Top 10 Best Vivofit Wristbands
for December 2023

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Ready to upgrade or replace your Vivofit wristband? As a companion to Garmin’s activity tracker, Vivofit wristbands are equipped to handle your active and adventurous lifestyle. They are ideal if you are an ardent fitness enthusiast, constantly on the move, or simply enjoy wearing a stylish accessory that keeps you updated about your health. These wristbands are designed to ensure you don’t miss out on tracking any important stats such as calories burned, steps taken, and much more, thereby aiding you in your pursuit of fitness targets.

Finding the appropriate wristband could be a bit of a challenge, especially owing to the myriad choices available. Look for one that not only complements your Vivofit tracker but also provides comfort and durability. Vivofit wristbands generally come with a seamless locking mechanism that ensures the tracker stays secure. When hunting for your perfect match, consider aspects such as the band material, size, color, and design.

This collection includes bands like iBREK for Garmin Vivofit, that comes in a pack of three ensuring a new look for your tracker every day. The Silicone Replacement Watchband for Garmin Vivofit 4 stands out with its premium silicon material for added comfort and durability. Not to leave behind the Watbro Band Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 1/2, notable for its colorful variants allowing you to flaunt your personal style. These models grabbed the attention of MOOZ for their impressive features, user-friendly design, and outstanding customer feedback - reasons enough for them to earn a place in your shopping list.

To explore more about these products and find that perfect wristband that complements your style and utility, you are invited to view the complete collection in the 'Top 10 Best Vivofit Wristbands'. Happy shopping!

iBREK for Garmin Vivofit 3/jr/jr 2 Bands, Adjustable Replacement Wristbands with Watch Buckle for Kids Women Men(No Tracker)(3 Pack:Black&Navy&Gray, Regular Fit(6.0-9.0 in))

Adjustable replacement wristbands for Garmin Vivofit, perfect for kids, women, and men. No tracker included

by iBREK
Easy to use9.9
Material quality9.9
Popularity & Sales9.8
Tech Support8.5
Value for money8.8

Come with a metal buckle design,keep the wristband from coming loose and falling off.

The iBREK for Garmin Vivofit 3/jr/jr 2 Bands surge forward as our top pick due to its unmatched blend of comfort and style. Designed with medical-grade rubber, these bands are incredibly soft and comfortable, making them a perfect companion for your active lifestyle. The hypoallergenic properties significantly amplify its appeal, making it a safe choice for everyone in the family.

The beauty of these bands doesn't just lie in their comfort. Here's where your artistic vision comes into play. With this band, you have the liberty to personalize the activity tracker, allowing it to flawlessly resonate with your mood and fashion style. The adjustable sizes ensure a perfect fit for your wrist, completely eliminating worries about improper size.

Compatible for Garmin Vivofit 4 Band, Newest Silicone Replacement WatchBand Strap Band Wristband for Garmin Vivofit 4(No Tracker (Black, Large)

Garmin Vivofit 4 Band - Silicone Replacement WatchBand Strap Wristband (Black, Large)

Easy to use9.5
Material quality9.6
Popularity & Sales9.5
Sound quality8.5
Tech Support8.8

Band is made of high quality TPE + TPU rubber. It is comfortable, eco-friendly and safe for the human skin

Right up at the second spot, we have the Silicone Replacement WatchBand compatible for your Garmin Vivofit 4. This band is a significant upgrade on the original in terms of comfort, durability and style. The material used in its construction is silicone which is highly durable, easy to clean and feels great to wear. It gives you the freedom to personalize your tracker to match your mood or outfit in daily life. Not to forget, its seamless fit brings the style factor that's missing in the original band.

This band has been designed keeping in mind the size of your wrist. The large size band is a perfect fit for 6.7-8.1 inch wrists. If this doesn't match your size, there's a small size edition available too! However, note that this is just the accessory band. The tracker device or other parts have to be purchased separately. If you are looking to revamp your Garmin Vivofit 4 and make it uniquely yours, this silicone band might be your perfect choice.

Watbro Bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 1/ Vivofit2, Soft Silicone Colorful Replacement Watch Band Strap Wristband for Vivofit 1/ Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker, for Women Men Small Large

Garmin Vivofit Wristbands: Colorful and Comfortable Replacement Straps for Vivofit 1/2 Activity Tracker

by Watbro
Easy to install9.9
Easy to use8.2
Material quality8.6
Popularity & Sales9.9
Smart Features9.6
Sound quality9.5

Environmental Material- Using high quality soft silicone material, which is durable and comfortable. Protecting your Garmin Vivofit 1/ Vivofit 2 from dirt and scratches. Fit securely for running, dancing or working out, perfect for daily and nightly wear.

The Watbro Bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 1/ Vivofit2 comfortably secures third place in our ranking. Crafted for comfort and flexibility, its simple installation and adjustable features cater to your personal needs. Designed to fit both small and large wrist sizes, you'll find it a breeze to adjust to a pleasant fit.

