Top 10 Wired Headphones for Kids
for February 2024

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Headphones are an essential part of a kid's life. Whether they're using them to listen to music, watch their favorite movies or play games, headphones are a fun way for kids to use technology.

Headphones for kids are an important safety consideration and there are even headphones designed specifically for kids. MOOZ Themes Reviews has tested many headphones for performance, durability, and ease of use. We score headphones for sound quality, noise isolation, comfort, and ease of use including how comfortable the headphones are, how easy it is to adjust them, and how easy it is to put them on and take them off the ears. We also evaluate how safe the headphones are, including whether they contain lead, phthalates, or mercury. We also evaluate how durable the headphones are, including whether they can withstand being dropped, thrown, kicked, and chewed on.

Our picks for the best headphones for kids are based on our comprehensive testing, which encompasses our Lab, our consumer testing, and online reviews. Here are the best headphones for kids:

Kids Headphones with Microphone, 91dB Safe Volume Limited Headset, Wired Headphones for Kids Teens with Sharing Splitter, Tangle-Free Foldable Stereo Headset for School/Tablet/Travel/Kindle (2 Pack)

Rubussubg Kids with Headphones Microphone

by Rubussubg

Best Gift for Kids: Toys are nice but the kids headphones are not only fun but an incredibly useful gift. They'll last a long time thanks to the sturdy build and Lightweight durable material. Plus, the stereo sound headphones bring your kiddos a fantastic music journey. A perfect gift choice for birthday, Christmas, Childrens Day, Back-to-School, etc.

These headphones for kids aren't perfect, but they're the best budget headphones for children we've heard. They're comfortable and offer good sound quality, and they come with audio splitters so your kids can share them. The volume limiting is also handy, since kids tend to listen at far higher levels than they should. The microphone on the headphones is mediocre, so plan on using a separate one for voice calls. The headphones fold up easily, and the tiny built-in controls are handy when you need them. The headset's setup procedure can be tricky, though, so it's critical that you read the included instructions carefully. The headphones have 2 sets of stereo audio cables: one set has a white audio plug and a black audio plug, and the second set has a black audio plug and a white audio plug. You need to use both sets to get audio out of your iPad or Kindle. The included splitters are handy, but they aren't perfect: the splitters don't work perfectly with the iPad and Kindle (neither stop playing audio automatically when you remove the splitter from the audio port), and they don't work at all with Chromebooks.

Cat Ear Led Light Up Kids Headphones with Microphone, iClever HS20 Wired Headphones -Shareport- 94dB Volume Limited, Foldable Over-Ear Headphones for Kids Tablet/School/iPad/Travel (Pink)

iClever Cat Ear Led Light Kids Up Headphones with Microphone

by iclever

Safety & Comfort: Pillow-soft earmuffs are kind to little ears and provide luxurious comfort. Your kids can adjust the padded headband to fit all head sizes and eliminate the distracting noises. 94dB volume limit prevents their delicate eardrums from potential hearing damage.

The iClever HS20 is a solid choice for wireless earbuds, but it has some drawbacks. While the sound quality is decent, it's not as clear or crisp as some other wireless headphones we tested. The earbuds are also somewhat heavy, and they don't fold up as neatly as some of the other models we tested. The HS20 is also less comfortable to wear than other models we tested, and it's less sweat-resistant and waterproof. The headphone also has a short battery life, which makes it difficult to use on the go. The iClever HS20, however, is a good choice for corded headphones, and the price is reasonable. It's easy to set up, and it comes with 3 different modes of light: red, blue, and green. The earbuds are also very sturdy. The iClever HS20 headphones are also durable enough to withstand most mishaps, like your kids throwing them to the ground or dropping them in the pool. The iClever HS20 is also loud enough for daily use, and it's loud enough for listening to music and watching movies. The headphones have a reasonable 3-hour battery life, and they charge quickly. The headphones also feature a multifunction button that lets you control volume, play, pause, answer and end calls, and access Siri and Google Now. The headphones also feature a built-in microphone. The iClever HS20 headphones are a good choice for corded headphones, and the price is reasonable.

