Apple Deems Epic Games Untrustworthy and Bans Developer Account, Sparking Controversy in App Store War

Most recently, Apple has taken a decisive step in the ongoing battle with Epic Games by banning their developer account and labeling the company as 'verifiably untrustworthy.' This move has ignited fresh controversy in the ever-evolving App Store war, particularly in light of Europe's new Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Epic Games had plans to launch its own iOS storefront in the EU, but Apple's termination of their developer account has put those plans in jeopardy. Apple's action came just one day after the iOS 17.4 update allowed for third-party app stores in Europe to comply with the DMA. Epic Games expressed their frustration, stating that they can no longer develop the Epic Games Store for iOS due to the ban, which they deem as a serious violation of the DMA.

The conflict escalated when Apple's lawyers sent a letter to Epic Games, citing concerns about the company's trustworthiness and compliance with contractual agreements. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney criticized Apple's motives, accusing the tech giant of hindering competition through various means, including imposing fees and taxes on downloads and payments.

In response to Apple's ban, Epic Games emphasized that the move undermines their ability to compete and accused Apple of retaliating against them for speaking out against unfair practices. Apple, on the other hand, attributed the ban to Epic Games' breach of contractual obligations.

The dispute between Apple and Epic Games extends beyond the recent events, with Epic Games challenging Apple's developer transaction fee policy since 2020. Legal battles have ensued, with courts ruling in favor of Epic Games in some instances. The Department of Justice is reportedly considering its own antitrust case against Apple, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing feud.

Despite the ban, Epic Games remains committed to bringing Fortnite to iOS through alternative means and expanding support for the Unreal Engine on Apple platforms. The clash between these tech giants underscores the broader implications of competition and regulation within the app ecosystem, with the DMA serving as a focal point in shaping the future of app stores.

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