Delight in the vibrant array of colors offered, inviting you to personalize your Vivofit 1/ Vivofit2 to match your outfit or mood. Plus, its secure locking system ensures your activity tracker stays put while you enjoy your sports activities, truly making the Watbro Bands a versatile and smart choice.

Watbro Bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 1/ Vivofit2, Soft Silicone Colorful Replacement Watch Band Strap Wristband for Vivofit 1/ Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker, for Women Men Small Large

Vibrant Replacement Wristbands for Garmin Vivofit 1/2 - Soft Silicone Watch Bands for Active Women and Men

by Watbro
Easy to install9.1
Easy to use9.9
Material quality9.3
Popularity & Sales8.3
Smart Features8.3
Sound quality9.6

Environmental Material- Using high quality soft silicone material, which is durable and comfortable. Protecting your Garmin Vivofit 1/ Vivofit 2 from dirt and scratches. Fit securely for running, dancing or working out, perfect for daily and nightly wear.

The Watbro Silicone Band for Garmin Vivofit 1/Vivofit 2 is perfect for those who seek a simple yet efficient way to personalize their smart watches. There's one thing that catches everyone's eye about this product - its delightful variety of color options. It helps you make your smart watch a real extension of your personality and style. This is why our smart algorithm recommended it.

The bands' compatibility with Vivofit 1/ Vivofit2 is a major plus, and installation is effortless, making it suitable for both tech-savvy and novice smart watch users. Its adjustable size fitting a range from 6.25 inches to 9.47 inches is ideal for a wide range of users, catering to both small and large wrists with ease. Come rain or sweat, the secure lock that attaches the band to the smart watch ensures that you never have to worry about losing your valuable gadget. The band offers not just good looks, but also the comfort and security you need in your daily activities or during your sports routines.

RuenTech Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit jr.2, Colorful Adjustable Wristbands with Secure Watch-Style Clasp Strap Compatible with Garmin Vivofit jr 2 and Vivofit jr (for Kids) (Flag)

Colorful Adjustable RuenTech Wristbands for Garmin Vivofit jr.2 - Perfect for Kids!

by RuenTech
Easy to use7.1
Material quality7.9
Popularity & Sales9.7
Tech Support8.9

METAL BUCKLE--Compare with other clasp design bands, this replacement bands has a watch buckle which makes quick and easy to put on wristband also solve the fall off problem on the clasps,you have no fear of losing your Garmin Vivofit Jr.2

One of the standout features that we love about the RuenTech Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit jr.2 is its safety-oriented material. Crafted from soft classic Silicone TPU and TPE, this strap ensures not only durability and water resistance but, more importantly, it's incredibly safe for your skin. Even during sleep, it never induces irritation, making it a perfect all-day wear.

Where this band truly excels over the Watbro Bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 1/ Vivofit2 is its kid-friendly features. The SMALL SIZE is adjustable, fitting wrist circumferences of 120-175 mm with a secure metal buckle, expressly crafted for a comfortable and perfect fit for children. This band even has a whopping 13-COLOR choice, allowing your child to match their band to their mood or outfit. This way, your child gets a fun and colorful wearing experience with the RuenTech bands for Garmin Vivofit jr.2.

Replacement Bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 3/Vivofit JR/JR2 Bands Soft Silicone Adjustable Wristbands for Garmin Vivofit 3/JR/ JR2

Silicone Replacement Wristbands for Garmin Vivofit 3/JR/JR2 - Soft, Adjustable, and Durable

Easy to use8.1
Material quality7.8
Popularity & Sales7.4
Sound quality7.4
Tech Support9.4
Value for money7.3

Product Material Our Vivofit JR 2 watch bands are made by silicone material and metal buckles.The band feels very lightweight and also easy to wear

Our top pick is the Replacement Bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 3/Vivofit JR/JR2. This band's appeal lies primarily in its wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize your smartwatch exactly to your liking. We love that the material is high-quality silicone, guaranteeing durability and comfort even with rigorous use.

What sets the Garmin Vivofit JR/JR2 Replacement Bands apart is its versatility. Unlike the previous product, the RuenTech Bands for Garmin Vivofit, this band doesn't limit you to a child-oriented design or fit. The compatibility with wrist sizes from 5.8 to 8.5 inches makes it perfect for both adults and kids, regardless of exercise intensity. It ensures your fitness tracker stays in place securely. This product also includes a 180-day warranty, providing that added security for your purchase. The only drawback we found is that the tracker is not included with the band.

QGHXO Band for Garmin Vivofit 1 / Vivofit2, Soft Silicone Replacement Watch Band Strap for Garmin Vivofit 1 / Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker, Small, Large, Ten Colors

QGHXO Soft Silicone Replacement Wristband for Garmin Vivofit 1 / Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker

Easy to use7.5
Material quality7.6
Popularity & Sales8.5
Sound quality8.3
Tech Support8.3

Small and large size. Adjustable watch style band designed to fit most wrists. Easy and direct installation and removal

One of the appealing features of the QGHXO Band for Garmin Vivofit 1 / Vivofit 2 is its high-quality make. Made from soft silicone with a smooth finish, it exudes a sporty look, and the metal parts, crafted from top-notch stainless steel, add to its durability. This band stands out for its ability to firmly secure your Garmin Vivofit 1 or Vivofit 2 activity tracker. Say goodbye to worries about your tracker falling off your wrist while you're out and about.

