Top 10 Best Voltage Meters
for December 2023

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A voltage meter is a handy tool to have around the house, whether you're a DIYer or an electrician. A voltage meter measures voltage, and can measure AC and DC voltage. A voltage meter can come in handy for troubleshooting electrical issues, such as flickering lights, buzzing outlets, and burned-out bulbs.

A voltage meter can also measure voltage in appliances, such as televisions and microwaves. A voltage meter can also be used to test batteries.

A voltage meter measures voltage using four basic components: a probe, an ammeter, a voltmeter, and a light bulb. The probe, which is attached to the voltage meter, measures voltage in an electrical object. The ammeter, which is attached to the probe, measures the electrical current in the electrical object. The voltmeter measures the voltage difference between the ammeter and the probe. The light bulb, which is attached to the voltmeter, displays the voltage.

Our voltage meter reviews evaluate a variety of models, including analog and digital, for accuracy, ease of use, and price. Our testers evaluate each model's accuracy, including the ability to measure voltage in appliances, such as televisions and microwaves, and to test batteries. We also evaluate each model's ease of use, including how easy it is to read the display, how accurate the display is, and how easy it is to set up and calibrate.

Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter, Digital Auto-Ranging, AC/DC Voltage and Current, Temperature, Frequency, Continuity, More, 1000V

Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter

by Klein - Geneva Supply

Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery and fuse replacement compartment

The Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter is one of the best multimeters we've tested, and its extensive feature set makes it a great choice for any home, office, or job site. The MM600's easy-to-read display can handle a wide range of measurements, and the probes are sturdy and rugged. The MM600's digital auto-ranging feature makes it easy to find safe measurements, and the probes are permanently attached, so you'll never lose them. The MM600 also has a number of advanced features, including 10A AC/DC current, 400Hz frequency, 400°C temperature, 4-wire resistance (up to 1000V AC/DC voltage), and 2-wire continuity. The MM600 also has automatic power shut-off after 5 minutes, which helps prevent accidental discharge. The MM600 comes with 10 test leads, a carry case, a thermocouple with adapter, and 3 AA batteries. These batteries last for 1,000 tests, and are rated for 13.7V at 1000mA, so they should last you quite a while.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 6000 Counts Auto-Ranging Voltage Tester Voltmeter Measuring AC/DC Voltage Current, Capacitance Resistance Frequency Temperature Continuity Diodes with NCV

AstroAI Digital Multimeter

by AstroAI

ADDITIONAL TIPS: The multimeter has passed overvoltage category III 600V and CE safety standards. Anti-Burn with a double ceramic fuse and thermistor protection circuit; The fuses can protect the multimeter effectively; There is overload protection on all range. The silicone protective case effectively prevents the machine from damage.

AstroAI digital multimeter is a very good multimeter that we tested. It has smart functions and a powerful backlight, and the indicator lights on the front make it easy to spot which function you're on. The meter is easy to read, and the buttons and dial are responsive. The meter is waterproof, so it's perfect for use on rainy days. It also has an easy-to-read large LCD screen, which makes it perfect for working in dimly lit areas. The Auto-Power-Off feature works as expected, and the meter will shut off after one minute of inactivity. The meter is backed by a one year warranty.

Digital Multimeter Electrical Test Kit, Non-Contact Voltage Tester, Receptacle Tester, Carrying Case and Batteries Klein Tools MM320KIT

Klein Tools Digital Electrical Multimeter Test Kit

by Klein Tools

Receptacle tester works on GFCI outlets and confirms operation of the ground fault protective device

The Klein Tools MM320KIT Digital Multimeter Electrical Test Kit is the perfect choice for homeowners, electricians, and other professionals who want a simple, affordable, reliable multimeter. The kit comes with all the basic test leads, batteries, and case you'll need, and it is small enough to easily fit in a pocket or toolbox. The meter itself is small, lightweight, and easy to read, as is the LED readout and 4-digit display. The meter's memory function stores the last 30 measurements, which makes it easy to keep track of what you've tested and what you've repaired. The kit's non-contact voltage detector is useful, and the flashlight it comes with is bright. The voltage tester, which is sold separately, is also useful, but its range is limited, and it's probably better to just get a dedicated voltage tester. The kit's 2-ohm resistance measurement is inaccurate, though, so it's best used for testing and troubleshooting AC circuits rather than DC ones. The kit is also missing many basic tools that electricians and other professionals may need, such as test leads for DC voltage, current, and resistance, a current probe, and insulation testers.