Kids Headphones Over Ear with Microphone for Boys Girls Teens Children, Wired Headsets with Volume Limited 85dB/ 94dB, HD Sounds, Sharing Function for iPad Tablet PC Cellphone Chromebook

Vitetaket Kids Headphones Over Ear with for Microphone Boys Girls Teens Children

by Vitetaket

SOFT OVER-EAR EARMUFFS & ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND Our kids headphones have super soft and breathable over-ear cushions and good air permeability, wearing it for a long time will not make your child feel tired; The adjustable headband allows you to get the perfect fit for your head shape; The headphones are foldable and compact, making them easy to carry and store

Our top pick for kids' headphones is the Monster iSport Bluetooth headphones because they're comfortable, have excellent sound quality, and come in fun colors. They're also easy to use, thanks to their well-designed controls and the long 1. 5-meter cable. The built-in microphone is loud enough for kids to use for online video chatting and voice recording. The headphones have a built-in volume control, so you can adjust the volume to prevent overexposure to loud noises. The Monster iSport headphones have an excellent battery life, and we found that they lasted for more than 12 hours on a charge. However, they only have 3 Bluetooth channels, which means they're less compatible with some devices. These headphones are best for kids ages 6 and up.

iClever HS19 Kids Headphones with Microphone for School, Volume Limiter 85/94dB, Over-Ear Girls Boys Headphones for Kids with Shareport, Foldable Wired Headphones for iPad/Fire Tablet/Travel, Blue

iClever HS19 Kids Headphones Microphone with for School

by iClever

[ Comfort Wear & Foldable Design ] : The ultra-soft earmuffs and over-ear design make better isolation from ambient noise and good breathability, thus your kids won't feel tired even for a long-time wear. kids headphones for travel are foldable and compact, convenient for carrying and storage.

The iClever HS19 headphones are sturdy, comfortable kids' headphones that are perfect for listening to music and playing games. The 40mm drivers provide excellent sound quality, and the built-in microphone works well for Skype calls. They also fold up neatly for easy storage, and their over ear design makes them more comfortable for extended listening. They're also very versatile: The sharing jack lets you connect another headphone to the headphones, and the built-in microphone can be used to make hands-free calls. The volume limiter works great, too, keeping the volume at a safe level. However, these headphones aren't designed for kids under 5 years old, and we don't recommend them for children under 3. And if you're wondering, yes, they do come with their own storage bag.

Kids Headphones Wired, Over-Ear Headphones for Kids Boys Teens Girls Adults, Volume Limiter 94dB & Adjustable Headband, Foldable Adjustable Headset for School Travel, 3.5mm Jack for iPad Tablet, Pink

EpicMelody Kids Headphones Wired

by EpicMelody

FOLDABLE DESIGN & EASY TO CARRYThe wired headphones for travel are foldable and compact, convenient for carrying and storage. The earmuffs can be rotated 90 and hung flat on the neck, making it easy to do other things when not in use. Simple and durable 120-degree design, tangle-free 4.7" nylon fabric cable, these designs will escort your musical journey.

This lightweight, durable pair of headphones for kids has lots of features that make it a good choice for kids. They're comfortable to wear, and the adjustable headband makes them easy to wear for adults and children. They have a good range, and the secondary control knob is handy for volume adjustment. The volume limiter works reliably, and the built-in microphone works well for online games, but we can't use the headphone for voice calls. The headphones have a built-in battery, and the battery lasts up to 8 hours. They're plugged in via a 3.5mm jack, and the headphones come with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. While they're designed for children, the headphones are durable enough for use by both children and adults, and the soft protein leather on the headband makes the headphones comfortable for all-day wear. The headphones' 94dB volume level is also suitable for adults, and the volume limiter ensures a safe volume level. The headphones are reasonably priced, and the headphones' sound quality is good enough for TV watching or listening to music.

gorsun Kids Headphones with Limited Volume, Children's Headphone Over Ear, Toddler Headphones for Boys and Girls, Wired Headset Earphones for Children

gorsun Kids Headphones Limited with Volume

by gorsun

Designed with adjustable headband, snug pads and cushioned earpads without any sharp corners to give your kids comfortable wearing without harm to kid's ears. Lightweight so it is easy to carry.

We couldn't be happier with these headphones. They are lightweight, comfortable, and sound great. Kids love them, and we love watching them play, talk, and relax. The 1.2-meter long cord is easy to handle, and the headband has clearly marked L and R sides so kids know which earmuff is the right one. The headphones are well-made and should last for several years. They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a one-year warranty. The included 3.5mm audio cable is too short for many of our phones and other devices, but Gorsun sells a 1.5-meter cable for $4.99. The headphone controls are easy for kids to use, and the volume knobs are clearly marked. The headphones are also compatible with smartphones and tablets using the 3.5mm audio jack. The headphones have a 15-foot range, so your child can roam around the house or yard without getting tangled up in the headphones. They are perfect for children of all ages.

RIYO Kids Headphones with Microphone Wired On-Ear Headphones with 85dB/94dB Volume Limited 3.5mm Jack Foldable Lightweight Stereo Headphones for Kids/School/Travel/Cellphones/Tablets/Kindle (Blue)

RIYO Kids Headphones with Microphone Wired On-Ear Headphones with 85dB/94dB Limited Volume 3.5mm Jack Foldable Lightweight Stereo Headphones for Kids/School/Travel/Cellphones/Tablets/Kindle (Blue)


Foldable & PortableKH20 kids headset is designed with a durable plastic frame that can withstand any shaking and bending, sturdy and durable for using. With the lightweight and retractable design, its easy to carry outside or store wherever at will.

