10 Best Wireless Projectors
for March 2023

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No cable clutter? No problem. Our top 3 wireless projectors were tested side-by-side and our experts rated overall value, ease of use, and picture quality. We have expert recommendations in this guide to help you get the most out of your next movie night.

Our in-house testers have examined a huge variety of projectors. Whether you're looking for a pair for your next party, some bright and portable projectors to take traveling, or to stay better connected with a new gaming projector, our in-depth reviews will help you find the perfect projector for your needs and budget.

WiMiUS Newest W1 5G Wifi Bluetooth Projector, 370 ANSI Lumen Support 4K, Native 1080P & Portable Outdoor Wireless iPhone Projector, Support Zoom 50% 4D ±50° Keystone for iOS Android TV Stick PC

WiMiUS Newest W1 Wifi 5G Bluetooth Projector

by WiMiUS

Ultra-clear 370ANSI Lumens, 20%+ Brightness & Native 1920x1080PFeaturing native 1920x1080P resolution and US standard remarked 370ANSI Lumens, the W1 wifi projector delivers native 1080p HD pictures with remarkable clarity, vibrant colors and fabulous contrast. It supports max 300" display, brings a portable cinematic viewing enjoyment.(The best view screen size is 100-120", 9-13 feet distance)

The WiMiUS W1 WiFi Bluetooth projector is easy to set up and use, and it's packed with features. Besides the fast 5G wifi chip, it also has a 4,000-lumen brightness, which makes it bright enough for outdoor viewing. The projector offers 1080p resolution, which is more than good enough to watch 4K content, and it supports up to 50% zoom, so you can easily view movies, TV shows, and video games from farther away. The WiMiUS W1's projection distance ranges from 5 to 110 inches, and it has a 150-degree field of view. The projector has a USB port, two HDMI ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can use the data cable, HDMI, or aux cable to project images from your phone, tablet, laptop, or game console. The WiMiUS W1's wireless projection works with iOS and Android devices, as well as with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku players, and it supports Miracast and Airplay wireless projection from Android phones and Windows 10 laptops. The WiMiUS W1 runs on five D-cell batteries, which last up to 6 hours of projection time, and it comes with a rechargeable battery pack. The projector's multi-language interface is in Chinese, English, and Hungarian, and it offers several picture modes, including Movie, Game, Sports, Content Sharing, and Custom. The WiMiUS W1's controls are simple and easy to navigate, and it has a 2.4-inch 480x272-pixel screen. The WiMiUS W1 is light enough to carry between rooms, and it comes with a backpack strap, which makes it easy to carry around. The WiMiUS W1's projection and brightness are good enough to give you a decent movie-watching experience, but it's missing some features that would have made it even better. The WiMiUS W1's wireless projection isn't as reliable as it could be, and it's not compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, and it's missing some subtitle options. The WiMiUS W1's wireless projection isn't as reliable as it could be, and it's not compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, and it's missing some subtitle options. The WiMiUS W1 is also missing some subtitle options. The WiMiUS W1 has too many buttons, which makes controlling it a little tricky.

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9800L Full HD Native 1920×1080P Bluetooth Projector, ±50° 4P/4D Keystone Support 4K&Zoom, Full Sealed Optical/LCD/LED/Home/Outdoor Wireless Portable Projector for Phone,PC,PS4

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9800L HD Full Native 1920×1080P Bluetooth Projector


9800L & Native 1080P & 12000:1 Contrast RatioOur ONO1 movie projector equips 9800L brightness, 1920x1080P high-definition, contrast ratio of 12000: 1 and outstanding color reproduction, depicts crystal clear and vivid picture. Tiny hair of a bird and a mans subtle expression can be clearly visible. 300 big projection screen brings stunning, immersive viewing experience, not only suitable for watching movies, but also perfect for playing games and watching sports competitions.

Overall, the ONOAYO 9800L Full HD 4K Bluetooth Projector delivers great image and sound quality, and it's easy to use. The projector is bright enough for a 100-inch image, and the image is fairly sharp, even at maximum brightness. The projector's keystone correction function is easy to use, and the projector automatically adjusts the image for 4-point (90-degree) keystone correction. The projector's ZOOM function makes it easy to reduce image size, and it's useful if you want to project onto a wall that's smaller than the screen. The projector's image adjustment functions are useful, but we wish they would adjust image size as well. The projector also has some connectivity issues. The Bluetooth function didn't always work, and we had no issues with Wi-Fi, but there's probably something wrong with our router (it seems to stop connecting after a few minutes). We were also disappointed that the projector didn't offer any HDMI inputs, and it supports only one input at a time. The projector also doesn't have any audio input ports, and the speakers aren't loud enough to fill a large room. The projector's battery life is disappointing, and it only offers about 2.5 hours of use. The projector's 5.1-channel audio system isn't great, and it doesn't have the voice-assistant compatibility that we've seen on other projectors.

