Top 10 Best Vinyl Tile Cutters
for December 2023

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As a DIY enthusiast or professional craftsman, you know that having the right tools can make a big difference. That's why you are here, curious about the Top 10 Best Vinyl Tile Cutters. Yes, here at MOOZ, we appreciate how crucial it is to find the best product, and that's why we've used our advanced smart algorithms to rank these products, making your shopping experience breezy. Envisage a tool that makes your work effortless, efficient, and precise; that's exactly what vinyl tile cutters do.

Noteworthy among these rankings are three products that caught our attention. The LitKiwi Carbide Scoring Cutter Knife & 2PCS Blades for its versatility in cutting various materials, an asset for those complex projects. The ROBERTS 10-895 Vinyl Tile Cutter stands out for its robust nature, specially designed with durability in mind. Last but not least, the Goldblatt 12in Vinyl Tile VCT Cutter is loved for the neat, matronly cuts it pulls off, making your end product a sight to behold. Each of these tools has a unique quality tailored so it fits in well with your particular needs.

But wait, there's more! Don't rush off, the most interesting part of these rankings is right at the end. You really do not want to miss MARSHALLTOWN Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutter, a marvel in its own right. What intrigues us about this tool is its ability to cut various materials – Siding, vinyl plank, laminate, and engineered hardwood–essentially a one-fits-all solution! Sounds like something you need? Come, delve in, and explore our comprehensive list of the top 10 Best Vinyl Tile Cutters. Be assured that you won't be disappointed.

LitKiwi Carbide Scoring Cutter Knife & 2PCS Blades,for Fiberboard Laminate Vinyl Flooring Cutting,& Linoleum,Plexiglass,Acrylic,Plastic,Styrene and Soft Tile Sheets Scoring Cutting

LitKiwi Vinyl Tile Cutter Knife with Blades - Ideal for Cutting Laminate, Vinyl, and Soft Tile Sheets

by LitKiwi
Easy to use9.9
Material quality9.9
Popularity & Sales9.7

QUALITY HANDLEThe handle made of high quality ABS material with angled blade fully fits the ergonomics and provides excellent comfort, which is lightweight but very sturdy.

First up on MOOZ listings is the LitKiwi Carbide Scoring Cutter Knife & Blades, boasting cutting-edge (literally) features that are bound to make your DIY projects a breeze. What puts this tool in the lead are the carbide blades, renowned for their sharpness and longevity - a real money saver, don't you think? Seems like LitKiwi had your convenience in mind with this elbow-designed cutting head, needing less effort, hence saving your day from unnecessary strain.

Upon digging deep, we noted, the scoring cutter knife is not just good, it's multiplicatively handy. The super cutter, effortlessly goes through Fiberboard, Laminate, Vinyl flooring, you name it. We bet, this intricate functionality is something your toolbox anticipates. The added bonus? The pack comes with two extra blades, a safeguard for your prolonged tasks. Gear up for the smoothest cutting operations with the LitKiwi Scoring Cutter Knife, bringing that professional touch right to your hands.

ROBERTS 10-895 Vinyl Tile Cutter, Red

ROBERTS 10-895 Vinyl Tile Cutter - The Ideal Tool for Precise Vinyl Tile Cutting

by Roberts
Easy to use8.6
Material quality8.8
Popularity & Sales9.4

Molded handle for extra grip and comfort

We've listed the ROBERTS Vinyl Tile Cutter as second on our efforts to nail down the absolute bests. Its standout abilities come from the inbuilt ruler that serves as a spiffy cutting guide. Just imagine looking through your DIY project, that awkward 4mm thick vinyl tile doesn't stand a chance. Because of this unruly mate, your tile cutting dreams are now within reach.

When you get a hold of this red jem, you'll note its impeccable capacity to accurately slice up to 12-inches of vinyl tiles straight and no less than 8-inches in diagonal layout. Equipped with hardened steel blades, the ROBERTS Cutter's commitment to accuracy is unfaltering. Picture yourself transporting it easily thanks to the convenient carry handle. It even has a blade lock for safety reasons. Now, isn't that just a sneaky way to bring home the bacon?

