WordPress e-Commerce Plugins for Online Business in 2019

Known for easy-to-setup content management system (CMS), WordPress has benefited diverse businesses all across the world. This CMS was released for deploying blogging websites, but as the time changed, various businesses found it highly imperative to deploy the different kinds of websites, especially e-commerce.

Since the advent of WordPress into an e-commerce scenario, every year a new plugin (for implementing online store) has been coming up. Therefore, today there are numerous plugins available in the market. And, this has made quite daunting for the start-ups to find out the relevant plugins for their businesses.

In an attempt to help the start-ups or beginners, this blog provides the curated list of the superb plugins that can give a leg-up while implementing the e-commerce website.

Let’s have a glance below to find out the best plugins:


Shopp is one of the first e-commerce-centric plugins for WordPress. This plugin provides a brilliantly designed storefront for merchants. It offers limitless flexibility for the developers. Compatible to be integrated with around 50 payment services, this plugin makes it easier for businesses to choose the suitable one for their online store. Shopp has been programmed to be highly safe and secure in order to protect the store against the breaching and hacking.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/shopp/

WP E-Commerce

WP E-Commerce is a powerful WordPress based e-commerce plugin that empowers the business runners to change the HTML and CSS coding in order to give a unique look and feel to the online stores. This plugin is suitable for deploying varied kinds of online stores. It has a streamlined checkout process that has enhanced the conversion rate. The different payment processors, as well as shippers, can be worked well with this plugin.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-e-commerce/


WooCommerce has simplified the way for all the businesses to set up the online store with powerful features. This plugin comes packed with amazing functions that automate various processes of the online store. This plugin is currently powering around 30% of the online stores. It provides the complete control to the end-users. Moreover, this is an extendable platform, which is suitable for growing business.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/


When it comes to well-designed and easy-to-customize platform, then MarketPress is the best plugin. This plugin comes with various features that streamline the way for the end-users to deploy the online store to sell different items anywhere. Moreover, it enables users to build alluring pages to provide a beautiful experience. There is no need to change any single line of coding to customize the look and feel of a site.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/shopp/

Cart66 Lite

Cart66 Lite is a well-developed and light-weight plugin for WordPress online store. It supports PCI compliant payment system that makes payment system of the online store highly secure. This plugin can be easily integrated with Amazon S3 to enable the business to sell any kind of product without any hassle. There are varied shipping and currency options that empower the businesses to reach to different customers from different parts of the world.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-e-commerce/


Highly reliable, secure and rich in function plugin, Jigoshop offers a wide range of benefits to the online stores. It has an institutive dashboard that empowers the business administrators to manage the web store functionality. It offers more than 30 customizing themes that are suitable for deploying diverse kinds of online stores. Along with this, there are more than 100 extensions that can take an e-commerce business to the next level. The simple-to-use inventory management system enables the online store runners to run e-commerce businesses smoothly.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/jigoshop/


If you are looking for the easiest plugin, then eShop will live up to your expectations. The admin space is amazingly engineered to provide a better experience to website runners. This platform offers limited access to the payment gateway. It supports only a few major gateways, like Payson, PayPal, etc. This is a lightweight application that does not hamper the performance of the online stores.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/eshop/


Ecwid is one of the best plugins for online businesses. With its superb functionality, the plugin transforms the business into a robust online store. This plugin supports more than 40 payment providers to automate online payment system. This ready-to-use plugin is highly optimized for the smartphones to deliver the best experience. Moreover, this plugin comes with the various solutions that ease the social media marketing.

Download plugin: www.wordpress.org/plugins/ecwid-shopping-cart/

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this list of WordPress e-commerce plugins is advantageous in setting up the online store. Please share your favorite and suitable WordPress e-commerce plugin on the list. If there is any suggestion, then you can also write to us via the comment section given below.

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