5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Support 4K Full HD, WiMiUS W1 Native 1080P Outdoor Projector Wireless Movie Projector w/ ±50° 4D/4P Keystone & Zoom 50%, Compatible w/ TV Stick, iOS, Android, PS4, PS5

WiMiUS 5G WiFi Bluetooth Support Projector 4K Full HD

by WiMiUS

Ultra-clear 350ANSI Lumens, 20%+Brightness & Native 1920x1080PFeaturing native 1920x1080P resolution and US standard remarked 350ANSI Lumens, the W1 wifi projector delivers native 1080p HD pictures with remarkable clarity, vibrant colors and fabulous contrast. It supports max 300" display, brings a portable cinematic viewing enjoyment.(The best view screen size is 100-120", 9-13 feet distance)

The WiMiUS W1 is a light and compact projector that is ideal for watching movies outside or in tight spaces. It delivers bright, clear images with sharp text and good color reproduction. The WiMiUS W1's image quality is good enough for watching full HD movies, and it has enough power for playing games or showing photos. The WiMiUS W1's 4K resolution and 2,300 lumens brightness give it an advantage over most portable projectors, and its HDMI input and USB input ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, from laptops and computers to DVD and Blu-ray players. The WiMiUS W1's built-in speaker is enough for casual movie-watching but won't deliver good audio quality. The WiMiUS W1 is a bit slow to start up, but it's quick to warm up. Its power adapter is a bit on the small side, but it comes with two USB charging ports, which let you charge your phone or other device while it's projecting. The WiMiUS W1 has a relatively narrow projection angle, so it won't be much good for projecting on flat walls. The WiMiUS W1's image is small, so you may have to crop or scale down your videos to fit on the projector's screen. The WiMiUS W1's remote control is awkward to use. The WiMiUS W1 comes with an optional tripod, but it's a bit flimsy and can be difficult to set up.

YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 9500L Upgrade Full HD Native 1920×1080P Projector, 4P/4D Keystone Support 4k&Zoom, Portable Wireless LCD LED Home&Outdoor Video Projector for iOS/Android/PS5/PPT

YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 9500L Full Upgrade HD Native 1920×1080P Projector


[100000 Hours Lamp Life& Lifetime Professional Support] Adopt the latest SmarEco technology to minimize lamp power consumption to extend the useful life of the lamp to a maximum of 100000 hours.This portable projector is very suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard, games, yoga, and party usage. YABER provides 6-Month back and 3-Year repair, lifetime professional technical support. Any problems, please feel free to us know anytime.

The YABER 9500L is a remarkable 1080p projector at an affordable price, and it has the video quality to match. The image quality is sharp, bright, and colorful, with vibrant colors and nice black levels. The projector has a maximum brightness of 950 lumens, which is bright enough for a 150- to 200-square-foot room, and while the color temperature is a little on the warm side (it can skew toward orange), that's common for projectors in this price range. The picture is bright enough that you can watch movies outdoors, but it's important to note that it's designed for indoor use. The projector can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, which makes it simple to project movies or photos from your smartphone or tablet, and it supports Miracast, so you can also use it to connect wirelessly to a compatible device. The projector has voice control, so you can make selections using voice commands, and while this feature works reasonably well, it sometimes struggles to understand commands, such as when you ask it to play a movie. The Bluetooth connection is reliable, and the projector supports 4K resolution, so you can project a 4K signal from compatible devices. The 9500L is easy to set up, and it comes with everything you need to get started, including a remote, a carry bag, a power cord, and a HDMI cable. The projector has HDMI and USB inputs, so you can connect a Blu-ray player or streaming video service to its HDMI input and play video on its 720P HDMI port. The wireless connection is fast, and we found that the projector was easy to set up and use. The 9500L is a decent value, and while the image quality is not as great as more expensive projectors, it's good enough that most people will find it works well enough for watching movies and playing games.