Klein Tools CL120 Digital Clamp Meter, Auto-Ranging 400 Amp AC, AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Non-Contact Voltage Tester Detection

Klein Tools CL120 Digital Clamp Meter

by Klein Tools

Durable, multifunction meter

The Klein Tools CL120 Digital Clamp Meter is our favorite clamp meter for everyday use. This compact meter is easy to set up, and it provides accurate readings. The clamp is wide, so you can use it to measure current in larger wires, and it has jaws large enough to handle most wires up to 14 AWG. The meter itself also has a wide clamp, so you can measure larger wires or wires that have insulation. The CL120 provides accurate readings in both AC and DC voltage, resistance and continuity. The CL120 provides digital readings, which makes it more accurate than analog meters. The CL120 features a backlit LCD, which makes it easy to view readings at night. The CL120 also provides a wide range of settings, including an auto-range and data hold, so the CL120 can accurately measure different types of electrical measurements. The CL120 also has a large back-lit display for easy viewing, even in dark environments. The CL120 features a removable test lead holder, so you can store test leads on the side of the clamp. The clamp end has a positive grip, so it's easy to hold, and the CL120 features an audible alarm that signals when you've pushed the button on the clamp. The CL120 is lightweight, and it's small enough to slip into your pocket, so it's convenient to take with you. The CL120 is also less expensive than other clamp meters, and it provides accurate readings. The CL120 is a reliable, affordable clamp meter.

Klein Tools CL120VP Electrical Voltage Test Kit with Clamp Meter, Three Testers, Test Leads, Pouch and Batteries

Klein Tools CL120VP Electrical Voltage Kit Test with Clamp Meter

by Klein Tools

ET40 tests AC voltages from 12V to 240V AC at four useful levels aligned with commonly used residential voltages

The Klein Tools CL120VP Electrical Voltage Test Kit with Clamp Meter is an easy-to-use, comprehensive test kit for checking wiring conditions. Its versatile design makes it compatible with most common household wiring (including GFI outlets) and appliances. The kit comes with three testers: an AC voltage detector, an alternating voltage detector (that detects AC current), and a multimeter. The voltage detector minimizes guess work, since you can quickly see which wires are live and which aren't. The AC current detector is especially useful, since it allows you to quickly see whether an outlet is wired correctly. The multimeter can be used to test AC current and voltage, resistance, and continuity. The meter's backlight is very bright (for a clamp meter), and it's easy to read, even in low light. The meter comes with a pouch, test leads, and batteries.

Ingco Auto Ranging Digital Clamp Meter TRMS 6000 Counts Measures AC/DC Voltage AC/DC Current Resistance Capacitance Diode Test Temperature DCM6005

Ingco Auto Ranging Digital Clamp Meter TRMS 6000 Counts Measures Voltage AC/DC AC/DC Current Resistance Capacitance Diode Test Temperature DCM6005

by Ingco

ALL ON ONE DEVICE. 100mF large capacity. INGCO clamp meter can be used as clamp meter as well as capacitance meter. 100mF equals 100000F. It's perfect for testing professional electrial issues, like automotive, industrial and household issues

The Ingco TRMS auto ranging clamp meter is a no-frills, inexpensive multimeter with a range of features that make it suitable for most household and automotive repair work. The meter's wide measurement range (up to 6000 counts) makes it easy to measure a variety of components, and its 3.5-inch color display is easy to read. There are 10 measurement modes, including diode, continuity, continuity test, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, and temperature. The meter's backlight changes to orange when it detects a voltage or current above 80V or 3.0A, respectively. The meter has an overload protection function, and the digital display will automatically turn off after 15 minutes without operation. The meter's hold function locks the reading, so you can easily read the data without resetting the meter. The meter is lightweight and compact, and its straight probe design makes it easy to read data even from tight spaces. The meter kit comes with a test lead, a DC adapter, and a user manual.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter, Voltmeter 1.5v/9v/12v Battery Voltage Tester Auto-Ranging/Ohmmeter/DMM with Non-Contact Voltage Function, Accurately Measures Voltage Current Amp Resistance Capacitance

