10 Best Content Locker Plugins to Increase User Engagement

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Content Locker Plugins is an awesome tool to escalate the social involvement of your visitors on your website. This will enable your website to generate a significant amount of traffic and get higher ranks in the search results. These plugins also add a great value to the content, that is the backbone of every website. Due to this reason, bloggers rate these content Locker Plugins very high. All the popular WordPress blogs make use of these plugins to rake in more traffic. Social media also plays an important role in blogging by generating one-third of its traffic. They also increase the sharing of a particular post on various social media platforms.

Now after having a look at how beneficial these WordPress Plugins can be, it's time to mention the 10 best content locker plugins. You can choose any of them based on your requirements.

Bloom Plugin

mooz browser Bloom Plugin

If you are looking out for the best email plugin, then Bloom plugin is the best choice available for you. It is a comprehensive plugin that will enable you to increase your email subscribers. It offers an easy to use and features packed interface for subscribing to your email list. One of the major benefits of using this plugin is the support and documentation offered by it. It also offers a wide range of customization features, pop ups and locks to choose from. Bloom has become the industry standard for developing opt-in and content locking plugin.

OnePress Social Locker

mooz browser OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker is an impressive plugin and of very high quality. It is better than most of the other plugins and is a trusted choice of thousands of WordPress users. This plugin will enable you to increase the sharing of your content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. The flexibility it offers is hard to find on any other plugin. It is available both in free and paid versions. The free version possesses certain features that are sufficient for doing the main job. However, if you require additional features then go for the paid version.

Easy Social Locker

mooz browser Easy Social Locker

This content locker plugin will lock down the content that will no longer be accessible by the search engines. The content will only be accessible if a user shares it on social media platforms. Any content category can be locked automatically using the shortcodes as per your requirements. Social sharing buttons will be shown that will enable the users to share your post and unlock the content. This plugin is SEO friendly. It provides an option to generate unique URL that will enable a user to share the content any number of times.

Viral Lock

mooz browser Viral Lock

Viral Lock, just like any other content locker WordPress plugin that offers basic content locking features. This plugin can be used to secure the content for the likes, shares and recommendations on social media platforms. By sharing the content that has been locked in shortcodes, a user can unlock it. Any kind of configuration is not required, as the plugin is integrated into the WordPress editor. If you want to create a buzz for your website, then Viral Locker is best suited for it. It consists of a lot of customization options.

Real Content Locker

mooz browser Real Content Locker

Real Content Locker is a free alternative if you are looking for a content locker plugin. It will enable you to lock your content until any user shares the content on any of the social media platforms. Any of the viral content created on your website that is interesting and engaging will be made use of by this plugin to generate a huge traffic on your website. By this way, your blogs will become receptive to the viral effect of social media.

Viral WordPress Locker

mooz browser Viral WordPress Locker

This plugin is similar to other social content locker plugins that will lock your content and will allow you to increase its social sharing count. It also enables the search engine crawlers to index your locked page. There is a restriction that is put on the users to like or share the content for unlocking it. The plugin has a built-in feature that will allow you to set up your own special blog posts. Here you can offer some of the valuable product information that is useful for the users.

WordPress Like Locker

mooz browser WordPress Like Locker

WordPress Like Locker is a plugin that is dedicated towards increasing your Facebook traffic. All your content will be locked until any user likes your content by logging in their Facebook account. We all are aware that Facebook is a huge platform for generating traffic source for millions of online businesses worldwide. It's effective usage can attract a very high traffic to your website. The usage of the plugin is very easy and the system will keep a track of the IP addresses of the users who have already liked the post.

Super Social Content Locker

mooz browser Super Social Content Locker

It is a simple plugin that has some amazing features that will prompt your visitors to share your content, see your promotional video and follow your website. This will enable you to engage your visitors with the promotional activities of your website. By creating quality content on your website you will rake in more users that will in return share your website. There are a number of different options that are available to place the content locker and it comes with a content locker widget that can be placed in the sidebar.

Share Locker

mooz browser Share Locker

Share Locker is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to hide content on a post or pages. In order to unlock the hidden content, a user will have to click on a social button Like Facebook Like, Twitter, Facebook Share and Google+. This feature is very helpful in making your page and websites social and viral. This will also enable you to gain a lot of authority and confidence for the search engine positioning.

Like 2 Unlock for WordPress

mooz browser Like 2 Unlock for WordPress

Like 2 Unlock for WordPress offers a simple solution that will lock down the content that you have published and also help you to increase the number of followers of your Facebook page. But before implementing this plugin it is necessary that the content that you have published is impressive and good enough to create a positive impact on the minds of the users. The plugin is supported by the latest version of WordPress and across all the different browsers.

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