Grabbing Your Instagram Audience’s Attention and Capitalizing on It

Grabbing Your Instagram Audience’s Attention and Capitalizing on It

If you’re an online business owner or a brand marketer looking to build your online presence, Instagram is among the most effective avenues available to you. The process of attracting a large audience on Instagram is surprisingly simple – find out what interests your target audience and come up with a strong strategy for creating and delivering that content to them.

That is not to say that it does not take work though. To win over your target audience, you need to invest time, effort and even some money into managing your brand’s Instagram account. The following tips will help you achieve your Instagram marketing goals.

Proper Use of Hashtags

The hashtag is the most important tool on Instagram that helps you reach your target audience. But for them to work in your favor, you have to use them the right way. That means that you have to figure out the right hashtags to use with your posts.

The first step to proper hashtag use is doing some research on hashtags that are both currently trending on Instagram and are relevant to your brand and your posts. Instagram tools such as Websta are very useful in this regard. Additionally, look at the posts of some of the businesses in your industry that have a large following on Instagram and find out which hashtags they’re using.

Similarly, find out which specific hashtags current and prospective customers in your locality are using because these users are your primary target audience. Maintain an up-to-date list of popular and relevant hashtags to include in your posts in order to reach as many users in your target audience as possible.

Measure Your Success

For you to know what works and what doesn’t, periodically measure your results on Instagram in relation to your Instagram marketing goals, e.g., increasing of your Instagram followers, engagement rates, traffic directed to your site via Instagram, etc. Only by doing this can you find out what areas need improvement and grow the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing strategy with time.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencers are users that have a larger than an average number of followers with whom they engage. In addition to building up the size of your following, you can have a one or more Instagram influencers promote your brand for you to instantly reach a sizable audience. Instagram users put a lot of premium on the opinions of these influencers on the platform.

The form of compensation varies from one Instagram influencer to another. Some influencers will promote your brand in exchange for products or services, whereas some of the more popular Instagram influencers may charge you a flat fee for the same. Go with what works best for you.

Posting High-Quality Posts

Your core Instagram marketing strategy has to be centered on the main reason people are on Instagram: seeing amazing content. Take time to come up with creative content that is of high quality to capture and maintain the interest of your audience.

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