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Wordpress Features That You Didn't Know About

In the past few years, WordPress has grown rapidly and drastically, adding more features to it. There so many features added to WordPress and you may still be not aware of them. Moreover, the functionality of WordPress has improvised with the addition of these features. A few of those features are described below which you may not be aware of.

Change the author of a post

You must have seen that in many blogs, the owner will publish their name though, at the beginning of the blog, it might have been stated that the blog is been written by someone else. This is done intentionally, but they don't know that they can switch their attribution to another user/author without logging out their name/admin account and logging into the person's account. This means that the person who has written the blog for you has a user account on your blog. To change or switch on the user, from your post editor, you can navigate up to the top right corner where you will see a small box saying, Screen Options wherein you will find a hidden menu full of boxes that can be checked or unchecked. In this menu, you will see an option called Authors, wherein check the box next to that and then scroll down to the bottom of your screen to find a new Author box which is there. Now, click the drop-down menu and select the author/user to whom the post belongs and then update your post. The post will then be published under the correct author attribution and will show their author bio at the bottom of the post if they have information to display.

Distraction free writing

It is very important to be productive while writing in WordPress. But, it happens that while writing, you are distracted by a screen full of menu options and some other distractions. At this point, it may become difficult to focus on writing. Now, it will great if you get a distraction-free writing environment and WordPress 4.1 update has made it possible for you with its new feature called 'Distraction Free Writing'. To use this feature, you have to update your WordPress Core software to the newest one.

Keyboard shortcuts

In WordPress, writing and editing are completely two different things. The latest version of WordPress comes with its great feature called 'Keyboard Shortcuts' which are very much similar to their name in the form of action. They are a combination of keystrokes that generate a result.

Keyboard shortcuts for comment Moderation

The WordPress consists of Keyboard shortcuts to speed up the editing as well as a set of shortcuts for comment moderation. For operating this, go to the Users->Your Profile. Now, one of the first options you will find is a checkbox for Keyboard Shortcuts. Checking this box will enable the shortcuts which can further be used for moderating your comments in the back-end of WordPress.

Built-in Shortcodes

Shortcodes are the built-in feature in WordPress used as styling elements for shortcakes in place of plugins. When you write a shortcode, you have to use one bracket on either side of the code. The drawback of these shortcodes is that they don't work within sidebars so, you have to be careful while using them.

Sticky post

Usually, WordPress publishes your recent posts on the top and the older ones under them. So, your recent or the latest posts only will be displayed on the top and not the older ones. But, if you want to publish any of recent posts on the top, then the latest version of WordPress has got it for you in the form of 'Sticky Post'. With the help of 'Sticky Post', you can display an older post above your fresh or the latest one.

Scheduling a post

Many times, it happens that you may have written a post but does not want to publish it. In this case, WordPress comes to your help with its new feature which will allow you to schedule your post according to your wish. To do this, you need to go to the Publish Box which will be set to off by default as WordPress will be automatically publishing your post. Now, you have to click the Edit button next to that option, which will open you an additional option for changing the time and date when your post will go live.

Quick Edit posts

Now, there is one more interesting option in WordPress for you to edit your posts which is called Quick Edit and you will find this option in the Quick Edit Option in the All Posts area of your dashboard. When you hover over the title of your post, you will get displayed the hidden options under it from which there will also be an option of Quick Edit.

Create your own permalink structure

It is advisable not to use the default permalink in WordPress as it is not at all SEO friendly. In WordPress, you are given an option to create your permalink structure which will look unique and also closer to what you needed for your site. Go to Settings->Permalinks, and you will see an option towards the bottom that will display Custom Structure. Here, you will find a box wherein you can enter various options to create a custom URL structure.

The Plain Text pasting option

It is very irritating when you to copy something and paste it on your site even if it is legally taken from some webpage or so. Here, WordPress comes to your help with its handy feature called The Plain Text Pasting option. To use it, click the Title Toggle which will open up other options in the kitchen sink wherein you will find a button shaped like a clipboard with a 'T' on it through which you will be able to act as mentioned above.

3 hyphens(-) make an em-dash (---)

This is a pretty simple task to do in your WordPress when you don't know where em dash is located on your keyboard. You can easily create one by stringing together three hyphens in your post.

Auto embed certain types of content

Now, with WordPress, it has become pretty easier to embed any YouTube videos or Tweets by just copying the link and pasting it in your post.

Get comment notifications when away from your computer

It is nearly impossible to sit in front of a computer 24/7, so, to relieve you from this tedious job of sitting, WordPress comes with its new feature called Notification Module which can be turned on from Settings->Discussions, wherein, you have checked the box written “Email me when anyone posts a comment".

Drag and drop photos into the editor

Earlier in WordPress, uploading photos used to take a pretty long time but now with the updated version of WordPress, you get the feature which will allow you to upload the photos to your post just by dragging and dropping them on your post.

Import data

With the updated version of WordPress, it has now become easy to move your blog from a different platform to a self-hosted WordPress site. For this, you get an option of Import in your WordPress dashboard with the help of which you can import and move your blog content over to your new site.


Thus, the above-discussed tips and features will help you through making your WordPress blog or a WordPress site a successful one without any obstacles, making it easier for you to write your blog.

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