Pros and Cons of Niche Specific WordPress Themes

The most challenging task for a web designer is to develop a website that suits the target market. In today’s competitive web design world where thousands of websites spawn each day, a market-oriented approach is best. To gain the most out of your website, you need to adapt it according to the preferences and tastes of the intended audience. Even though there are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available on the internet, one should be careful in selecting the theme which is specially designed for a particular niche.

Niche specific WordPress themes are quite trendy as they are modified to specific needs of the target audience. So whenever you are searching for a theme or template for your website, make sure that it is niche-specific to your business. To understand niche-specific themes better, let us discuss a few examples of the same. For instance, there are various WordPress themes designed specifically for restaurants, online portfolios, music bands, educational institutes and religious establishments. Similarly there are various templates created specifically for micro blogging. These targeted themes allow you to establish a website filled with relevant content and features.

There are two sides to using a niche-specific theme for your website. Let us discuss both sides of the story one by one.

Pros of Niche WordPress Themes:

Suitability and Completeness:

The first advantage of using a niche-specific WordPress theme is that they are created for a particular target audience. This means that they are suitable and complete concerning features and characteristics. Niche specific themes are customized to a precise niche which means that it satisfies all the needs of that particular niche. You can provide the users with the kind of content they actually want from you.


IN continuation to the above-mentioned point, a niche-specific theme is devoid of redundant and needless features. As these WordPress themes are customized to cater a particular segment, they will include only relevant features. This means that you don’t need to worry about superfluous features that need to be removed.

Relevant Design Elements:

Since niche-oriented themes have a more focused design, the design elements are also relevant. For instance, the fonts, color scheme, symbols and other design elements will suit your website completely. For instance, the theme for a fast food joint will ideally have red or yellow colors that induce hunger. Similarly, fashion websites themes will include fonts that are flashy and stylish.

Cons of Niche WordPress Themes:


While niche-specific themes are customized to suit a particular segment of the audience, it can be inflexible at the time. This means that it cannot be used for various websites. Even though theme designers attempt at making adaptable themes, you remain restricted to a particular segment.

Exclusive needs:

Even though a targeted WordPress theme is helpful in many cases, it cannot fulfill the exclusive requirements of a website. Some websites have their own set of needs which cannot be satisfied using a niche-specific theme.

Inadaptable to Change:

Another drawback of using a niche-oriented theme is that it is inadaptable to changes. This means that when a website undergoes changes or additions, it will not be relevant anymore. For instance, if a website is about shoes and it adds another product to its line, the theme might become incompatible. Moreover, the tastes and preference of your target audience change which make these themes outmoded.

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