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In a short period of time, smartphones have completely taken over the internet. Gone are the days when the main focus of online businesses would be to have a solid website. With the advent of smartphones, it has now shifted to mobile apps. The fact that almost all major websites now derive more than 2/3rds of their traffic from mobile visitors is a testament to this fact.

So, let us take a look at a few of the best WordPress themes that are extremely mobile friendly. And if you are still not satisfied with them, then we will enlist some custom WordPress development companies, WordPress Mobile Plug-in service providers and WordPress Theme development services.


mooz browser Uncode

Uncode is a website theme that can practically do anything you need it to do. But that doesn’t mean that it is slow and clunky. On the contrary, it is extremely lightweight fast. Apart from this, it was built using HTML5 and CSS3 so it allows for a powerful and dynamic template. Apart from this, it also allows for WMPL compatibility and Woo Commerce incorporation.


mooz browser Kalium

The features of these themes are Easy, Fast, Accurate. These features sum up this theme perfectly. The theme has a modern and minimalistic feel to it. Yet, it is extremely versatile and allows you to express your creativity. Apart from this, the theme configures and customizes each and every page of your website on its own. Apart from this, it will help you in keeping up with sites like Sound Cloud etc. And in addition, you will get regular updates.


mooz browser Jevelin

Jevelin is another easy on the eye website theme and is quite easy to build. Apart from being easy to build, it is a multipurpose theme that enables you to express your creativity. Plus, the layout is extremely flexible with its large variety of shortcodes. The cherry on top? It also allows for Parallax effects.


mooz browser Divi

Divi is more of a developer app than a traditional WordPress theme. This is so because it is extremely customizable and adaptable. Also, unlike the traditional WordPress themes, in Divi, the building blocks are exceptionally small. These small components are easy to move around and keep track of. Not only this, the visual aspects of it are extremely customizable as well. And since it has such small blocks, it is extremely fast and mobile friendly.

X Theme

mooz browser X Theme

X Theme is a theme that is seemingly designed just for mobile-based interfaces. It has a very minimalistic design to it. However, despite this, it packs a solid punch. The entire theme is compatible with all mobile OS. Plus, each page gets automatically adjusted for the browsing needs of the user without having to go through the whole pinching and adjusting shtick. Plus, the icons etc. on the interface are a sight to behold.


mooz browser Total

Total is like water. It can take whichever shape you need it to take without losing its core functionality or identity. This is quite the feat when you consider just how much customization can be done on an open-ended architecture. All of this packed in a brilliant theme. To put it into perspective, it has 100+ tools in its arsenal which lead up to a site that you crafted and is still extremely intuitive.


mooz browser Pofo

POFO is a very minimalistic and lightweight theme that allows for a large degree of customization that includes animation. Since it is very lightweight, it has very short loading times and delivers a fast and breezy experience. Since it is customizable, you can tweak it and play around with it to your heart’s content. All of this leads to a fast yet custom WordPress theme that fits seamlessly wherever you put it.


mooz browser H-Code

H-Code is a theme that was built to perform. It is easy to customize, extremely intuitive and most importantly mobile friendly. As a result, it can automatically adapt to any given screen without any fuss. Plus, since it prioritizes performance, the overall structure of the theme is extremely lightweight. Plus, the customization is commanded by a visual editor, letting you control what goes where on a greater degree.


mooz browser Doyle

Doyle is minimalistic. Lightweight. Customizable. Offers a great variety. Straight off the bat, you get 10 free demo themes. Then, when you have settled for one, you can get to work right away. And working on the themes isn’t too hard either. With Visual Composer as the builder, the building has never been easier. So you don’t need to worry about anything. Just have your pick of the lot and get to work.

So these are our top 10 picks if you are someone who is looking for a customizable and fast mobile app friendly WordPress theme. These picks will cater to almost every single need of yours. However, if on the off chance, you are not satisfied with them, or they lack a feature that you believe is fundamental for your website. Then what to do? Well, fret not. So if you are someone who doesn’t know how to develop their own theme or even if you are someone who knows how to do it, then you can go and get some help from one of these WordPress Mobile plug-in service providers. Why? Because you need to be sure that when your site is ready and comes out, it is ready to funnel in that oh so precious mobile traffic.


If you are someone who wants to create a website. A WordPress based architecture is all you need. WordPress today covers almost one-third of the internet. So you know that it has a lot of potential and viability. Also, if you need to venture into the realm of mobile-friendly websites,

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