This band is most suitable for active individuals who use the Garmin Vivofit 1 or Vivofit 2 activity trackers. If you're tired of constantly checking your wrist to ensure your tracker is still in place, this band can give you peace of mind. Compared to the 'Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit 3/ Vivofit JR/JR2', the QGHXO band offers an upgraded, more secure buckle bracelet but will not fit the Vivofit 3 or any of the JR models. This feature emphasizes the advantage of getting a replacement band specifically designed for your tracker model. It's a worthy investment for keeping your essential fitness tool securely attached, allowing you to focus on your activities.

Compatible with Garmin Vivofit JR Bands for Kids, Colorful Adjustable Silicone Replacement Bands Wristband Straps Bracelet for Vivofit JR / Vivofit jr2 / Vivofit3 (Black Galaxy Pink)

Kids' Colorful Adjustable Silicone Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit JR Wristbands (Black Galaxy Pink)

by XHNee
Easy to use9.7
Material quality7.6
Smart Features8.7
Sound quality7.1
Tech Support9.8
Water resistance8.8

[ METAL BUCKLE] This replacement bands come with a metal buckle design, has a watch buckle which makes quick and easy to put on wristband also solve the fall off problem on the clasps

Our smart algorithms highly commend the Silicone Replacement Bands compatible with Garmin Vivofit JR. We find its special printing patterns quite appealing, offering a unique and colorful touch to your device. Our product testers were particularly impressed with the light and soft texture of the bands, made from high-quality silicone, providing a comfortable fit and durability, suitable for any sporting activity. Whether you're geared up for a jog or a swim, these bands are ideal for active and sporty kids. To sweeten the deal, they even offer a 12-month warranty! A perfect blend of fashion and functionality to adorn your wrist.

Band for Garmin Vivofit 3/JR/JR.2, Soft Silicon Bracelet Strap Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit JR/Vivofit JR.2/Vivofit 3(No Tracker)

Garmin Vivofit Wristband Replacement: Soft Silicon Bracelet for Vivofit 3/JR/JR.2 (No Tracker)

Material quality7.1
Popularity & Sales7.9
Sound quality9.7
Tech Support8.9

Safety watchband design to prevent your band falling off accidentally. Band is made of high quality silicon, comfortable to wear

Our smart algorithms were prompted by the Soft Silicon Bracelet Strap Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit . We found it intriguing for its unique, easily adjustable design that ensures a secure fit for most wrist sizes. Imagine the comfort and versatility of sporting a watch band that can fit a 6 to 8.3 inches wrist, easily adjustable to your comfort.

The carousel of colors lets you match your band to your mood or outfit with ease. These Garmin Vivofit replacement bands are perfect for those with a lost or damaged band, bringing back the usability and style of your Garmin Vivofit 3, JR, or JR.2. Notice how this product does not include a tracker device or other parts, making it a functional accessory replacement.

This easy-to-use, vibrant band would be most beneficial to fitness lovers who value comfort and customization alongside maintaining their fitness gear.

Watch Bands Compatible for Garmin Vivofit Jr Bands,Soft Silicone Replacement Strap Sport Wristband for Garmin Vivofit 3/Vivofit JR Bands/Vivofit Jr 2 Bands Smartwatch with Metal Secure Clasp for Kids Boys Girls

Soft silicone replacement wristbands for Garmin Vivofit smartwatches - perfect for kids

by Five Star Online US
Easy to use8.5
Material quality8.3
Popularity & Sales7.4
Smart Features7.5
Sound quality6.3

PREMIUM MATERIALMade of durable and high-grade silicone, No peculiar smell and harmless, No irritation to your skin. The watch bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit 3/ Vivofit JR/JR 2 bands are lightweight, sweat proof & water resistant, easy to dry when get wet, perfect for sports and working!

Our algorithms and product testers were captivated by the Watch Bands Compatible for Garmin Vivofit Jr Bands, particularly due to its fadeless and durable pattern design. What makes this product stand out is its advanced craftsmanship, offering stylish patterns that pledge to never rub off or fade.

This would be a perfect gift for your loved ones on various occasions, ranging from birthdays to Mother's Day. Its metal buckle design ensures security, hence you don't have to worry about your watch falling off. The band also comes with a 45 days warranty, ensuring good customer service. It has a comfortable fit and is compatible with Garmin Vivofit JR, Vivofit 3, Vivofit JR.2. The wristband is the ideal fit for kids with a wrist size of 4.7"-6.2". However, it's important to note that the smart device is not included in the package.


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