color Screen

AMOCAM Wired Video Doorbell Intercom System - 7 Inch LCD Monitor, Support Monitoring and Unlocking, for Villa Home

Easy to use8.5
Material quality9.3
Night vision8.5
Picture quality8.2
Tech Support8.4

Wired connection stability clear vision for home security, allows you can know who is at the door and talk to him/her. can be used in apartments, villas, hotels, offices, public buildings.

The AMOCAM Wired Video Intercom Doorbell System is a true standout in home security because of its comprehensive functionality. The feature I found most impressive is the 700TVL IR night vision camera. It gives you the ability to identify who's at your door even in the darkest hours, offering an exceptional level of security that stands out from the market. This makes it an incredibly worthwhile investment to protect your home from unforeseen risks.

For those who value both safety and convenience, you'd admire the dual-way intercom. It not only allows you to see but also interact with your visitors without having to open the door. This AMOCAM system is particularly beneficial to homeowners who frequently receive guests or deliveries, providing them a seamless and secure way to handle such visits. All in all, this unit's extraordinary capabilities ensure you have complete control over your household's safety.

TEDATATA Remote Video doorbell, intercom HD Night Vision WiFi,Wireless Doorbells for Home, Night Vision,AI Recognition,100-degree Wide-Angle Lens.

TEDATATA WiFi Video Doorbell with HD Night Vision and AI Recognition - Perfect for Home Security

Battery life8.8
Easy to install9.5
Material quality8.6
Night vision8.7
Picture quality8.1
Tech Support8.4

Disassembly Free Cycle ChargingThis wifi video doorbell comes with a rechargeable lithium battery adopts ultra-low power consumption technology and can work for more than 2 to 5 months in standby mode. 100% wireless use, no wiring is required when working, eliminating the trouble of cables and wiring troubles.

Indeed, MOOZ was intrigued by the TEDATATA Remote Video doorbell. The feature that caught our eyes was the blend of the infrared night vision, AI recognition, and wireless capabilities. This modern technology makes it a true standout in the crowded marketplace of video doorbells.

With its real-time smartphone connection, you enjoy the luxury of answering your door from anywhere. HD video quality captures crisp and clear images, bolstering your home security. It also includes a two-way audio feature, making communication easier.

This exceptional product will resonate most with the tech-savvy homeowners who want to boost their home security in a smart and convenient way. Get ready to explore a high level of comfort with this promising doorbell, crafted with precision to serve your needs.

Wireless IP Video Doorbell Intercom System, WiFi 7 Inch Monitor with Metal HD Door Camera (Wired Power), Video Intercom with 32G Card Record, APP Remote 2-Way Audio, Unlock for Home Security System

Wireless Video Doorbell Intercom System: WiFi, 7 Inch Monitor, HD Door Camera, Home Security

Easy to use8.1
Material quality8.6
Picture quality7.6
Tech Support7.8
Volume control8.2

Easy to Install & Real-Time videoWe have innovatively designed this doorbell system to fit every home, villa. Doorbell direct wired to the indoor monitor, Add the monitor to your phone Tuya App for use with your home 2.4G WiFi network. Someone press the doorbell, indoor monitor or Tuya APP will activating, you can talking with the visitor, then you just press the Unlock key on indoor monitor or your phone to open the door.

Our team appreciates how the 'Wireless IP Video Doorbell' almost revolutionizes home security. It features an HD doorbell and even a waterproof, dustproof-and-anti-vandal design that ensures durability. For technology aficionados, you'll be captivated by its wireless WiFi functionality and dual-way communication which supports up to 4 monitors. The 'Wireless IP Video Doorbell' just makes the home security process fascinatingly smooth. Its compatibility with the Tuya APP is such an appealing aspect, likewise the door's unlock feature which you can operate remotely. We're also thrilled that the doorbell system includes a 32G micro SD card for storing your surveillance data. You might say it's your trusted home security officer all packaged in one sleek device. This device doesn't just secure your home, it brings convenience and peace of mind.

Tmezon Wired Video Intercom System, 2-Wire Video Doorbell Door Phone System with HD Camera and 7 Inches Monitor Kits Support Unlock, Monitoring, Dual-Way Intercom for Villa Home Office Apartment

Tmezon Wired Video Doorbell Intercom System - HD Camera, 7" Monitor - Unlock, Monitor, Intercom for Homes, Offices, Apartments

by Tmezon
Easy to use8.6
Lock Feature8.7
Material quality7.9
Picture quality8.8
Tech Support7.5

2-Wire video intercom system This video intercom system only needs 2 wires to connect the doorbell and monitor. 7 inch color LCD indoor monitor built with easy operating system. 120 degree wide view angle,High definition,Night vision,Rainproof and Anti-vandal design. Doorbell can connect the all electronic lock.

