Old-Fashioned, Vintage & Retro WordPress Themes

Old-Fashioned, Vintage & Retro WordPress Themes

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Retro will always be in fashion. And this is no exception in web design. Most of these WordPress themes are created nowadays, and it is specially designed to look old. Just as the motorcycle manufacturers now make up the cycles that are already obsolete, though they are entirely new. If you have content that may look great in this design, then I suggest you pay attention to this collection.


mooz browser Polaroid

A stunning theme for a trendy old-fashioned blog who want to bring out your content in an exciting way. Although the comic sans type font has always been a bit childish and out of fashion. But for Polaroid WordPress theme this font suit and looks perfect.


mooz browser Dinah

Bizarre and interesting WordPress theme. All the content is framed and generally look old-fashioned, at the same time, very stylish and unique. If you have interesting, I would even say feminine content; then this theme would be very appropriate and certainly the highlight you and your personality.

A Simpler Time

mooz browser A Simpler Time

Green background, ribbons under title, yet so relevant content and a great blog is ready! Much like the ancient font choice, which is like the pizzazz cakes. In General, the topic meets all the requirements, and the vintage is an excellent choice.


mooz browser GraceUnderPressure

very simple and very ascetic WordPress theme with a vintage touch. If you're a blogger who writes long stories, then it is worth paying attention to GraceUnderPressure theme.


mooz browser Fineglobe

The neat and pristine newspaper design. Experiencing the feeling that I've gone to in the past and my arms are the New York Times newspaper. Very, very interesting WordPress theme which will not leave indifferent fans of good magazine theme and your Journal readers.


mooz browser IloveNews

Just like the previous WordPress theme, this reminds ancient times newspaper. Lines, headlines, pictures, everything is exactly as it was in old newspapers. If you are a very dynamic news magazine, then this WordPress theme is made for you.

Modern Vintage

mooz browser Modern Vintage

A stylish menu, which reminds a bit of jeans emblem. Very large header photo that is overlayered the perforated filter. As well as all other page design leaves a very pleasant impression.


mooz browser Personal

Journey to the past while remaining today. This topic would be useful like or those who want their homepage a little fun and easy to read.


mooz browser Origin

Love the bold and thin lines of composition. Together it forms a clean and elegant design. The page content is all over the screen width, also interesting is a title layout (it's on the left). If expertly fills the right side of the widget section, then you get a very modern, but at the same time, old-fashioned blog design.

Little Story

mooz browser Little Story

Wow, very colorful and appealing design WordPress theme. I would say even more childish and made young people create very simple blogs. Points, lines, rounded edges, very many items that give a page a new and beautiful design.


mooz browser Mommy&Me

Very large and bold lettering, bold red color, something different and interesting. Such is the "Blog simple" design. Like how the page footer contains an integrated barcode, it looks very interesting and trendy.


mooz browser Arches

Something very strange and peculiar. The first time I see this style fonts on the menu, as well the fonts are in Italic. Old-fashioned design, I'd say, modern hipster, exactly who is currently up to date and fashionable. If you are brave and want to see your blog, something really different, then I suggest that you pay attention to this Old-fashioned WordPress theme.

Letters Rhythm

mooz browser Letters Rhythm

Experiencing the feeling that here is presented in many different fonts. One font in headers, the other on the menu, and each is different. In General, creating a very funky and old-fashioned design.

Rustic State

mooz browser Rustic State

Pure Retro

mooz browser Pure Retro

Like the name says, this WordPress theme design is Pure Retro. Antique fonts, appropriate background coloring, all this together creates something very interesting and unique. Recommend!

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Clean and elegant design is my passion. I've studied design, as well as my hobby is silk painting and I am also fashion blogger. So I like to look for unseen and interesting WordPress themes that will make your web pages unique and beautiful.


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