Goldblatt 12in Vinyl Tile VCT Cutter

Goldblatt 12in Vinyl Tile Cutter - Ideal for Effortlessly Cutting Vinyl Tiles

by Arrow Fastener
Easy to use9.6
Material quality8.6
Popularity & Sales9.1

Hardened steel blades

Landing reliably in our third spot is the strong Goldblatt 12in Vinyl Tile VCT Cutter. It chalked up its ranking due to some remarkable features that caught our algorithms' attention. This cutter's proficiency stands out in how it aligns its operational functionality with the simplicity of a paper cutter. It's an ideal choice for anyone installing vinyl flooring or dealing with 12-inch vinyl tiles, VCT, and vinyl planks.

The nifty device's consistency stood out the most. Imagine, your flooring assignment never delayed because you've got a dependable buddy that consistently delivers precise cuts. What's more, the Goldblatt Cutter frames its operation around an efficient and easy-to-use design layout that ensures you won't miss other conventional cutters. An undeniable win when tackling those tough vinyl applications! You'll find yourself flipping the narrative, now bragging about breezing through tasks you previously thought tedious.

Roberts 30002 Quik-Cut Vct Vinyl Tile Cutter, 12 In.

Roberts 30002 Quik-Cut Vct Vinyl Tile Cutter for Precise and Easy Tile Cutting

by QEP
Easy to use8.9
Material quality8.3
Popularity & Sales8.7

Built-in measuring gauge to ensure accuracy.

Polishing your vinyl tiles has never been easier with the Roberts Quik-Cut Vct Vinyl Tile Cutter. Its main charm? This beast can slice down 4mm thick 12x12 inch tiles like butter. It attributes this impressive power to the well-crafted, hardened-steel blades it possesses. You're sure to appreciate the clean rip it leaves every time. Undoubtedly, it is the top feature that makes this cutter stand apart.

But that ain't all. The genius design includes a die-cast aluminum base to provide the stability you crave. Plus, there's the innovation of ball bearings at stress points, which guarantees precision with each cut. For whom will this tool be the most useful? For you, if you often handle vinyl tiles and seek a tool that ensures a smooth workflow. With this cutter, every cut of yours will tell a tale of perfection.

MantisTol 13

MantisTol 13" Pro Vinyl Tile Cutter - Perfect for LVP, WPC, LVT, SPC, VCT, PVC Plank

by CutTool Ltd.
Easy to use9.8
For deep cleaning8.4
Material quality8.5

13" cutting width and 8mm cutting depth. Straight cut, Angle cut; " L & " cut, Rip cut and more. Clearly marked measuring guide. 0-45 Angle Cutting, Translational cutting,the deep of the throat is 115mm/4.5inch.Easy to use and to carry around.

As a floor remodeling enthusiast, the MantisTol 13" Pro Vinyl floor cutter LVT-330's merits are hard to overlook. Why do we say so? First off, it's designed to wield utmost precision in handling a variety of flooring materials including LVP, LVT, WPC, VCT, and notably, the challenging Rigid Core Vinyl Plank - a feature our crew adored. With DIY projects being all the rage, this cutter piped up as a total gamechanger by eliminating extraneous dust, noise, and the inconvenience of electricity.

Now envisage you in the midst of revamping your floors. The adjustable blade on this vinyl floor cutter empowers you to navigate complex cutting situations effortlessly - be it those tricky wall corners, door edges, or irregular columns. Built for the tough grind, it assures professional-grade cuts while saving heaps of time. This cutter is particularly beneficial for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts who desire seamless and efficient vinyl floor installations.

ROBERTS 10-900 Vinyl Tile Cutter, 12

ROBERTS 10-900 Vinyl Tile Cutter: 12" Cutting Tool for Precise Vinyl Tile Installation

by QEP Tools
Easy to use9.4
Material quality9.9
Popularity & Sales8.3

Designed to cut Solid Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), and Cork Tile, up to 1/8 in. thick

Immediately, we're impressed by the ROBERTS 10-900 Vinyl Tile Cutter's sheer capability. You'll find its power to cut up to 12 in. horizontally, and a 9 in. tile diagonally incredibly useful. It's a tool that simply stands out from the rather rudimentary alternatives, and you'll soon appreciate why we confidently recommend it on your go-to list. Plus, its design includes built-in casters, making maneuverability a breeze even for tasks in tricky locations, always a key feature to look for.

