6 Great Branding Tools

6 Great Branding Tools

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Branding is important for every business. This is because it gives a distinctive identity to your company and sets it apart from others. This is especially so if your business is a start-up. No matter how motivated and optimistic you are, start-ups face unforeseen problems that can dampen your enthusiasm a great deal.

Hence, it is imperative that you work smart in order to get a better business in the least possible time. For this, you will require the assistance of different tools that will help you in your search. These tools are called branding tools. They help you reach out to a plethora of potential customers out of which some may become your regular clients.

Building a business relationship is never easy and you need to make the most of whatever is available to enhance your brand value. These branding tools come in handy when you want to generate leads and conduct follow-ups that will finally help you close the deal.

This article helps you to learn about different branding tools that can help you in your quest for building your new business or enhance the utility of the one that is already established. Read on to find out about these tools and how to apply them daily in your professional setting.

Email Finder

mooz browser Email Finder

Email Finder is a branding tool that can help you find the email address of any professional. Whether you need to reach out to an influencer to promote your brand, reach out to another business for partnerships and integrations, or contact your business leads, this tool can give you verified email addresses in seconds.

Email Finder also comes with a Chrome extension that can find the email addresses behind any website in a single click. It can also perform bulk email lookups for a list of people and is available in the API.

Use Email Finder to promote your brand through cold outreach.


Mailshake is a personalized email service that helps you immensely in generating cold emails. This helps us in maximizing the number of deals that we close, enhancing the business prospects. Converting an interested party into a customer requires a lot of skill and dexterity.

Mailshake has built-in mail templates that have high statistical metrics that will assist you in improving the rates of the responses that you get. It also provides the combined secretarial functions of providing automatic follow-ups, plans broadcast schedules and customizes messages with its user-friendly interface.

Effective business communication is important for any business and Mailshake helps you to achieve that by helping you immensely in this task.


BuzzSumo assists you in creating the best content that can gel with your customers. It conducts thorough research over the Internet over the range of topics that you wish to write about and helps you in content creation.

All you need to do is just type in your keywords along with the topics that you want to write about and BuzzSumo will automatically generate the content that should be put up on your website. This will help you in attracting better customers to your website and will help you get better business.

Content development has achieved prime importance in recent times and Buzz Sumo is the tool that can give you the best content conveniently and effortlessly.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is another branding tool that can help you by leaps and bounds. A brand logo is extremely important for the success of any business. This is literally the face of the brand. Needless to say, making a logo costs a lot of money.

Hence, wouldn’t it be profitable to get it for free? All you need to do is type in their logo, put in the things that your business deals in and you will get a readymade logo within a matter of 3 minutes. They do this quickly because of the artificial intelligence that they make use of.

Hence, it pays to use this tool to your maximum advantage.


Canva is a visually appealing tool that can be utilized to maximum benefits. Most people only use it for mundane work like making images and posters but it can be used for more professional things like business cards and logos as well.

Canva is very much an underutilized aspect of your business and the only way its true potential can be unleashed is to make it more incorporated into your brand building strategy. This will really help you to go ahead with your business plan in a more efficient and organized way.

In a nutshell, you should use Canva for highlighting your visual branding to optimum levels.

Google Primer

Google Primer helps you learn about different marketing strategies through your mobile device. You can get information on a wide variety of topics that you wish to choose. This will not only help you enhance your business acumen but will also make your branding process much easier.

When you have invested time in a start-up, you have to be ready to learn whatever comes in your way so that you learn the ropes of the industry quickly. Google Primer helps you to do just that by giving you informative and detailed explanations of every aspect of the business. This holds you in good stead and helps you elevate the value of your business in a very short time span.

So go ahead and let Google Primer help you substantially in your task.


Norbert is another useful branding tool that can help you immensely in building your contact lists. It performs a lot of secretarial functions like finding the email addresses and any other contact leads of people who can be good influencers.

This will help you improve your business contacts and your networking database. It can be really useful if used in conjunction with Buzz Sumo where the contact information of the required persons will not be given.

Use Norbert effectively to increase the efficacy of your business circle.


In the modern business world, it pays to be technologically driven and using these branding tools makes your job much easier and faster. Hence, it is important that we all learn to work smart and not waste our time and effort on something that can be done in a jiffy with the help of machines.

Artificial intelligence has also helped in this regard and this technology will certainly be upgraded in the near future. Hence, we need to invest in things that will help us establish our businesses and make them comparable with the stalwarts in the industry.

These branding tools will definitely go a long way in empowering modern women of the 21st century. Hence, it is advisable to make them a part of your business domain.

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