AstroAI Digital Multimeter

by AstroAI

TROUBLESHOOTING MADE EASY: Whether the job is a quick DIY continuity check or a complex problem, the durable design and consistent readings pair well for a both long days in the field or tinkering in the garage

AstroAI Digital Multimeter is an affordable multimeter with dozens of features. It has a good range of features, including voltage, current, resistance, continuity, capacitance, and diode test. It also has a non-contact voltage function, which can compare two voltages without connecting a wire. It also has an auto-ranging function, which automatically finds the correct measurement range when switching between different types of electrical devices. AstroAI Digital Multimeter is easy to use, with clearly marked buttons, a backlight, and a kickstand. The display is large and clear, and it keeps accurate readings. Its battery status indicator is also helpful. The AstroAI Digital Multimeter is inexpensive, but it offers a lot of functionality for the money.

AC Current Voltage Amperage Power Energy Panel Meter LCD Digital Display Ammeter Voltmeter Multimeter with Split Core Current Transformer CT AC 80-260V 100A Multi-Function Power Monitor

MORNING GROUP AC Current Voltage Amperage Power Energy Panel Meter LCD Digital Display Ammeter Multimeter Voltmeter with Split Core Current Transformer CT AC 80-260V 100A Multi-Function Power Monitor

by Wenzhou Morning Electronics Co., LTD

5.LCD Display:Large-screen LCD with all sight 180 view,The blue backlight can be turned on/off manually.

This power energy meter is an all-in-one energy meter, with voltage, current, active power, frequency, power factor, over voltage, over current and overload protection functions. It is suitable for measuring and displaying voltage, current, active power, frequency, power factor, over voltage, over current and overload protection functions. It can display output power, power factor, over voltage, and over current. This multifunction power meter is compact and easy to install. With split core current transformer, more convenient to install and more reliable. The trimming range is from 80V to 260V. The gauge of this multi-function power meter is 2.9 inches. The color of this multi-function power meter is black. The housing of this multi-function power meter is made of steel. This multi-function power meter comes with English user manual.

Digital Multimeter, LOMVUM TRMS 6000 Counts Electrical Tester AC/DC Amp Ohm Voltage Tester Meter with Temperature Frequency Resistance Continuity Capacitance Diode and Transistor Test

Lomvum Digital Multimeter


PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS - 6000 counts Multimeter with large 3.5/6-digit LCD backlight display provides all age groups with great visibility and quick readings in poor light areas | low battery indication | data hold | a fold out kickstand

The LOMVUM TRMS 6000 Counts Electrical Tester is a reasonably priced multimeter that packs a lot of features. It measures voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and temperature, and it can do continuity, diode, transistor, and frequency tests. The meter is a rather bulky, rectangular device, but it's well balanced and has a nice, large backlit screen. The panel has six large, easy to read buttons, and it also has one button to toggle between modes. It has four measurement ranges, with the maximum current measurement at 600A and the maximum AC voltage measurement at 600V. The meter has an auto-off function, and there's also a hanging magnet on the back, which you can use to hang the meter out of the way. The meter's display is easy to read, and the unit is accurate. The LOMVUM TRMS 6000 Counts Electrical Tester has all of the features you need in a multimeter, and it's simple to use.

Digital Multimeter Tester Voltage Meter - Auto-Ranging USB Rechargeable Battery TRMS 6000 Counts Protable Multi Volt Meter with LCD Display & 6 Test Lead Clamp Fast Accurately Measures for Automotive

eeFul Digital Multimeter Voltage Tester Meter

by eeFul

Easy to Use: One-handed operation, convenient for you to use this professional ammeter by pressing the buttons. One pair of standard test leads plus another alligator clip test leads make the device adapt to various test scenarios and easily complete all test tasks

The Fluke 6969-01 multimeter is a multi-voltage multimeter that checks AC/DC current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and diode. It comes with test leads that clamp on to wires, batteries, and other devices, and it has a display that lights up all of the measurement readings in bright neon lights. It's easy to use, and the built-in storage chip remembers the last 50 measurements, making it easy to scroll through previous readings.


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