The unit's rubber feet ensure much-needed stability, meaning you won't be fretting over any risk of toppling over mid-project. The manufacturer has also been thoughtful enough to include a clearly marked measuring guide and 45-degree miter guide, simplifying your work to a large degree. This product will be most useful for DIY enthusiasts and professional tilers who value precision and smooth operations.

Norske Tools Newly Improved NMAP001 13 inch Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter with Heavy Duty Fixed Aluminum Fence and Built-in Precision Angled Miter Settings

13 inch Vinyl Tile Cutter with Built-in Precision Angled Miter Settings for Laminate Flooring

by Norske Tools Ltd
Easy to use7.7
Material quality7.3
Popularity & Sales6.7

Compact And Easy To Use; Produces Clean, Precision Cuts With No Splintering And Smooth Finish

Our tech-savvy team was particularly drawn to the robust functionality of the Norske Tools 13 inch Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter. This nifty gizmo, ace at slice and dice, leaves even the toughest materials like laminate flooring, fiber cement board, engineered wood, and vinyl siding defeated in its wake. With a strong backbone of high-quality steel and aluminum, this power pack can cut up to 13" wide and 19/32" thick materials. Your DIY flooring or siding projects just got a whole lot easier!

Most striking, it's the precision angled miter settings that caught our attention. Craftsmanship is easy breezy lemon squeezy when you have such a reliable, accurate companion. We believe the home improvement enthusiasts, professional carpenters, and handymen would find themselves marveling at this Norske wonder.


13" FLOORCUT Vinyl Tile Cutter - Cuts up to 5mm Vinyl Plank for LVT, SPC, & WPC Floors

by Floorlot
Easy to use9.6
Material quality8.3
Noise level6.7

Lightweight and easy to carry

Our top pick, the Floorcut 13" Vinyl Floor Cutter, makes it to the list because of its noiseless operation and eco-friendly feature. The blades shear and cut the floor without sawing, creating neither noxious sawdust nor any noise that's something we didn't see in comparable models. It's ideal for cutting LVT, WPC, SPC, and vinyl planks up to 5mm thick. No need for electricity here, as it lets you slice where you work. We envision that this remarkable tool will be a perfect fit for hands-on home remodelers, ensuring their working environment stays health-friendly. When it comes to a dependable and sturdy companion for your floor-cutting endeavors, this could be your go-to gadget!

Marshalltown Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutter 9

Marshalltown Ultra-Lite Vinyl Tile Cutter - Cuts Various Floors - Includes Honing Stone

by Marshalltown Company
Easy to use8.8
Material quality9.2
Popularity & Sales9.3

Unique features include an integrated handle for easy, single hand carry.

Our top-ranked find is this nifty handyman's dream: the Marshalltown Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutter. Our team were smitten by its hassle-free cutting - dust, noise, or electricity, you can leave them behind. It's cool how Marshalltown has designed a product that's impressive, but lightweight too - a slight 14 pounds! Picture yourself slicing up to 9" wide materials without breaking a sweat. It's an outright boon if you're tackling vinyl or laminate projects. You know, being Made in the USA is another feather in its cap. We totally see why this cutter made our curated list.

MARSHALLTOWN Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutter 13

MARSHALLTOWN Ultra-Lite Vinyl Tile Cutter - Made in the USA, Cuts Multiple Materials

by Marshalltown Company
Easy to use8.2
Material quality8.7
Popularity & Sales7.5

Unique features include a movable aluminum fence for precise, repeatable 45-degree cuts, 90-degree cuts, and an integrated handle for easy, single hand carry

Our smart algorithms were particularly intrigued by the Marshalltown Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutter. It's lightweight yet powerful, deftly handling a multitude of materials like vinyl, laminate, and engineered hardwood - all things you'd normally need multiple tools for. Its dainty 14 pounds makes it effortless to move around, reducing your workload. Notably, it functions without noise, dust, or electricity, which caught our attention and added it to our list. This tool is great for those who value convenience and efficiency, making it perfect for DIYers and professional contractors alike.


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