5 Crucial Web Design Tips for a Professional Website

5 Crucial Web Design Tips for a Professional Website

The web is changing all the time, every minute. It becomes more beautiful, intuitive, user-friendly, and so on. People get used to better virtual reality very quickly and become pickier. You don’t need just another good-looking site anymore as it won’t draw their attention. You need the best, professional web resource that enchants from the first moments and doesn’t let them go.

What business are you in? Is it IT? Here is a link to the website where you will find a cool example of WordPress theme for programmers.

But how to make users take you seriously? Below you will find 5 simple attributes of a professional website.

What is a professional website?

By the way, what do we mean by saying ‘professional’? Professionalism is the ability to identify and solve concrete problems. That’s why sometimes a website with the modern and elegant layout, and improved usability breaks people's cognitive models of how the web works. Which means that it doesn’t solve any problems even if it looks great.

The professional look might be a tricky notion. It's a matter of perception. The design should visually indicate integrity, trust and perhaps a sense of timelessness. People want to know that your web resource is not going away anytime soon. Blues, browns and flat colors are often used for this, nothing shiny or gimmicky. Yet, design evolves.

As we have already mentioned above, a professional website should clearly reflect the brand it's representing, both visually and through values.

Other than that, make a detailed analysis to understand what does your audience expect to see on your website and try to meet all their queries.

Side Note: But before you start your clients’ survey, we advise you to choose the right CMS for your site. Because it will be difficult to meet all their requirements with a platform having too many limitations and lacking flexibility.

If you want a little hint, WordPress is the number one choice for most of the bloggers, merchants, and other website owners. The platform is mega popular. It’s quite understandable because it provides a bag of benefits to a WP site owner. First of all, the CMS is a free and open source, which makes it affordable and keeps you up-to-date all the time. Hundreds of geeks all over the world work on its perfection day and night. You can create absolutely anything out of a WordPress theme as the platform is highly customizable and extendable with tons of plugins available on the net for free. What’s more, it is easy to maintain a WordPress in future.

Well, it was a kind if brief digression, but it's time to get back to the meat.

  • Every serious brand has brand guidelines and the users should like them. So, create something in line with your guidelines and explicitly referring to your target audience.
  • Functional features should be complemented by a certain level of interactivity. The simplicity of the modern designs is OK, but your website shouldn’t be dull. Do you know what items do your visitors expect to see on your site? Let’s think about the home page. Many business websites place a single large image/illustration accompanied by a brand statement or thought leadership piece on it. They are simple and straightforward, but this doesn't mean they're boring.
  • Colour, imagery and texture matter. We are sure you know your target audience color preferences quite well. But simplicity can mean stripping away some design tweaks for you. We understand that working with bevels, shading, background texture and the like took you a lot of time, however, if some elements could be simplified to make your site more practical, just delete them and forget about it.
    What type of navigation do you have on your site? Is it sometimes mega-creative? The point is that a client may not feel comfortable with a non-standard navigation style. Find out whether this is the case and address it, either by justifying your choice or changing the navigation.
  • Lastly, don't just come in with a design, show the client the working process with you. Demonstrate the examples of your most successful previous projects. Run your style choices past them in the form of a mood board, or similar, so that they are already half bought in when you present.

Of course, we couldn’t leave you without professional website design examples. Herein under you’ll see a couple of premier WordPress themes suitable for any kind of business.

We believe there is no need to persuade you that almost nobody designs from scratch today. Using ready-made templates is the easiest and the most cost-efficient way of launching a website. You are not buying a pig in a poke like you do in the case of ordering a custom design. Purchasing a website template you see how your future website will look and perform before paying any money.

You save time and nerves on negotiations with designer not to mention thousands of dollars. You even don’t need to have extensive technical skills to customize and personalize your theme. You’ll find step-by-step instructions in the template's package. In case of any issue, you can turn to the expert 24/7 support and the guys will deal with your matter until you are 100% satisfied. The only thing to consider when choosing a template for your future website is the provider. Stick to the industry leaders and you’ll be on the safe side.

Top quality design examples

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 is the best choice for any business as the theme is universal. The template is packed with essential and custom functionality. Monstroid2 offers the diversity of layouts and design skins. It lets you choose from 9 design options. The set of template’s skins ranges from neutral and corporate to creative and colorful. Basically, any business will find the look that fits the best.

Monstroid2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | 

Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Imperion is a super powerful theme. It fits for all kinds of business services and includes the wide range of skins for all kinds of business matters. You won’t need to learn coding to create pages and fill them up with content. Do it effortlessly with Elementor page builder.

Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Details | 

We hope you liked our tips and examples and are ready to get a special bonus for reading this article. It’s a free eBook that will explain many bases of building a website for your small business.

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P.S. If you have any suggestions/additions or questions on the topic, they are welcome in the comments section.

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