Here at MOOZ, we're smitten with the Tmezon Wired Video Intercom System. It's not just a doorbell, but a full-fledged security system offering the compelling feature of automatic snapshot or recording in the face of an unexpected visitor. It's fantastic for small businesses and individual homeowners who crave peace of mind. With the capacity to connect up to 2 CCTV cameras, 2 PIR alarms and 2 electronic locks, it dramatically elevates protection. A notable edge is its multi-device interconnectivity, creating a security web. Enhancements like dual-way communication, call transfer functionality perfect its versatility. Your safety, our concern.

AMOCAM Video Door Phone System, 4.3 Inches Clear LCD Monitor Wired Video Intercom Doorbell Kits, IR Night Vision Camera Door Intercom, Doorphone Telephone Style for Home Improvement

AMOCAM Video Doorbell Intercom System: Clear LCD Monitor, Night Vision Camera for Home Improvement

Easy to use7.3
Material quality7.4
Night vision6.2
Picture quality9.1
Tech Support7.5

Easy surface mounted.Wired connection stability clear vision for home security.Fashion and nice design.Can be used in apartments, villas, hotels, offices, public buildings.

Homeowners, imagine greeting your visitors without even opening the door. The AMOCAM Video Door Phone System gives you that capability and so much more! The MOOZ team likes it for its 4.3-inch clear LCD monitor, which our algorithms indicate delivers high-quality visual details.

Featured is the IR night vision camera which ensures that you see your guests, even on the darkest nights. This is an intriguing and sought-after feature making it a gem in our list. Plus, who could resist the allure of having 16 different door chimes? The system is also durable with waterproofing and oxidation-proof features.

This little gadget paves the way for safety and convenience in one sleek package! Absolutely a must-have for those wanting to improve their home and boost security in a stylish way.

AMOCAM Wired Video Intercom System, 7 Inches Video Doorbell Door Phone System, HD Camera Kits Support Unlock, Monitoring, Dual-Way Intercom for Villa Home Office Apartment

AMOCAM Wired Video Doorbell Intercom System - HD Camera Kit for Home or Office

Easy to use7.1
Lock Feature9.5
Night vision7.3
Picture quality6.8
Tech Support9.2

EASY INSTALLATION --- Surface mounting,easy 4-wire setup system includes rain cover,connection terminal,screws materials.(Note: *1* We suggest testing the doorbell kits with our original cable before installation,and the distance between the units should not be too close while testing,or it will cause noise sound.*2* Please don't connect the power adapter directly with the outdoor unit or it will be burned. The power adapter should connect with the indoor unit)

In our quest for top-notch security devices, we discovered the AMOCAM Wired Video Intercom System. This gem stood out with its wired stability and its dedicated IR camera, offering clear visuals both day and night. This model even comes with an added feature - an aesthetic appeal to enhance the entrance of your structure, be it your home, office, or company.

In this AMOCAM Video Doorbell System, functionality meets convenience. You get to adjust the volume, brightness, and contrast as well as choose from 16 different doorbell chimes! It's your eyes and ears on the outside world while you comfortably stay indoors. Who says security can't be stylish and personalized? This product would be exceedingly beneficial to individuals seeking to enhance their home or office security without compromising on style or ease of use.

AMOCAM Video Intercom System, 7 Inches Monitor Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell Kit, Indoor Outdoor IR Camera Door Intercom, Support Unlock, Monitoring, Dual-Way Intercom for Home Video Surveillance

AMOCAM Video Doorbell Intercom System - 7" Monitor, Wired Kit for Home Video Surveillance

Easy to use7.7
Material quality6.4
Night vision7.3
Picture quality8.3
Sound quality6.2
Tech Support8.7

Durable doorbell 700TVL IR night vision camera --- Aluminum front panel for protection from vandalism with rain cover, rainproof and anti-vandal design, embeds in led lights, IR (infrared) LED projection provides clear vision of visitors even in the darkness of night.

Step into the future with the AMOCAM Video Intercom System. It's undoubtedly a game-changer in the realm of home security. One of its most appealing features is the high-definition 120-degree wide view which lets you see every detail with absolute clarity. You'd be amazed at how this single feature can enhance your ability to manage, control, and secure your living space.

For those living in apartments, villines, hotels or even public buildings, the AMOCAM system is superbly designed to meet your specific needs. Whether it's a late-night pizza delivery or an unexpected guest, you can easily monitor them with a click. Its two-way intercom system is simply fabulous, allowing you to communicate effectively without having to open the door. This system is absolutely what you need - a perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and security.


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