The RIYO Kids Headphones are a lot of fun. They're light and comfortable, and kids of all sizes will be able to wear them. The headphones have a volume limiter, so they're safe for kids to listen to. They come with an adjustable headband, so it's comfortable for kids to wear, and they won't tire out quickly. The sound quality is good, and the headphones have a variety of fun extra features, like a light-up microphone. They aren't as loud as some of the louder kids headphones we tested, but that's a good thing. The headphones are easy to use, and kids of all ages should be able to use them. The only drawback is that the headphones are a little bulky, so they don't fit as easily in a backpack as some of the smaller kids headphones we tested.

Kids Headphones with Microphone, Wired Headsets for Children Toddlers Teens Girls with 85dB/94dB Volume Limit, Foldable Adjustable for School, Travel, 3.5mm Audio Jack for iPad, Tablet, PC, Chromebook

Venijoy Kids with Headphones Microphone

by Venijoy

[Soft Over-ear Earmuffs & Padded Adjustable Headband] The memory foam earmuffs of our kids headphones are lightweight, breathable, and of larger size than others headphones to gently cover little kids ears, there will be no discomfort even after long-time wearing; The headband with soft padding resting on head is stretchable to fit different head sizes, accompanying kids to grow up

The Brainwavz Kids Headphones with Microphone are an excellent choice for kids of all ages, whether they're at home or traveling. They offer impressive sound, easy volume control, and a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. The biggest downside is their high price, but for that you also get a durable, well-engineered headphone that checks off almost every box. The Kids Headphones with Microphone sound great, with warm, deep bass and crystal clear midrange and treble. The sound quality is similar to what you'd get from high-quality, over-the-ear headphones, and is far better than what you'd get from on-ear headphones. The headphones also have excellent noise isolation, which is important when listening to audio, and ensures that you won't be distracted by ambient noise while listening. The built-in microphone works well, and is mediocre at best at blocking background noise. The Kids Headphones with Microphone come in two colors, and come with a matching drawstring bag for storage. The headphones are light and comfortable, and fold up small enough to fit into a purse or backpack. The headband is adjustable so it's easy to get the fit just right. The 3.5mm headphone jack is universal, so these headphones will work with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. The Kids Headphones with Microphone come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year warranty, and 24/7 customer support.

Kids Headphones with Mic, 85dB/94dB Volume Limit, Audio Sharing, Stereo Sound, 3.5mm Wired Headphones for Children Kids Boy Girls Teens, Blue

VineVoice Kids with Headphones Mic

by VineVoice

Comfortable to Wear: Plush memory protein ear cushions fit your ears perfectly and provide a comfortable all-day listening experience; Adjustable headband fits children of all ages and can grow with them.

The 85dB volume limit on these headphones is loud enough for kids who are just starting to talk, but it may not be enough for older children or teens. The headphones are loud, and they block out external noise very well, so children won't notice if a parent or teacher is nearby. The headphones are comfortable, and the single ear cup fits most children's heads, so even kids with thick hair won't have trouble wearing them. The headphones are easy to use, and the microphone works well during phone calls. The headphones also have audio sharing, which allows children to share music or videos stored on an MP3 player or laptop computer. The headphones connect to devices such as iPad, iPhone, kindle fire, chrome book, Android devices and computers by 3.5mm headphone port. The headphones come with a 24-month warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones Wired Headphone for Kids,Foldable Adjustable Stereo Tangle-Free,3.5MM Jack Wire Cord On-Ear Headphone for Children (Blue)

POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones Headphone Wired for Kids


Lightweight Design:a lightweight design fot kids age3 and is pretty light but sturdy and comfortable on the ears. it stay put and block outside noise.

The POWMEE M1 headphones are pretty much perfect. They fold up to fit into a bag, they're comfortable, they're adjustable, and they offer decent sound. They don't look quite as nice or as sturdy as some of the other kids' headphones we've tested (the POKI AV8 are our favorites), but for $20, they more than get the job done. We liked that they offer three different sizes of a headband. The small size fits kids' heads well, but it can be difficult for adults to get a good fit. The medium size is a better fit for most adults, but it's a little tight for smaller heads. The large size has too much extra room, so it's a good size for kids. The earmuffs are comfortable, but they can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods, especially when they're in the large size. The headphones are a little quiet, but that might be a good thing for kids who are learning to speak, since they shouldn't be listening to very loud music. The sound quality is pretty good, and the volume is loud, so the volume doesn't go too high. The headphones have a microphone, so you can talk to your child without having to raise your voice. They're also compatible with most 3. 5mm jack devices.


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