YABER V2 WiFi Mini 7500L Projector [Projector Screen Included] 1080P Full HD and 300

YABER V2 WiFi Mini 7500L Projector [Projector Included] Screen 1080P Full HD and 300" Supported


[Small but Powerful] Only 2.2lb, this portable projector is very suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard, games, yoga, and party usage. YABER provides 6-Month back and 3-Year repair, lifetime professional technical support. Any problems, please feel free to us know anytime.

The YABER V2 WiFi Mini 7500L Projector is an impressive device, and it scores impressive marks across the board. It offers a bright, vivid image and a range of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and audio out. It's also easy to use, with a 2-level zoom, a dimmer button, and power buttons right on the projector. The V2 also accepts optional lenses, including an angled lens and a 150-degree lens. The V2 is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. The materials used in the V2 are sturdy, and it comes with a built-in SCT screen, which we found to be a great way to improve the clarity and brightness of the projected image. The V2's wireless capabilities are also terrific, and it's one of the few projectors we found that can run both iOS and Android apps. The V2's built-in speakers are quite good, and if you like to watch movies on your TV using the projector, you'll appreciate the remote's zoom function. The V2 comes with a one-year warranty, and while that warranty is shorter than some, it's still more than long enough for most people.

Wifi Bluetooth Projector Support 1080P Full HD Enhanced, 20%+ Brightness, WiMiUS S25 Mini Portable Outdoor Movie Projector w/ Wireless Mirroring & Airplay & Zoom 50%, for Fire TV Stick, HDMI, PC, PS4

WiMiUS Wifi Bluetooth Projector 1080P Support Full HD Enhanced

by WiMiUS

Remarked US Standard 200ANSI Lumens, High Brightness & Play Native 1920x1080P HDFeaturing native 1280x720P resolution(60%+ brighter than other 1080P support projectors, they are 480P), the S25 wifi projector delivers 1080p HD pictures with remarkable clarity, vibrant colors and fabulous contrast. It supports max 300" display, brings a portable cinematic viewing enjoyment.(The best view screen size is 80-100", 7-10 feet distance)

The WiMiUS S25 mini Bluetooth projector is compact and easy to use, but its image quality leaves a lot to be desired. Its resolution is just fine for watching standard-definition video, but its 720p resolution isn't good enough for watching high-definition video. Its colors are dull, its contrast isn't impressive, and there's plenty of ghosting. The WiMiUS S25 has decent audio, but it's easily drowned out by the video image. The WiMiUS S25's connectivity options are solid, but it doesn't have any audio inputs, which limits its versatility. The WiMiUS S25's most important drawback is its brightness. The WiMiUS S25's image is only about 20% brighter than the best projectors we tested, and it's even dimmer than the Miracast-enabled projectors in our comparison chart. The WiMiUS S25 also has one of the worst contrast ratios of any projector we tested: Its 8,000:1 contrast ratio is about 6,000:1 worse than the best projectors we tested. The WiMiUS S25 also doesn't project a decent image in dark rooms. In a dark room, you can see ghosting, and the image isn't bright enough. The WiMiUS S25's remote is also disappointing. The remote's buttons are too small and sensitive, and the remote's battery is unreliable. The WiMiUS S25's audio problems, poor image resolution, and inconsistent battery performance make it a tough recommendation.

WiFi Projector, VILINICE 5000L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector ,Portable Phone Projector with Wireless Mirroring,1080P and 240

VILINICE WiFi Projector


SUPPORTED 1080P & 5000L LCD PROJECTOR: Our Video projector particularly adopts multilayer optical films and high-quality glass to reduce reflections and increase light transmission, thus allowing this portable HD projector to display sharper images without blurring. The projector is native 1280x720P, with 1920x1080P supported, remarkable 5000 lux bright and 5000: 1 contrast, which can bring you an ultimate outdoor home theater movie joy.

The VILINICE 5000L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector is one of the smallest, lightest projectors we've tested, but its image quality is not very impressive. The projector's native resolution is 720p, but videos appear a bit blurry because of the screen's low resolution. The projector also brightness is average, and it lacks color saturation and vibrancy. The VILINICE 5000L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector's biggest strength is its size. It's 4.5 x 4.5 x 0.8 inches and weighs just 2 pounds, so it's easily portable, and it can be mounted to the ceiling and walls with an included mounting bracket. The projector supports up to 240 inches of projection, but it's best used at a smaller screen size of 32 to 60 inches. The VILINICE 5000L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector's built-in speakers are a great feature, but unfortunately, they're only 3W, which is much lower than the 5W speakers on the larger VILINICE 8000L Mini Bluetooth Projector. Both projectors have Bluetooth connections, so you can connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. The VILINICE 5000L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector has no DLP technology, so it requires light from the projector's built-in lamp, which lasts up to 50,000 hours. The projector's fan is also very loud, so it's best used in an enclosed space.

KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector - Built in Rechargeable Battery & Speaker, 1080P Support Portable Wireless LED DLP Movie & Video Travel Projector, Connects to iPhone and Android

KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Pocket Mini Pico Projector

by Kodak

DESIGNED FOR EASY PORTABILITY | Includes Built-In Speaker & Sleek Illuminated Onboard Controls So You Can Watch & Listen On Demand| Powers Via Rechargeable Battery Up to 2.5 Hrs.

The KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector is a tiny projector that makes for great home entertainment. It's powered by an internal battery that can last for 3 hours, so you can use it anywhere. And because it's so small, it's easy to carry. You can plug it into your television or game console, or use it anywhere there's a wall available. The projector's image quality is fairly small, however, so you'll probably need to sit pretty close to the screen. And since it outputs 1080p video, you'll need a display capable of playing that resolution. The projector's audio is average; while the built-in speaker is good, it's not loud enough to use in a noisy room. The projector is compatible with a variety of media devices, including digital cameras, SD cards, USBs, and Android and Apple devices. You can also stream content wirelessly from mobile devices using the projector's Wi-Fi capabilities. The projector's built-in battery is rechargeable, and it comes with both an HDMI cable and a micro USB cable. The Luma 150 has a 2-year warranty.

PTVDISPLAY Pocket Portable Mini Projector, 1080P Pico Bluetooth Video WiFi DLP Projector Full HD Support Android HDMI USB TF Card Wireless Home Projector

PTVDISPLAY Pocket Mini Portable Projector


Cute and Compact Portable Projector: Adopt light and compact portable design, DLP Projector owns palm size (14.7 * 8.0 * 1.8cm) bare weight only 248g with 120 inches display, very portable Fit a home entertainment system in your pocket. You can easily carry with you, watching all your favorite movies or making an impressive business presentation anytime and anywhere

The PTVDISPLAY Pocket Portable Mini Projector is the simplest and most affordable 1080p projector we tested, and it's one of the best deals out there. It's small enough to comfortably slip into a pocket or purse, and it can also easily be carried in a briefcase or backpack. The projector is freestanding, so you can put it wherever it's most convenient, and it supports both vertical and horizontal keystone correction, so it's easy to set up. The projector is also light enough (about 5.75 pounds) to be easily carried around, but heavier projectors are more stable and less likely to tip over. The projector has a simple user interface and minimal bundled software, so it's easy to use out of the box. It's also surprisingly bright, even at a 40-inch distance, and it has a wide selection of connection ports, including HDMI, USB, 3.5mm audio, and TF card. The projector comes with a tripod, but it's a bit flimsy and cumbersome, so we recommend investing in a better-quality, more stable tripod. The projector is also a bit noisy, but it's loud enough to hear from across the room. The projector's built-in battery is good for about 2.5 to 3 hours of playback, but it's a little underpowered for presentations. The projector also has some input lag, so it's best suited for watching movies or playing games.

5G WiFi Bluetooth Mini Projector 4k with Touch screen ,9600Lux 1080P Projector for 450

XNoogo 5G WiFi Bluetooth Mini 4k Projector with Touch screen

by Xnoogo

NEWEST 5G WIFI & Bluetooth projector & 4k Video & Dolby Digita Xnoogo projector designed with the latest WIFI connection which compatible with the Android/iPhone/Windows 10. Synchronize the smartphone screen just need once-time WIFI connection. no expensive adapter needed, you can connect projector to your iPhone with a original cable line easily.

We've been testing portable projectors for a while now, and the best-performing projectors have typically been the more expensive models. The Noogoo HD Projetor is a phenomenal value, delivering big, vivid, and exceptionally detailed images for a low price. The 65-inch image it produces is comparable to that of the BenQ HT3750, a $200 projector that is one of its highest-priced models, and it's significantly brighter than the less expensive Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350. The Noogoo has 4K support, but it doesn't have HDR, so it does not display as many colors as pricier projectors, and this projector's color accuracy is slightly offset, so colors don't look as natural. The Noogoo is also missing some advanced functionality, such as 3D support and a mute button, that you'll find on more expensive projectors. However, it's more than made up for with price. This projector is an extraordinarily good buy, and we'd recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable home projector, especially if you intend to use it to watch TV shows or movies.


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